This is the salary status of the vast majority of migrant workers. You are great and not as bad as they say
Display according to data 2020 China's labor force participation rate was 67.5%, in other words , China has 9.45 100 million people are working people .

But in this Internet age, the salary of our employees has become a very mysterious thing .

On the Internet today , It seems that just holding the keyboard , Everyone earns more than 10000 yuan a month .

If the first tier cities on the Internet , You don't have a monthly income 2 More than 10000 yuan seems embarrassed to talk to people .

Leave the network , Back to ourselves , What is the reality ? You may be better than you think .

This is the announcement of 《2020 The average salary report of the autumn recruitment period in 》, The average salary in Beijing is 11623 element , The average salary in Shanghai is 11226 element , The average salary in Shenzhen is 10453 element .

 This is the wage situation of the vast majority of migrant workers , You're great , It's not as bad as they say

So in Beijing 、 Shanghai 、 Working in Shenzhen , Everyone can earn tens of thousands a month . but Is the data real ?

Of course not. , There is at least a Pacific Ocean between numbers and reality .

First , This is the data at the time of recruitment . Business or HR In order to attract talents , Inevitably, the pay range will be exaggerated .

For example, in the first tier cities , A lot of sales post recruitment notice monthly salary is more than 20000 block .

The reality is the base salary 6000 Plus commission , There are really capable people who can get 20000 element , But that's one of the few , Is not stable .

secondly , The average leads to bias , The average doesn't represent the majority of people , because “ Average ” It means that the results are easily influenced by a small group of high-income people , My salary is equal to that of Xu Jiayin , And beat the world 99.99% What about the people , But they won't give me any money .

What can reflect the reality relatively truly ? The answer is the median .

Median is a concept in Statistics , The one in the middle of a set of data arranged in order .

This is a 2020 The median wage of each city in ,2020 year , The median wage in Shenzhen is 5199 element , Shanghai is 6378 element , Beijing is 6906 element . You're not wrong about the median wage in these first tier cities 6000 Didn't the .

 This is the wage situation of the vast majority of migrant workers , You're great , It's not as bad as they say

So even in the first tier cities , As long as your salary is 6000 about , You've surpassed most people .

And even if these cities add 15 A new front line , The population is only less than that of China 30%. These are also a few people .

This is a 2020 Data from the National Bureau of statistics in the first half of this year ,2020 In the first half of , The disposable income of urban residents 21655 element , Among them, wage income 13232 element , in other words , The average monthly salary of urban workers this year is 2205. If the salary exceeds that number , It means more than 50% City dwellers .

 This is the wage situation of the vast majority of migrant workers , You're great , It's not as bad as they say

Next we turn to the countryside , According to the relevant data , China's per capita annual income is 3 RMB 10,000 yuan , But there are 6 The monthly income of 100 million people is just 1000 element .

Maybe you see here and you're thinking monthly income 1000 Can yuan really survive ?

But that's how they live , And a lot of people live like this .

2019 In, the per capita net income of Chinese farmers was only 14600 element , That is to say, only 1000 yuan .

And this part of the population is almost 6 Billion , Proportion 42%.

Now let's look at a more real China . That sounds ridiculous , But it's true .

1. China has more than 11 100 million people don't have passports

2. China has super 10 Hundred million people have never flown

3. In fact, the number of people with bachelor degree or above in China is only 4600 All around , It's only a fraction of the whole Chinese population 4%.

4. China's official unemployment rate this year is 6.2%, also 4340 Ten thousand people of school age have no jobs . This is the background of the birth of stall economy .

This is the real situation of wage of Chinese migrant workers , It's not that Zhihu made 20000 a month just after graduation , Tiktok says men earn less than ten thousand and are not eligible to marry . There are tens of thousands of monthly income or even higher in life , They usually have a degree from a famous school and thus occupy some senior positions in the society , College Teachers 、 Doctor, these . Or in the most profitable industry , And those with outstanding abilities .

Recognize the reality , We're not bad , Don't be blinded by the Internet . Don't be discouraged to see those excellent people , You may be better than you think . Everyone has his own way , Let's just go our own way . It's really hard this year , But just stick to it , Constantly enrich yourself , Spring will come .

Finally, welcome to the comments area with geographic coordinates , occupation , Give out your salary .
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