How to make the website get a steady stream of traffic?
Zhou Dynasty 2021-02-23 02:53:26
Traffic is the basis of marriage and dating websites or transformation , In the use of 02u After the completion of the construction of dating website , Website drainage has become the top priority of website operation , And for old dating sites , On the basis of maintaining the original flow , Constantly exploring new traffic is also one of the top priorities for the operation of dating websites , So , Whether it's a new station or an old station , Getting traffic is the life and death of a website .

Website traffic can also be called website popularity , Only when the popularity of dating websites is high and the traffic is high, can they get the momentum of continuous development . Currently known methods of website drainage are website content optimization 、 Search engine optimization 、 Set up links 、 Outside the station promotion and so on , however ,02U I found that the above work is not very comprehensive , So what are the other ways to drain for dating websites ? below 02U Introduce some innovative ways for websites to get massive traffic .

 How to make the website get a steady stream of traffic ?

First of all , Keep pace with the times , Adapt to users' browsing habits

Nowadays, the Internet is developing faster and faster , change rapidly , People's habits and ways are also changing with the development of the times , therefore , When you want to get more traffic , We should follow people's habits and ways of browsing the content of dating websites, and go to the places where traffic is gathered to find . therefore , When doing operation promotion , We must pay attention to these changes . Like the popularity of wechat circle of friends based on smart phones nowadays 、 Various APP The development and use of 、 The development of WeChat official account 、H5 The rise of technology is a change in people's browsing habits .

Such drainage methods need to pay attention to the innovation of information release , Every piece of information should try to have a point that can attract users , It's like a stunt 、 Events or activities .

second , Get traffic through search engine optimization

Now in the domestic market , Baidu search engine is the most widely used in the operation and promotion of love and marriage websites , If you want to get more traffic, you have to adapt to the current market situation , Make good use of all kinds of Baidu products, such as Baidu statistics 、 Baidu Encyclopedia 、 Baidu library 、 Baidu entry 、 Baidu Post Bar and Baidu Index serve for love and marriage websites . It can also provide useful data for websites through these products , Can be in line with the development of website optimization plan to provide optimization plan . Professional method plus the right direction, I believe the flow of dating website will not be too bad , One thing to understand here : The traffic of any website is impossible to be in rising trend all the time , It's normal to have fluctuations .

Third , Create your own drainage strategy , Absorb the experience of peers SEO Optimize the essence

On the search engine, there are several ways of drainage for dating websites SEO And bidding , If there is a certain economic strength , If you can , It needs to be two handed , Hard on both hands , stay SEO At the same time, it also optimizes the bidding promotion reasonably and effectively . As these two tasks unfold , Don't build a car behind closed doors , Be sure to go out , For your industry 、 Fully understand the promotion market and promotion platform , And the good way to get full use of the drainage work of dating website .

Fourth , With the help of vertical platform and third-party platform for drainage

When our dating website is not famous , That needs to use some external forces to help their own website drainage , And the vertical platform and the vertical platform are the best choices . On platform selection , According to their own business needs and needs of the industry, we need to analyze and gather a wide range of people , A platform with strong industry relevance .

When the platform is established , I need to keep it for a while , According to the characteristics of each platform , Combined with the characteristics of love and marriage dating website to develop their own promotion methods . Like the combination of graphic promotion 、 Picture form Promotion 、 Word form Promotion 、 Video promotion and so on are recommended promotion methods .
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