The most "durable" Huawei mobile phone is still "strong" in the past three years. Why?
As the first brother of domestic mobile phone , Huawei has produced many classic models , In especial Mate and P series , Every model released in recent years can be called a classic , And for many old users , Huawei mate10 It's not only classic, but also rough and fleshy , It's the most durable Huawei mobile phone .

 most “ durable ” Huawei Mobile , Three years later, still “ strong ”, That's why ?

Huawei Mate10 On 2017 year 10 month , With a unicorn 970 processor , This chip is also the beginning of Huawei's high-end development , Even after three years, it's still as smooth as new , The front of the fuselage is made of 5.9 " 2K LCD The screen ,16:9 The proportion matches the mellow back cover design , Let users affectionately call it “ Little fat man ”, This mobile phone can be said to be the cornerstone of the rise of Huawei mobile phones .

 most “ durable ” Huawei Mobile , Three years later, still “ strong ”, That's why ?

I also found a few Huawei Mate10 User experience .

NEOCNmate10 I feel like Huawei ID The best designed mobile phone ,mate30 The rear camera is also more distinctive , But I still can't accept the alien screen , So I am also mate10 Nail house

One is the world style :m10pro I haven't changed the battery for three years It's a day in the middle Not so much Forty is too expensive and I don't like curved screens

Lingxue 488 like best 16:9 The screen of , Now the screen brush parameters , It's actually a small screen !

Hua 134094928 Use now mate10, There's no leverage , I got one mate40Pro, I don't know what to do ,mate10 Tired of using , But intact , To my wife mate40Pro Also reluctant to

Old Tang has a small broken car 17 Bought at the end of the year mate10, The hottest bright black .mate10 My screen is really good , I think it is mate Used in the series LCD first-class , Lycra's hair color is particularly pleasing . I went to the after-sales department on the service day and changed the battery , For the elders at home .

shan Shanshan : my mate10Pro Three years, too , It's still the same as the new one , This cell phone is really crash resistant , There's no reason to change the machine yet .

 most “ durable ” Huawei Mobile , Three years later, still “ strong ”, That's why ?

I believe that in addition to Huawei mate10, There are also many durable classic models , What's the most durable mobile phone you've ever used ?

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