Baidu fali knowledge live broadcast: new scene of search connection meets users' knowledge needs
Zhang Youwei 2021-02-23 02:48:04
In the near future , South Korea "N janitor 's room " The incident has become the focus of attention from all walks of life . Baidu Encyclopedia 《 Second, I know who I am live》 The program invites professors from Beijing Normal University 、 Liu Wenli, head of the research group on children's sex education , Two experts, Tong Lihua, director of Beijing Youth Legal Aid and Research Center, are visiting the studio , discuss "N janitor 's room " The minor victims of the incident , And how to protect children from sexual abuse .

 Baidu fali knowledge live broadcast : Search and connect new scenes Meet the needs of users

exceed 80 Ten thousand netizens watched the live broadcast , The two experts interacted with netizens in the question session , The most concerned entry for netizens "N janitor 's room " Of 26 Whether ten thousand people constitute a crime , Whether it will be punished by the law and other questions .

Compared with other live broadcast platforms 、 The purpose of bringing the goods is different , Baidu is still adhering to the context of information and knowledge as the core , Efficient delivery of knowledge content . Data statistics , During the epidemic period, baidu launched hundreds of live broadcasts , Include " War and epidemic broadcasting room "、" Clouds and cherry blossoms "、" Cloud crosstalk "、" Cloud watch exhibition " Other activities , It covers health 、 tourism 、 Entertainment and other fields .

In the epidemic situation, the category that netizens pay most attention to is health-related live broadcast , Baidu live broadcast novel coronavirus pneumonia knowledge and information prevention , It also provides users with a lot of direct consulting help . It is worth mentioning that ,3 month 28 Japan , Tao Yong, an ophthalmologist injured in the violent medical injury incident in Chaoyang Hospital, is visiting Baidu health studio , To provide more effective suggestions for patients who are eager to seek medical advice .

Along with the fight against the epidemic , Baidu's layout in the field of live broadcasting has also formed rapidly . On the one hand, baidu greatly increased the flow of live broadcast during the epidemic period , With Baidu App For entrance , All kinds of live broadcast appear in the home page information flow and various search results . On the other hand , Baidu's precipitation in the field of knowledge over the years, as well as the resources of experts and scholars in different fields , So that it can focus on hot events " warren " Live broadcast of popular science , Better meet the needs of users for information and knowledge .

 Baidu fali knowledge live broadcast : Search and connect new scenes Meet the needs of users

for example , In this live broadcast, two guests and netizens talked about Korea "N janitor 's room " Beyond the event , It also explains how to prevent child sexual abuse from the perspective of sex education and social supervision . On the one hand, parents 、 Schools need to strengthen sex education for children . On the other hand, the Internet platform should take the responsibility of management , If the behavior does not reach the level of crime, it cannot be reported , You can complain and report to the Internet platform . At the same time, lawyer Tong Lihua also explained the relevant legal contents and sentencing standards of sexual assault on children in China , A law popularization course for netizens .

Industry analysis , The epidemic has accelerated the integration of live broadcasting and commercial business scenarios . Baidu power live is to search + An innovation in information flow , Live broadcast will gradually become Baidu's basic information distribution tool , Better meet the needs of users , Become a new carrier of Baidu's knowledge ecology .
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