How to make baby ranking fast?
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1、 Unsalable products lower the weight of the whole store ( Product search ranking is very low , So your traffic is more difficult to get )

At this time, we should optimize the dynamic sales rate , The so-called dynamic sales rate is the ratio of the number of baby transactions and the number of all online baby stores . Period is 30 God . for instance , You have now 200 A baby ,30 Sold in a few days 100 A baby , So the turnover rate is 50% 了 .

( You can be in the business advisor , Go to check the baby that hasn't been sold or zero paid recently , Focus on baby sales )

 How to make the baby ranking fast ?

How to improve the dynamic sales rate ? We can start from four aspects

The first on the one hand, : Businesses can have more drainage ( Through train / Activities / Super recommendation / Drill show ), Focus on conversion rate . You can do a good match sale in the details page , Try to drive unsalable products with good products .

In the second : Select the products that have no sales volume . Like those without market demand , It is suggested that businesses can get off the shelves as soon as possible . This way, we can reduce the number of products , It is helpful to improve the dynamic sales rate .

The third aspect : After getting off the shelf , If you still want to push , It can be rearranged and put on again , Do some related sales .

The fourth aspect : New online products can do zero breaking action ( Use Taobao group 、 Old customer marketing 、 Content marketing ) Without these foundations , Can be done Man made operation ( It's faster )

2、 Store product type 、 category 、 The style of goods should be unified , Don't look disorganized ;

At the time of Launch , The categories we choose also directly affect our traffic . If the category selection is not accurate , It leads to very low traffic 、 Very low weight . It may even lead to violations . So at this critical point , It's also a new planning that we need to make at the beginning . In terms of category selection , You have to choose the right , It's not about choosing the one with large traffic .

Analyze the market , Analyze whether your home style meets the market demand , Shop 、 Do operations , Start with the details , Move the buyer , Let the buyer think that we are professional , So consumers place orders 、 conversion 、 Check , The chances are even greater ?!

 How to make the baby ranking fast ?

 How to make the baby ranking fast ?

decorate 、 Main picture 、 Typesetting should be clear

3、 Find your own main push 1-2 individual

Shops can roughly divide the products into :( main 、 Profits 、 Side promotion 、 Drainage fund )

Side promotion ( commonly 5-10 A product or more )

1、 A couple of small hits 、 Hot money group operation

2、 To prevent the decline of the main push , Prepare ahead of time

 How to make the baby ranking fast ?

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