What is the idea of Q & a marketing?
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 What is the idea of Q & a marketing ?

There are two ways of question and answer marketing : One is self questioning and self answering , Ask questions with your own account , Answer with your account number ; The other is to answer other people's questions . The focus of these two ways is different .

Today, share the marketing ideas of self question and self answer , Take Baidu know as an example .

First step : Registered account

You should at least register 10 More than one account , Guarantee random operation , Avoid frequent deletion in later operation . Be careful : When you sign up for an account , Don't use the same computer and IP Address duplicate registration , Suggest using different computers and IP Address registration . If the same computer , It must be changed IP. in IP Address method , Share later .

The second step : Planning title

Ask and answer , Mainly let the user in Baidu know and search engine search related keywords , What we make can appear on the results page , So next, we plan the title around the keywords .

With keywords , Expand different titles around keywords . The title should be planned around the user's needs and search habits , For example, we need to focus on “ network marketing ” To create a series of headlines , The titles that can be expanded are :

How to do network marketing ?

How to develop network marketing for enterprises ?

That kind of network marketing method is better ?


The third step : Planning supplementary questions

When asked in Baidu know , There's another “ Add to the question ” box , This is a detailed description of the problem . The planning question is supplemented by 2 A point :

(1) The description contains at least one optimized keyword , But not too much , Two key words are enough .

(2) The problem description must be in plain language , Look at the truth and objectivity , Don't have ads .

Step four : Planning answers

Be careful : Don't put hard ads in the content , It should look really objective 、 It's credible , Like the answers of real netizens .

(1) You can simulate different characters , Answer from different angles , It's rich in content 、 Many views 、 More credibility .

(2) Answer in plain Chinese , So it's natural 、 real 、 trusted , You can even add some typos . Because it's impossible for ordinary users to speak at all 、 One way or another , Even in written language .

(3) Don't write too professional terms .

(4) Don't be too content oriented , We can appropriately say that some of our problems are not good , But this so-called “ Not good. ”, It must be irrelevant . such as “ This product works well , The price is a little expensive ” This kind of answer , Although it looks like it's not good , But it didn't really affect .

 What is the idea of Q & a marketing ?

Step five : Post questions

(1) Prepared Xu Du question , But don't use the same account to publish . And when different accounts ask questions , Be sure to use different IP.

(2) Don't 10 Two accounts ask questions at the same time , Ask questions separately .

(3) If it's a long-term question and answer , So the number of questions per week should be about the same .

(4) For the same type of problem , Don't always ask questions with the same title , It should be combined with the user's language habits , Ask questions in different ways . such as “ How to promote the website ”“ How to promote the website ”“ How to promote the new website ” Wait for different ways to ask questions again and again .

(5) Be sure to ask questions in the relevant categories that match the questions , Don't ask questions .

Step six : Question answering

(1) Ask and answer , It must be multiple accounts , For example, use A Ask questions about your account number , use B Account Q & A . Never use two fixed waistcoats , Keep asking and answering .

(2) If you plan a lot of things , Then we have to disrupt the order . Not every time A Ask questions about your account number ,B Answer , Next time you can A Ask questions about your account number ,D Answer .

(3) There is a certain time interval between questions and answers , Like a few hours , even to the extent that 1、2 God

(4) If it's the same computer , It must be changed IP Address .

 What is the idea of Q & a marketing ?

Step seven : Set the best answer

After the answer , Every two days , Set our answers to the best .

Be careful : You don't have to do that for every question and answer , The following situations can be :

(1) Focus on the content

(2) Some netizens came to make trouble in the reply

(3) A lot of answers follow , But there's a disagreement , There's even conflict .

Focus on the content , You can continue to ask and answer .

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