Analysis of key public opinion monitoring platform

 Public opinion key monitoring platform analysis

Information Age , With the rise of all kinds of new media , Netizens' online habits are also changing quietly , According to the relevant statistics , from 2014-2020 According to the distribution of usage time of various application users in , Instant messaging applications still occupy most of the time of Internet users , But short video has become an absolute advantage in the field of Internet content production .

thus it can be seen , For users with public opinion monitoring needs , The key monitoring media of public opinion should also be continuously optimized and adjusted . that , What platforms should public opinion monitoring and control focus on ?

Public opinion focuses on monitoring media analysis

1. News and information media platform : This kind of platform also includes Netease 、 sohu 、 Sina and Tencent are the representatives of comprehensive portal platforms ; Take people's daily as an example 、 、 Traditional media platforms represented by CCTV news network and surging News Network ; With today's headlines 、 A bit of information 、Zaker、UC The aggregation platform represented by Toutiao ; With 36 krypton 、 Titanium media 、 Car home and other vertical platforms , The common feature of them is that they have a large number of users 、 High activity , Strong influence , Therefore, in the process of public opinion monitoring can not be ignored .

2. E-commerce reputation media platform : It mainly refers to yimeituan 、 Public comment 、 E-commerce media platforms represented by xiaohongshu, etc , For businesses , These platforms are like a word of mouth library , It has become a new entry point for consumer decision-making , Therefore, we should pay attention to it in the process of public opinion monitoring .

3. Short video new media platform : Tiktok is mainly used to vibrate 、 The main short video platform represented by Kwai Fu et al , Their common feature is the large number of daily users , More and more fragmented and easier content , It's easy to trigger self propagation . in the past , The relevant public opinion monitors may not have focused on it , But in the age of short video , This is the source of many public opinion events .

4. Traditional social media platforms : Mainly refers to the micro blog 、 WeChat 、 Blog 、 Traditional social media platforms represented by forums, etc , The typical characteristic is a large number of people , One is spontaneous transmission . It not only creates one hot topic after another in people's social life , And then attract traditional media to follow up . therefore , No matter how rich information carriers become , The public opinion monitoring of traditional social media platforms will not be out of date .

It can cover news and information 、 E-commerce reputation 、 Short video class 、 The whole network public opinion monitoring of traditional social media / The public opinion monitoring system recommends the micro business information monitoring system .
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