How to optimize the website after it is built online?
Amazing 2021-02-23 02:55:25

After the website construction of Wuhan company is completed and released online , We must do a good job in content output , Do a good job of keyword layout , Only in this way can more articles be included and displayed by search engines , So as to improve the weight of the website , It's a slow process .

Maybe some people in Wuhan will say , In a few days, we can make the home pages of the major engines on your website , There's nothing wrong with that ,seo There's the word "black hat" in optimization , It's about this group of people .

 After the website construction is completed and online , How to optimize ?

They can really make you search engine home pages all day long , But it won't last long , They will be rated as spam sites by search engines , There must be such a consequence , In the end, the website just made , Abandoned by search engines .

Some new start-ups , The staffing is not perfect , Didn't take care of the website . What to do with that ? It is suggested to find a reliable hosting outsourcing company in the local area , Outsourcing to them as a whole .

 After the website construction is completed and online , How to optimize ?

The cost of outsourcing is quite low , Normal website ranking optimization outsourcing one month in 700 about , But if we hire a dedicated optimizer , In Wuhan, at least 3500 It takes a month to recruit . But be careful with black hat , Regardless of the collection 、 Regardless of the update article , As soon as the system software opens, a large number of robots start to click on your website crazily , no need 1 My God, the ranking is up ,2 A week later, the website was hacked , Everything is cool .

Wuhan regular website ranking optimization company , In the work of website analysis and ranking optimization , The project is very detailed , Accurate targeted optimization for each category of keywords , So even people who don't understand website optimization , It's also a good way to distinguish black hat from white hat ( Formal optimization company ) The difference between , Ordinary people feel it as soon as they see it , Not to mention businessmen ?