Baidu lightning evaluation system
Brother Shi 2021-02-23 03:43:05
Baidu lightning scoring system is a scoring software designed for college entrance examination students , Users only need to download the software after the test to estimate the score in time , Know the general range of your grades !

During the college entrance examination, Baidu Library went online “ Lightning assessment system ”, This time around “ Estimate ” Features will be available from within an hour through a powerful distributed system app、pc、 mobile phone wap Multiple ports release the real questions and answers of college entrance examination in real time , And use Internet technology to present teachers' experience and evaluation methods , Effectively help candidates seize the golden memory time , Complete the accurate prediction of college entrance examination results . The scope of college entrance examination service provided by Baidu library extends from review sprint to post examination assessment , Comprehensive and systematic creation of “ "One-stop" work style ” Test preparation system .

Baidu lightning evaluation system software features :

On the basis of previous years, Baidu Library , Upgrade launched a new generation of college entrance examination “ Lightning assessment ”. For the college entrance examination scoring based on the relevant standards , Baidu Library continues to cooperate with famous teachers from all over the world . Answer group teachers from well-known middle schools in different provinces and cities , By answering the real questions on the spot for the first time , While ensuring the accuracy of the answers to the questions , It also marks the corresponding score of each solving step and score point of the short answer question , So as to solve the problem that the examinee faced before “ The evaluation of subjective questions depends on subjectivity ” The problem of nuclear separation in China .

In addition to the rational allocation of the resources of famous teachers , Baidu Library lightning assessment system through OCR Technology to quickly edit and process test questions and teachers' answers online , Intelligent retrieval technology can quickly collect and issue questions , Shorten the online time of the system to one hour after the exam . and APP、PC、 mobile phone WAP Synchronous opening at the end , It provides a more convenient access channel for examinees . Besides , Combining the latest knowledge mapping and big data analysis technology , In the real question resources, the difficulty and knowledge points of the questions are also quickly marked , It is convenient for examinees to get the completion of the answers , Positioning your capabilities .

Professional teachers think that , In the college entrance examination, you need to prepare in advance , And the assessment after the examination can help students simply select some colleges in the early stage , And to know its professional characteristics in advance . And in the choice of scoring methods , Using Baidu Library on the market “ Lightning assessment ” For the representative of the software services for auxiliary reference , It can effectively improve the efficiency and accuracy of evaluation ,“ It's a little easier than reading the big and thick books of score statistics by students themselves ”. The person in charge of Baidu Library said , In the next stage , Will be online in succession to fill in 、 College entrance examination white paper 、 The number one scholar's study tour and other related contents , To provide a wider range of high-quality college entrance examination services for candidates across the country .
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