What causes tiktok to be "reduced authority flow"? How to do tiktok is limited?
Old dream of Nancheng 2021-02-23 02:57:54
The flow of tremble comes from two tiktok. , On the one hand, it comes from the following fans , another On the one hand, the official tiktok push. . Once the account is blocked, the official tiktok is restricted. , That's equivalent to walking without one leg , Tiktok game player , This is a sentence “ Death penalty ”.

1、 What is the tiktok limit? ?

Tiktok account is limited. , Most of them made the following mistakes :

1) Did you tiktok before? , Powdered number , It is very likely that the amount of video playback is 0, No more than 100 Even the single digit problem . If multiple works are displayed at the same time “ Under review ”, Video playback is far below average , Then it is very likely that your account will be restricted .

2) The released videos are all pseudo original 、 And even directly transport other people's videos . This method is very easy to use before , And it works , With the improvement of detection mechanism , I can't handle it .

3) Touch the brand video , Video with high repeatability , Be reported .

4) There are a lot of advertisements , Or recommend advertising content in the video .

5) Comment frequently , Pay attention to , Private letter , Such operation , Easily judged as marketing .

6) In the comments , Insult in private letter 、 Abuse others

7) Illegal words in the copy

8) Video content vertical , The content of the post is in disorder , Algorithm mechanism can not give you accurate recommendation of users .


 What is tiktok? “ Drop permission flow ”? How to do the current tiktok? ?

2、 How to do the current tiktok? ?

If the account current limit is caused by illegal operation, don't panic : First , To stop illegal operation, there is still the possibility of rescue

1) Illegal operation , Brush powder

For the behavior of buying paint powder , Generally speaking, it is quite serious , If the original powder quality is relatively low , It's too big to be rescued , If the powder used at that time was a high-quality imitation human, and the quantity was not large , So after the operation of raising number, it can be saved .

2) Content is not vertical

First of all, we need to define our position , Determine the type of account you want to do , Find a large size of the same type , See how they do it , Imitate and create by yourself , So the traffic will increase slowly .

 What is tiktok? “ Drop permission flow ”? How to do the current tiktok? ?

3) Publishing illegal videos , Handling video

First of all, we need to delete all illegal information or videos , Especially the system prompt video , Don't take chances , What should be deleted must be deleted .

And then in succession 7 Tiantian releases high quality original content , It's better to make a real video , Such as their own life and so on , Make sure the video is clear .

4) Test yourself as an ad number

First of all, we need to look at the nickname of our account 、 Individuality signature 、 Is there any explicit advertisement in the picture and video , For example, the nickname is ××× Product agent and so on .

If that's the case , Modify the normal network name , Head portrait , Don't leave contact information in the early stage of personal signature , After the modification , Release video normally , Normal to brush the video number , Later, the traffic will grow slowly .

To make a long story short , I found that my account was restricted , Don't panic , First of all, make clear the reason why you are limited ; secondly , Stop breaking the rules now , As long as it is not named by the platform, it is possible to save it , Take your time , Recover slowly , Don't rush things .

 What is tiktok? “ Drop permission flow ”? How to do the current tiktok? ?

This is today's sharing , There's something you don't understand or have any questions to pay attention to .
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