Public opinion observation: how to fight for human life?
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1 month 3 Friday night , Wang chuanpin is a member of Duoduo company 1998 The employee born in worked overtime in the early morning and died on his way home , Then the relevant public opinion continued to ferment . People's cloud platform monitoring shows that , since 1 month 3 To 5 Japan , Relevant public opinion information has always maintained a high degree of popularity , And public opinion peaks appear repeatedly . In terms of communication channels , The relevant public opinion information on microblog platform exceeds 8 become , It became the main channel of communication in this incident .

 Public opinion observation : Fight for life How to make the struggle unchanged ?

chart : Trend of sudden death of employees working overtime in pinduoduo ( picture source : People say )

 Public opinion observation : Fight for life How to make the struggle unchanged ?

chart : Channels for spreading the sudden death of employees working overtime in pinduoduo ( picture source : People say )

Microblog data shows , This incident gave rise to # How to view the Internet overtime culture # # Is life for money the norm in today's workplace # And other hot topics . and # CCTV review can't change the taste of struggle # This topic has been read more than 4.7 Billion ,@ The comment microblog of CCTV news release also got 63 Ten thousand praises and 1.5 Wan forward .

( picture source : Micro-blog screenshots )

It's actually 2020 year 12 month 3 Day and 9 Japan , There were also discussions on social media about the sudden death of two Internet company employees . although “ Overtime culture ”“996 A week ” Even “ karoshi ” And other topics of public opinion appear repeatedly , But why does it attract wide public attention almost every time ? What changes in the public opinion field are reflected behind this ?

Values change : Why don't people want to work overtime ?

The controversy over the incident , Besides paying attention to the progress of the event , Pay more attention to the causes behind this phenomenon . Media focus on the development mode and competitive pressure of Internet enterprises .“ Life Week ” Wechat public account issued an article pointing out that , In recent years, traditional Internet giants are facing growth bottlenecks , The latecomer tried to overtake on the curve , The reason why Internet companies are so popular “996”, It's mainly due to the competitive pressure of the industry .“21 Century business report ” The official wechat account thinks that ,“ Overtime culture ” It is a phenomenon of generational difference in development , Internet companies are still not in the stage of technology competition , Still relying on the sea of people tactics .

Yan Fei, associate professor of sociology at Tsinghua University, told the pear video ,“ Normalization of overtime ” It is closely connected with the social and economic development of China as a whole , With the rapid accumulation of material wealth , Competitive culture will emerge . meanwhile , The endogenous motivation of employees is to settle down in the city .

And the Internet's dissatisfaction with overtime , It reflects that social development has brought about changes in the values of workers .《 The global times 》 Editor in chief Hu Xijin commented on his microblog that , After gradually forming a huge urban middle class ,“ It's an honor to work overtime ” The value orientation of Chinese culture is quietly changing among the people , People pay more attention to the right to rest . Yes “996” Online denunciation is actually a clear signal of this change .

Netizens' discussion of overtime focused on “ Work arrangement ” And “ The enterprise culture ” Two aspects : Some netizens reported that the main reason for working overtime is due to improper task arrangement 、 Inefficient work 、 Practical problems such as the shortage of staff in the team ; Netizens also reported that , Overtime has become a kind of “ The enterprise culture ” And “ sense of worth ”, Lead to yourself “ I have to work overtime ”. On the microblog platform , Internet users actively participate in @ CCTV news launched the vote —— Many netizens hold that “ Fewer shifts, fewer meetings , The most important thing is to improve efficiency ” Point of view . In the @ Chengdu shangbao “ Do you usually work overtime ” Voted 9.2 Among ten thousand people ,5.1 Ten thousand people said “ Daily overtime , There is no way ”.

 Public opinion observation : Fight for life How to make the struggle unchanged ?

chart :@ The voting result initiated by CCTV news ( picture source : Micro-blog screenshots )

 Public opinion observation : Fight for life How to make the struggle unchanged ?

chart :@ The result of the vote launched by Chengdu Business Daily ( picture source : Micro-blog screenshots )

Labor security : How to make the struggle unchanged ?

@ CCTV news commentary said :“ We all know , Happiness comes from struggle , But it's not just about passion , Efficiency, too , It must not evolve into “ Life for money ”. Let employees stay up less 、 No overdraft , Employers strictly regulate labor security 、 Relevant departments should strengthen supervision , It's equally important to protect the fighters .”

