China Consumer Association takes stock of the top ten public opinion hotspots of consumer rights protection in 2020
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2020 When many consumer behaviors moved online in , Many new problems have arisen .1 month 14 Japan , China Consumer Association ( hereinafter referred to as “ China Consumer Association ”) Sort out “2020 Top ten consumer rights public opinion hot spots in ”, Roll call again “ double 11” The rules are complicated 、 Delivery platform “ Much more 5 minute ”、 It's difficult for minors to recharge and refund online games .2020 The public opinion of consumer rights protection has presented many new features , The issue of consumer rights protection related to epidemic situation is prominent ; Internet consumption is booming , Live delivery 、 Online education 、 Online games, etc “ On the cloud ” Consumer rights protection is more prominent ; new business 、 The new model brings new consumption problems , Internet economy “ Strong supervision ” The voice goes up ; Traditional complaints are still the focus of public opinion , The consumption environment needs to be further improved .

The price and quality of epidemic prevention products are outstanding

China Consumer Association combs out “2020 Top ten consumer rights public opinion hot spots in ”, Namely : The price and quality of epidemic prevention products are outstanding ;“ Live delivery ” New problems emerge one after another ;“ double 11” Complex rules are hard to break “ Balance payer ”; The hotel 、 tourism 、 Travel unsubscribe disputes ; The long-term rental apartments are exploding ; Online training services are in chaos ; Juvenile online game recharge 、 It's hard to give a reward or refund ; Delivery platform “ Much more 5 minute ” Accused “ Wok ” To the consumer ; Smart express cabinet overtime charges cause dissatisfaction ; Navigation Division “ Unlimited flight products ” More restrictions .

In particular , Since the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia , The market demand for epidemic prevention products shows explosive growth . What follows is , The number of anti epidemic product quality violations and consumer complaints has increased significantly . The consumer protection of epidemic prevention products includes the sale of individual illegal operators “ 3 without ”、 Fake masks ; Swindle in the name of purchasing masks on behalf of others or groups in wechat group ; Take the opportunity to raise the mask 、 Protective clothing 、 The price of temperature measuring gun and other epidemic prevention supplies ; Individual e-commerce platform businesses through “ Hack ”、 Bundling 、 In the name of selling masks, induce consumers to download APP And other bad business practices , Infringement on the legitimate rights and interests of consumers . Such as a large number of consumers through microblog 、 The complaint platform feeds back to the e-commerce platform “ Dolphin home ” There is “ Hack ” Behavior , Named by China Consumer Association .

Due to the estimated sales of individual e-commerce platform businesses , But the masks actually sold 、 alcohol 、 The delivery of disinfectant and other epidemic prevention products was not timely , Cause consumer dissatisfaction . If Nanding claims to be in stock , But after consumers place orders to buy masks, they don't ship them , Interviewed by Beijing Consumer Association and TongZhou Consumer Association .

The epidemic is not only a demonstration of the comprehensive management ability of relevant departments “ Final examination ”, It's also an inspection platform 、 A piece of Business Literacy “ Touchstone ”. Public opinion holds that , Relevant departments should strengthen supervision , Special operations have been carried out many times , We will severely investigate and punish the illegal production and sale of anti epidemic products such as masks , Make every effort to ensure the quality and market supply of epidemic prevention products , Help maintain market order .

Online training services are in chaos

China Consumer Association points out , During the epidemic period, online education, which has achieved a blowout development, has frequently faced the problem of consumer rights protection .2020 year 7 month , CCTV “3·15” The party exposed the false promise of hi , Let consumers fall into the dilemma that it is easy to pay and difficult to refund . In the same month , Xueersi online school because of the existence of vulgar video 、 Abetting puppy love and other prominent problems , He was interviewed by Beijing online information office and local education authorities and ordered to rectify within a time limit .

In the case of China Consumer Association roll call , Online English Learning Institutions “ Akaso Foreign Teachers Network ” It is revealed that the teaching quality of foreign teachers is poor , late 、 It's not uncommon to play with mobile phones , And the teaching qualification certification is questionable .“ Dada English ” Accused of modifying course attributes without authorization , My major has shrunk to oral English .10 month ,“ Winning Education ” It was revealed that the headquarters was empty , There are many difficulties for parents to refund fees , Teachers' salaries are also in arrears .12 month ,“ Learning to be a tyrant ” Accused of mismanagement 、 Students apply for a refund 、 The teacher was dismissed , Many parents of students have no way to ask for help .

