Huawei has an iron hand! Fire five rumor mongers! Ren Zhengfei: establishing strict but not evil rules
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Just for 10 Ten thousand employees sent out 400 Huawei with 100 million dividends , Five employees who made rumors were severely punished today .

Huawei fired five rumor mongering employees

2 month 8 Japan , Securities Times reporter learned , In view of the wechat group and the public website platform, there have been changes in the senior management of Huawei 、 A series of rumors about the sale of the business , Huawei has taken a series of actions , In addition to reporting to the public security department , The investigation also found that there were employees involved in it . So , According to the company's relevant management regulations , Huawei recently participated in rumor making 、 The rumored Mr. Huang 、 Mr. Dong 、 Wang XX 、 Zhao 、 Five employees of Xie , Be removed from the list .

The specific statement is as follows :

In the near future , Wechat group and open website platform have appeared about the change of Huawei's senior executives 、 A series of rumors about the sale of the business , Trigger customers 、 The government and the media at home and abroad pay attention to 、 Inquiry , Let the outside world misunderstand and and misinterpret , Serious impact on business development 、 Corporate reputation and employee sentiment , Rumors make trouble 、 There is no basis , Have serious consequences , Poor quality . In order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises ,2021 year 1 month 25 Japan , Huawei officially reported the case to Baogang police station of Shenzhen Public Security Bureau . We believe that , The judiciary will handle the case according to law .

meanwhile , After Huawei's investigation , There are employees involved in the rumor making 、 Rumor , His behavior is a serious violation of 《 Huawei's code of business conduct for employees 》, According to the company's relevant management regulations , Huawei's participation in rumor making 、 The rumored Mr. Huang 、 Mr. Dong 、 Wang XX 、 Zhao 、 Five employees of Xie , Be removed from the list .

Ren Zhengfei : Don't forget heroes Don't let Lei Feng lose

Huawei has always been clear about rewards and punishments .

2 month 3 Japan , Ren Zhengfei signed and issued 31 E-mail file No 《 About the decision to encourage the technology exploration team and individual backtracking 》. This resolution is to solve the problem of technology exploration teams and individuals who have made historical contributions but have not received corresponding incentives . Resolution theory : There is only a scientific view of history , Only in this way can we have a scientific outlook on development , If we don't forget heroes, we can inspire more heroes to fight .

In order to stick to Huawei “ Don't let Lei Feng lose ” The motivation and guidance of , The resolution is clear for teams and individuals who have made outstanding contributions , One time bonus compensation can be given , Carry out post promotion and post promotion , And the award of honorary titles and other spiritual incentives .

Huawei is a company 100% Companies owned by employees . According to Huawei 2019 Annual report , Huawei implements employee stock ownership plan through labor union , The number of participants is 104,572 people , Participants are company employees only . at present , According to Huawei's full shareholding system , Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei's stake has fallen to 1% about . however , Because most of the shares held by ordinary employees are virtual shares , Not having the right to vote , So most of the voting rights are still in the hands of Huawei's core management team . meanwhile , The company also reserved for Ren Zhengfei “ veto power ”, This realizes that Ren Zhengfei is just holding 1% We can still control Huawei under the condition of controlling shares .

2019 year , Huawei's share price is 7.85 element / stocks , Among them, dividends per share 2.11 element . Last year Huawei paid 、 The expenditure on salaries and other benefits amounted to 1349.37 One hundred million yuan , With 19.4 Ten thousand employees , The average salary of Huawei employees is 69.5 Ten thousand yuan .

at present , Huawei 2020 The annual report has not been published yet . According to China Fund ,2018 The total number of shares held by Nian Huawei is as high as 222 Million shares , The total number of shares in the past two years should only increase but not decrease , Huawei at least paid dividends 400 More than ! It is worth noting that , And A Compared with the listed companies in China , In terms of dividend strength , Huawei's total dividend can be ranked among A The top six stocks .

 Huawei has an iron hand ! Expel 5 A rumor monger ! Ren Zhengfei : Establish strict but not evil rules

Fight corruption with an iron hand

On the other side of sharing the company's development achievements with employees , It's an iron hand punishment for employees who violate the rules .

According to Huawei's official website , The company has set up internal complaint channels 、 Investigation mechanism 、 Anti corrosion mechanism and accountability system , And in the 《 Integrity cooperation agreement 》 Make clear the relevant rules , The supplier can provide the channel according to the agreement , Report employee misconduct , To assist the company to monitor the integrity of employees .

Besides , Huawei has established responsible persons for all levels of processes 、 Internal control assessment of regional managers 、 Accountability and impeachment mechanism , And routine operation . Audit committees and companies CFO Review the internal control status of the company regularly , Listen to the report of internal control improvement plan and implementation progress , And have the right to ask the process owner and business manager who are not satisfied with the internal control status to report the reason and improvement plan .

 Huawei has an iron hand ! Expel 5 A rumor monger ! Ren Zhengfei : Establish strict but not evil rules

About fighting corruption , Huawei also has special internal policies . From gifts and Hospitality 、 Charity and donation 、 Third party management 、 Books and records 、 Consulting and reporting 5 There are two aspects that constrain employees to abide by the code of business conduct .

Huawei's internal anti-corruption has always maintained high pressure , The most influential one is 2014 Anti corruption case in . Disclosure of information ,2014 year 9 month , Huawei enterprise BG The dealer anti-corruption conference reported that , Huawei has verified the company's internal 116 Three employees are suspected of corruption , And recovered 3.7 One hundred million yuan money .2014 year 8 month , It has been verified that 116 Among the employees suspected of corruption ,4 Four employees were transferred to justice , involve 69 Dealers .

 Huawei has an iron hand ! Expel 5 A rumor monger ! Ren Zhengfei : Establish strict but not evil rules

Huawei president's office once published Ren Zhengfei's speech at the Forum on Huawei's regulatory system . In this speech , Ren Zhengfei pointed out , Companies don't grow because of corruption , We don't tolerate corruption because of development ; To establish strict but not evil rules , The positive distribution of human resources , Well done, more money ; Supervision posts are more responsible for the implementation of the individual responsibility system , Whether the reform is successful or not depends on whether more grain has been produced , Whether the inspection is successful or not depends on whether more grain is produced ; Internal control 、 Regulation is not about stopping speed , It's about making the process easier .

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