However , In the comments, many netizens are concerned about how to protect the legitimate rights and interests such as overtime pay 、 appear “ karoshi ” How to define responsibility and other practical problems . Some people in the legal profession point out that , Strictly speaking “ karoshi ” It's not a legal or medical concept , At present “ karoshi ” It is not qualified to be included in the scope of industrial injury .“ Life Week ” Micro signal analysis is also called , Regulatory fines are too low for Internet companies to break the law , Basically no Internet company has been ordered to correct or fined by relevant departments for overtime work . that , How can we make the struggle unchanged ? Many media have analyzed and thought about this :

“ Mandatory overtime work ” It's not equal to “ The arduous struggle ”.《 The economic journal, 》 The article commented that , Can't take “ Mandatory overtime work ” and “ The arduous struggle ” Draw an equal sign . The experience of economics and management tells us that , Solutions to problems , It's not about having employees work overtime as long as possible . If the overtime of employees is forcibly linked with the struggle for the enterprise , And turn a blind eye to the rights and interests of workers sacrificed , It's not just easy to breed within employees “ Grindstone ” psychology , Stop fighting , It is not conducive to the sustainable development of enterprises .

We should actively participate in the construction of healthy enterprises . @ China family daily pointed out that , Enterprises not only have the obligation to establish a reasonable working system , We should also actively participate in the construction of healthy enterprises , Meet the health needs of employees , Realize the harmonious development of enterprise construction and human health . In our country 2019 It was made in 《 Healthy enterprise construction standard ( On a trial basis )》, From healthy enterprise management system 、 Building a healthy environment 、 Provide health management and services 、 Building a healthy culture and other four aspects to promote the health level of enterprises . As an enterprise with high work intensity , We should establish and improve the rules and regulations related to workers' health 、 Carry out all kinds of health education activities , Actively improve the health literacy of employees .

《 labour law 》 You have to have teeth . @ Xiake Island pointed out in an article that , Those moments make employees “996” The enterprise , On the surface, it advocates “ struggle ”, The essence is to ignore the rights and interests of workers , Alienating workers into endless machines . In a new stage of development , It is no longer sustainable to rely solely on labor and other factors . We are willing to fight for a better life , But fighting doesn't mean sacrificing labor rights , It doesn't mean sacrificing personal health .

Protect the rights and interests of workers , The key is implementation .《 Xinhua Daily Telegraph 》 Published title , face “996” This unreasonable mode of work , Workers should learn to take up the weapon of law . But the complexity of the problem is , For most employees , Most of the time, I don't want to protect my rights , But I dare not defend my rights . All relevant departments should integrate their strength 、 Strengthen supervision , Improve the complaint mechanism , Crack down on forced “996” Illegal behavior of , Let employees really enjoy the policy dividend , Dare to safeguard their own rights and interests .

Public opinion comments : The hardship of young people in the workplace can not be summed up in two or three figures

Lu Shan, director of the people's network public opinion data center, believes that : Once called out “ Hard core struggle mode ” Because of the sudden death of female employees, pinduoduo is frequently behind the hot search , It's the public's response to “ Overtime culture ”“ Internet working mode ” And professional values . A lot of spelling “ Hand slide ” Of “ Life for money ” And that's what's going on , Let public opinion continue to heat up , And this has become a hot topic among the whole people 、 Phenomenal “ drive ”.

Throughout the occurrence of public opinion to fermentation , Why do you want to be young 、 Internet companies compete fiercely 、 The disaster of capital 、 Career values 、 The pursuit of efficiency and other topics , The focus of public opinion has also expanded from the event itself to the young people's professional attitude and living environment . In the field of public opinion , Every time it appears “996”“007”“5 2”“ white black ” It is hard to avoid heated discussions and controversies , It's not easy for the staff to fight for the Expo , It's these two 、 Three simple numbers 、 The hardships that words can sum up ?

When “ Frequent overtime ” When Internet companies form a culture , The public discussion on the values of the workplace is confirming the awakening of the awareness of self-protection of legitimate rights and interests and the return of rational values , It also puts forward a new test for the development of China's economy, society and enterprises —— In traffic 、 The stage of the decline of the bonus of personnel , Improving labor efficiency and innovation have become more important ideas , Instead of staring “ Staff time ”.

As early as 2015 year , General secretary Xi Jinping once said “ Young people should stay up less late ”, Moved countless netizens . The present , Young people's demands are also diversified , Finding a balance between hard work and enjoying life . It's not that young people don't want to work hard , Not willing to give , On the contrary, it is the rational expression of his career values and life philosophy , After all , Can not let “ No pain, no gain ” become “ Fight to death to win ”.
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