China Consumer Association said , Fake online teacher qualifications 、 Institutions run schools without certificates 、 Induce consumption 、 False propaganda 、 Overlord provision 、 It's difficult to cancel the contract and refund the fees , It's getting harder for consumers to protect their rights . Besides , In the online education industry “ Installment loan ” It has also been criticized by public opinion .

In view of the industry chaos , On the one hand, online education platform should return to education standard as soon as possible from capital competition , Strengthen industry self-discipline , To provide quality service for the majority of consumers ; On the other hand, it also needs relevant departments to further strengthen administrative supervision , Unite with consumer association and other relevant social organizations to formulate online education service standards , Strengthen the protection of rights protection system , Standardize the development of online education market .

Juvenile online game recharge 、 It's hard to give a reward or refund

In recent years ,“ House economy ” Development is on the fast track . During the epidemic , Under the influence of objective factors such as epidemic prevention at home , Network game 、 Online entertainment such as webcast has become the first choice for many minors .

It is worth noting that , Minors reward network anchors without telling their parents 、 Recharge online game platforms and other related events appear in the newspapers from time to time , The amount of money involved is huge , Parents lose money without knowing it, but they have no way to ask for help . The case given by China Consumer Association shows that , “ Game for Peace ”“ Glory of Kings ”“ Tom and Jerry ”“ Happy and happy ” Waiting for mobile games APP as well as “ Fighting fish ”“ A live broadcast ” And so on APP Of “ Adolescent anti addiction system ” It's like nothing , porous .

In view of this kind of hidden danger ,5 month , The Supreme People's Court issued 《 Guiding opinions on novel coronavirus pneumonia cases in civil cases ( Two )》 clear , A person with limited capacity for civil conduct without the consent of his guardian , Participate in paid online games or live online platforms “ Reward ” It depends on your age 、 Money that doesn't fit in with intelligence , The guardian requests the Internet service provider to return the money , The people's court shall support it . however , In many cases of minors' online consumption , There are still few parents who can get help from the police or the news media , Only a few people enter the judicial proceedings .

Public opinion holds that , Because of the cumbersome process 、 It's difficult to prove 、 The operation platform and game companies shirk responsibility for each other , Parents often face a lot of difficulties in refund and rights protection , It is difficult to protect the rights and interests of consumers . Protecting minors is the common responsibility of the whole society , This not only requires the relevant departments and enterprises to improve the refund mechanism , Improve the efficiency of handling refund disputes , We also need the guardians of minors to act on their own initiative , Shoulder the responsibility of guidance and discipline .

Delivery platform “ Much more 5 minute ” Accused “ Wok ”

9 month 8 Japan , A title is 《 Take away riders , Stuck in the system 》 On social platforms “ refresh ”. This article has attracted a lot of follow-up reading and discussion from netizens , It also encourages the public to sell out the algorithm of the platform 、 Values and employment patterns , Are you hungry 、 As a result, meituan and other delivery platforms have been pushed to the forefront of the market .

9 month 9 Japan , Hungry? I replied , Will be added at order settlement “ I'd like to wait more 5 minute /10 minute ” New functions . The response immediately caused an uproar , The public opinion of China Consumer Association statistics generally believes that , Reduce delivery time on a large scale , Starting from the take out platform, in order to control the cost 、 Improve efficiency , And the squeeze performance appraisal for riders , As a rule maker 、 The receiver of the service fee and the direct or indirect employer of the take away rider , Takeaway platforms don't reflect on their own business model , Instead, they appeal to consumers to give in , Yes “ Play the ball ” disrelish .

China Consumer Association said : Solve the problem of delivery rider “ The difficulty of the system ” problem , We need the initiative of the takeout platform 、 Optimize from technology and algorithm , We also need a takeout platform 、 merchants 、 Riders and regulators 、 The common negotiation of consumers and other parties , Promote the sustainable and healthy development of new business forms . This is also a warning to the enterprises concerned , While realizing commercial interests , We also have to shoulder our social responsibilities , Not habitually “ Wok ” consumer .

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