The skill of capturing man's heart: "delay"
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Love is a “ Love ” The game of , It's a balance of power contest .

Smart women know how to use skills , Let men take the initiative to approach , Add two points to your feelings , Get the initiative .

And clumsy women , Just want to use a cavity to pay out to move each other , Just want to do something for each other , But I seldom think about myself .

It seems to be affectionate , It seems to be selfless dedication for love , But it's hard to really get into a man's heart .

It's the same in life , Many women don't know how to love , I just think that love is love , It doesn't matter how badly you hurt .

Actually , A lot of times, this kind of pay , It's unnecessary .

Instead of trading your heart for “ be moved ”, It's better to capture a man's heart with skill , So as to take the initiative .

Delay , It's a good way .

love , In essence, it is also a kind of value exchange , If you cherish yourself , Think of yourself as important , It will be more respected by outsiders .

And the first step to improve your value , Is to know “ Delay ” My own impulse .

It's like , Every time I see his news , Don't rush back , Think about it a little bit and then reply .

Play a role in “ crane ” The role of , It can also make the other party cherish their chat more .

If every time I get back to you in seconds , in the course of time , He'll get used to it , I think you should get back to him in seconds .

And the message you sent him , There will be no response .

So , Don't get used to him all the time , Sometimes , Add... To enthusiasm “ Condensing agent ”, Can let the emotion go further .

 The skill to capture a man's heart :“ Delay ”


Delay , It's to boost your weight

Sometimes delay is not a strategy , It's a way to protect yourself .

When faced with some unreasonable demands from men , Appropriate delay , It's also to give yourself room to think .

It's like watching a joke , The hero in the video has a big adventure with others .

The other side asked him a word “ Your girlfriend will prove that she loves you , And finish the vinegar ”

The hero is very confident , Said she would .

The picture changes , The hero sits with his girlfriend , Men say “ If you love me , Just drink the vinegar ”

His girlfriend looked at him in confusion and said “ Why? ?”

Men say “ Why not? , I'll see if you really love me ”

Then the woman hesitated , He drank the vinegar in the quilt without hesitation .

The moment she finished , The man took the picture , To his friends , say “ You see , She's finished ”.

This story sounds very helpless , Women think men love her , So use your own decisiveness , It proves that love .

But men use women's trust and love , Proved : He didn't love her that much .

Maybe we all laugh at women's irrational behavior , But so do most of us .

For the sake of love , I'm so excited about one of his news , It's called love , But quietly became an addiction , Become the one who will never look back .

And love , It's a two-way process , Only two people work together , Work together for the future , To have a good result .

Delay , It's not that you don't love each other , Just want to be with each other for a lifetime , You have to improve your weight .

After all, people who love themselves must respect them , When you think of yourself as important , No longer for each other's jokes and without turning back , To get precious love .

 The skill to capture a man's heart :“ Delay ”


Delay , It's about giving each other and each other time to calm down .

It's hard to avoid some bad times in life , There is another fire in my heart , I can't help but send a message to the people around me .

But you need to know. , People around , It's the person that I want to accompany my life hand in hand , He also has his own emotions 、 Mood .

Be said twice and once , Maybe he can tolerate , And then I digest it myself , But in the long run , It's hard to avoid worrying about people .

There is a saying that goes like this :“ We always leave our good self to others , And give the bad mood to the people around you ”.

Why do many couples get separated on the way ?

Just because I don't know how to understand each other , The distance between two people is too close , So much so that the freshness and respect disappeared .

And then there's the rude words , And an unyielding mood .

therefore , Want to take the initiative to capture a man's heart , We should avoid this kind of practice , It's learning to “ Delay ”.

When you're angry , Think about the benefits of this , Will it hurt the relationship , Be considerate of men .

When you fight , Don't move your mouth yet , It's about delaying emotional attacks , Calm down for a while , Think more about the consequences .

Get along like this , I think it will make the relationship between you stronger , It will also make men fall in love with you .

 The skill to capture a man's heart :“ Delay ”


Delay , It's a good way to capture a man's heart

When the ancients were married , You have to salute each other , The couple at the time of marriage , When you tie the knot, you respect each other like a guest , They're all emphasizing “ Respect ” The importance of .

The couple at the wedding , What we worship is respect and understanding , Even with each other for a lifetime of perseverance .

And delay is the key to winning respect .

In anger 、 anger 、 The delay in a fight , It's very clear , Discerning the mind , Take the right measures .

So , Trying to capture a man's heart , One is to respect oneself , Raise your weight , Second, respect each other , Give each other room to understand and support .

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