Four ways to improve the conversion rate of mobile users
Mobile phones have rapidly become the best way to grow and nurture consumers in sales channels . exceed 70% Of online users use smartphones or tablets . Marketers can no longer ignore the potential sales and conversions that they miss because they don't carry out mobile marketing activities .

Before we start , Let's define a term mobility conversion rate . Generally speaking , The mobile conversion rate is the percentage of people who click on the campaign and sign up for the email list to buy something from the website . for example , If you create a marketing campaign , A thousand people have been informed , Only 50 people click to follow , So the mobile conversion rate is 5%.

Now? , Let's learn the following four methods with Xiaobian , Start increasing the mobile conversion rate now .

 Four ways to improve mobile user conversion

1.) Create responsive websites

People often mistake it for ,“ Mobile friendly ” and “ Mobile response ” It means the same thing .

seeing the name of a thing one thinks of its function , Mobile friendly websites are websites that mobile users can visit . however , It's not the best or most effective way to introduce the site to new consumers . Because no matter what device consumers use , Mobile friendly websites all present the same website design .

Responsive sites change the elements of the site , Make it suitable for mobile users to browse . for example , When using a laptop to view the home page , The menu is visible . Mobile users will only see a small button with a menu , Click this button to complete the list . Site owners can improve the speed of the site by switching to responsive design , Improve website performance .

When consumers browse websites on smartphones , And get a customized experience for their devices , They are more likely to sign up for mailing lists , Or look at products and services .

2.) Manage mobility SEO

Today's search engine optimization is much more complex than the early development of modern Internet technology . Once upon a time , Keyword filling is a common practice , Not long after , Google has launched their new algorithm , It's aimed at cracking down on business owners who cheat in search rankings .

In the last few years , Google released the mobile priority index , Intended to present relevant search results to mobile users . Google's focus is no longer just on ranking and crawling desktop pages , It's about mobile responsive sites and how they're used SEO.

It's important to understand the difference between Google's main index and its mobile priority system . If business owners want more conversion , Reliable... Must be used on the mobile response version of the website SEO Strategy .

Websites should still focus on creating valuable content , And important articles , And then gradually expand to the content of specific topics . Before posting , Please add accurate and informative metadata , Because this is one of the main determinants of Google's checking before ranking pages . All right SEO All strategies apply , But the mobile version of the site has to be optimized , To improve the ranking .

3.) Use the mobile option

The mobile version of the website uses different SEO Technology and different styles , So it only makes sense to use different marketing methods . Business owners can use OptinMonster Create mobile options , Instead of using large area advertising .

Mobile options usually include lead generation strategies , Such as free e-books 、 Webinars or newsletters . If the collateral is not optimized for mobile devices , Consumers will be disappointed before they see the product , And then go straight out of the site .

Let's face it , Most people don't want to see a plain text page until they really get involved . Because time is pressing , If it's too complicated , Potential customers are likely to opt out .OptinMonster Mobile templates can create offers only for new customers , They won't be overwhelmed . In the example above , Customers can talk to the company in seconds , Have a general idea of the price and what to do next . The advantage of these templates is , Even users with no programming experience can use them .

Mobile users crave this accessibility . If you want to increase the mobile conversion rate , You have to create a short 、 Attractive pop ups .

4.) Tracking analysis

Google Analytics is one of the best tools you can use on a website . And those who run WordPress Website owners can use MonsterInsights, This is a very good plug-in , Analysis data can be accessed directly from the website .

There is a lot of valuable information in the analysis that can help transform more mobile customers . Business owners can access demographics at any time 、 Customer behavior and device preferences .

Business owners can use this data to make positive changes to websites and marketing activities . for example , If you notice that the pop-up rate of mobile consumers is extremely high during the checkout process , This may mean that there is something wrong with the process , And cause the consumer to be unable to complete the order , Or you need to improve the checkout process for mobile customers .

similarly , Business owners can see what consumers read on the website . If you notice that most mobile phone users are studying a specific topic or article , You can use this data to create a mobile marketing campaign for smartphone or tablet customers .

For all business owners , Mobile conversion rate is becoming more and more important . Because more than half of the population use their smartphones to browse online , It only makes sense to target these customers when designing websites and creating quotes .

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