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 Mobile website SEO Optimize — Picture optimization -Top PUSH

With the rapid development of the Internet , Mobile phones are more and more used in social life , People used to use mobile phones to make calls and send messages , Now people watch videos on their cell phones 、 Browse web pages , It can be said that there are many applications of mobile phones , I don't know if we have paid attention to the total traffic of mobile websites ?
Maybe different industries pc The proportion is different from that of mobile websites , According to statistics, some animation station pc The proportion of traffic in the whole mobile website is 1:5, The reason is , Users need to query the name of the station through mobile phone . For such statistics, I think it's like saying , For someone who often watches TV at work , Of this website pc The end traffic is generally higher than the mobile end , If it's a website that often watches TV during break time , Then its traffic at the mobile end is generally higher than that at the mobile end . Maybe a little friend will ask , Mobile game is just like Baidu search , Is in Baidu search engine station name ? According to a lot of facts, Yunxiang seo come to know , The total amount of mobile traffic of Baidu website is more than pc End height .
Based on the above, it is very clear that seo Detailed introduction , Can you take a look at the mobile website seo Key points of optimization ? Mobile website seo It's critical to optimize , At present, an important direction to grasp the flow is to seize the opportunity . How to optimize the mobile website seo Well ?
What I want to share with you today is the Market Research Report 8.0 The problem of photo interaction mentioned in . Pay special attention to this , But it's going to affect mobile websites seo It's a difficult problem to optimize the actual effect .
Photo interaction on mobile website , This refers to when the user sees the photo in the article , Whether you can see the picture in the picture , According to the size of the picture , See the detailed data in the picture , And the size of the picture , And it depends on the size of the picture , This is it. seoer Issues that need special attention , For mobile web pages seo In terms of optimization , The problem is seoer Special attention must be paid to .
The websites that people often use are :banner Advertising language , According to the pictures of the website users well-known brand goods display and publicity planning . There are photos in the articles on the site , And this picture is the mobile site seo Optimization focus .
The high quality content of an article is usually illustrated , Introduce the text in detail according to the photos or explain it in detail according to the text , There is a close relationship between words and pictures , What's more, the screen size of the mobile phone determines the user's preview limit , The photos in the article will also be reduced proportionally due to the screen size of the mobile phone , At this point, the login wants to better see the statistics in the photo 、 Details , You have to zoom in according to the picture .
So we're doing a mobile website seo To optimize the , People can optimize part of the content , To make sure the photos in the article can get bigger and smaller from friends , Users can customize the transformation from their own drag , Maybe to build up a role like this , Must be Js Code based , To encode seoer Small partners can customize the conversion , For those who don't know the code seoer Partners can customize transformations , For those who don't know the code seoer You have to work with technology , To help realize the role of photos in the article .
Mobile website seo Optimize ,seo I think the key to optimization is to create a user experience that can give users a sense of query comfort , It is easy to operate , Feel good website , Such a website, no matter in a reasonable layout , Design or content display can meet the needs of users , This kind of website is loved by Baidu search engine , If your website is loved by Baidu search engine , It will naturally make your website stronger , More rankings , Websites with rankings always have traffic expectations , So on the mobile website seoseo Optimization , Whether it's Pc The name of the end , Or mobile website can be used .

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