What about the Internet: what is the domain name of a website? How to choose? How to register?
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Twenty years ago, China's Internet just began to develop , And I just entered the University , At that time, the Internet was called “ The Internet ”, It's a transliteration of the name of a combination of China and foreign countries , It was a strange thing to people at that time . Twenty years later ,“ Internet ” These three words are household names , And I'm a little guy who's been on the Internet for more than ten years , I've been through ups and downs , I want to talk about the Internet in particular .

 Things about the Internet : What is the domain name of the website ? How to choose ? How to sign up ?

Speaking of the Internet , First of all, the website , And the domain name is particularly important for the website . What is the domain name of a website , What does it do , And how to apply to register your favorite domain name , It's all a problem faced by a novice on the Internet , Today I'm going to talk about domain names .

What is domain name , Is it a website ?

When I communicate with clients , There is always an embarrassing situation , For example, customers want me to be a website :

I : Do you have a domain name ?

Customer : What is a domain name ?

I realized it should be more popular : It's the website , Do you have a website ?

Customer : Yes ,a.b.xxx.com

I :……

Blame me , This “a.b.xxx.com” It's a web address , It's also a domain name , But it's not your own top-level domain name , The top-level domain name is actually the last two paragraphs “xxx.com”, And this domain name is the only one in the world , No repetition . At this time, a friend may ask :“ The general website does not have www Yes, I don't know ? Why don't you ?” There are three concepts that need to be explained : Root domain name 、 Top-level domain name 、 Two level domain name .

Root domain name (root domain)

The world's top management of domain names , It's called ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) Organization , They manage domain names all over the world . Its headquarters is in California ,2016 No longer part of the U.S. Department of Commerce , Become a self-governing, independent institution . ICANN I won't go into details , Interested can look for Baidu Encyclopedia . Direct example , The last point of a domain name is the root domain name , such as :“xxx.com.”, Usually the last point is omitted “xxx.com”.

Top-level domain name (top level domain, Shorthand for TLD)

“xxx.com” It's the top-level domain name , Prefix it with a secondary domain name , For example, the most common “www.xxx.com” It's a secondary domain name , Of course , It can be prefixed “a.b.xxx.com” It's the third level domain name , And so on , Four level domain name , Five level domain names , There's no end to it …… It is worth mentioning that , You just have to pay for the top-level domain name .

The suffix of the domain name

Careful friends may find out , Why do you still have “xxx.net”、“xxx.com.cn” wait , hinder “.net” And so on are domain name suffixes , In the beginning, there were fewer kinds , There are mainly “.com( For companies )”、“.net( For the Internet )”、“.org( Used to organize )”、“.gov( For the government )” etc. , But now , There are too many kinds , There are even Chinese suffixes “. company ”、“. China ” wait .

Of course , These suffixes except “.gov” You can choose at will , You can also use “.com”, Companies can also use “.net” Or other ,“.gov” Because for government websites , So the requirements are quite strict , It has to be the government to apply for .

Is domain name expensive ?

Whether the domain name is expensive or not depends on the suffix , Suffixes vary, and registration prices range from a few yuan to a few hundred yuan , It's the cost of one year , It's going to be renewed the next year , The renewal price is generally higher than the registration price , Why is that ? Because the domain name registration business in order to pull customers into the pit , The first year registration price is generally the cost price or even lower than the cost price , The second year when the renewal is the normal price , People also want to make money and pay their employees . Generally, the website has been in operation for one year , I don't want to throw it away the next year , So this is actually a marketing strategy , There's no need to worry about it .

How to do if the domain name has expired ?

I've come across a lot of these clients , The domain name of the website has expired , He thinks it's equivalent to keeping his things with me , It's OK to renew it later . This is not the case , Once the domain name has expired, it will no longer belong to you , At the same time, it's stopped , But the domain name registrant gives a protection period of about one month , It's renewed during this protection period , You can continue to use the domain name . If the protection period is exceeded, there will be a redemption period , In the redemption period, the price will be several times higher , If you don't renew after the redemption period , So this domain name is no longer protected , Anyone can sign up .

therefore , Domain name should be renewed early , It's usually about a month in advance , So as not to bring unnecessary trouble to yourself .

How to register a domain name

There are many domain name registration agencies at home and abroad , At home, you can choose “ Alibaba cloud ”、“ Tencent cloud ”、“ New network ” etc. , Suitable for Chinese website , But you also need real name authentication , A little trouble . Foreign registration agencies recommend “godaddy.com( Be commonly called : Godaddy )”, No real name authentication , Not subject to domestic control , It can also pay for Alipay , It's the best choice for foreign language webmasters , The disadvantage is that some domain names are a little expensive . Let's take Alibaba cloud as an example to talk about the registration process .

1. Register an alicloud account first .

2. Get into “ Administrative console ”, Click on the column on the left “ domain name ”, open “ Information template ”, Create a new profile template ( If it's a business, choose “ Enterprise information template ”), This template will be used in the later domain name registration , Need real name authentication , It usually takes half a day to 2 God , It mainly depends on the working status of auditors . tip : ID card image is required for personal authentication , Business license is needed for enterprise certification , Need to be prepared in advance .

3. After the information template is approved, there will be an email and SMS notification , We can go on to the next step .

4. Think about the domain name you want to register , such as :niuchao.com

5. Check whether the domain name has been registered . Enter the domain name you want to query on the domain name registration page, and it will show whether you can register , If you can register , Click the one on the right “ Add to the list ”. If it shows “ Registered ”, You have to change your domain name , Or whether the owner of the domain name is willing to sell it .

6. After finding the domain name that can be registered , And then it's easy , When settling the bill , Choose your own Certified Information Template , Then pay for it .

How to choose a domain name

Generally follow the following principles :

1. As short as possible , But this is basically not realistic , Only second hand , Those two 、 Three .com Domain names are basically sky high prices .

2. Remember as well as you can . If you can't find the short one , Then it's easy to remember , For example, the Pinyin of some words 、 Easy to remember numbers and so on .

3. Suffixes are best used .com, After all, it has always been the dominant position , There's nothing wrong with it .

The above is just a basic principle , Treat as the case may be . If you do English station , Some necessary English words are very long , You can't do a short domain name , Just try to remember as well as you can .

Let's share so much today , that , Is your domain name registered ? If you have any questions, please leave a message in the comment area below .
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