What are the most noble, the best, the most pleasant and the most strange?
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According to the Ministry of public security , Ranking by registered residence population ,2020 Year of “ A hundred surnames ” And 2019 Little change compared with the year .“ king ”“ Li ”“ Zhang ”“ Liu ”“ Chen ” Still in the top five , The five largest family names account for the total population of the registered residence 30.8%.2020 year “ A hundred surnames ” The largest number of registered surnames of newborns is “ Li ”, common 72.6 ten thousand people , The least is “ Gu ”, only 1.7 ten thousand people .

The most distinguished surname

2020 A Hundred Surnames ranking , The most noble , Best cattle , The best , What are the weirdest ones ?

These surnames have a long history ( It can be traced back to the Xia Dynasty ), And it's very rare

1、 Gunxing , Most of them are in Guangxi ?

2、 Surname Zu , Most of them are in Shanxi ?

3、 Immortal surname , Most of them are in Anhui ?

4、 Surname Ying , Most of them are in Guizhou ?

5、 Difficult surname , Most of them are in Henan ?

6、 Last name , Most of them are in Shandong ?

7、 Surname Bo , Most of them are in Shanxi ?

8、 Take off one's surname , Most of them are in Liaoning ?

9、 Surname Xu , Most of them are in Hebei ?

10、 Death surname , A few of them are distributed in Ningxia

The best 5 Big surname


It comes from the surname Ji . King Wu of Zhou destroyed the merchants , Dingdu pick , It is known as the Western Zhou Dynasty . His son Zongjing was still in the position of situ in the court , At that time, people were known as the descendants of the royal family “ Wang family ”, From now on , The clan took Wang as their surname . The pre Qin period , This Wang surname has been active in Luoyang, Henan Province , Late Qin Dynasty and early Han Dynasty , Wang Yuan and Wang Wei, the sons of Prince Li of Wucheng in the Qin Dynasty , In order to avoid war, they moved to Langya, Shandong Province and Taiyuan, Shanxi Province , Finally developed into the world's most famous Langya and Taiyuan two Wang family , It is the largest group in the Wang family . The surname Ji and the surname Wang have at least one family 2600 Years of history


The pre Qin period , Li's activities began in Henan , By the end of the Warring States Period , The activity area of the surname Li has expanded to Shanxi 、 hebei 、 shaanxi 、 sichuan 、 Hubei and other places . The Qin and Han Dynasties is an important period for the Li family to move to other places . When Qin Shihuang pacified South Vietnam and Xi'ou , The surname Li first came into Guangdong and Guangxi . The descendants of Li Er came to Gansu , Developed into a famous family of Li surname in Longxi , He who lives in Hebei becomes a famous family with the surname of Li in Zhao county . Dongda Shandong , Southeast to Jiangxi, Zhejiang and Jiangsu , South China Sea and Beibu Gulf . The Tang Dynasty was the heyday of the surname Li , Biography of Li family in Longxi 19 emperor , after 289 year , The surname Li is your national surname , There are Li's Royal relatives and relatives everywhere , The population of Li is expanding rapidly . In the early Tang Dynasty, the surname Li began to enter Fujian and Hainan in large numbers . In the Ming Dynasty , The surname Li entered Taiwan .


The family of Zhang surnames first lived in Beijing “ Yincheng Qingyang ”, The ancient land is in the area of Puyang in Henan Province and Qinghe in Hebei Province . In the spring and Autumn period, the state of Jin was the most important area in the history of the development of the surname Zhang . Hedong “ Jieyi Zhangcheng ” Zhang is an important gathering place and birthplace ( Ancient Zhangcheng is on the East Bank of the Yellow River to the west of Linyi, Shanxi Province ). In the Western Zhou Dynasty 、 Spring and Autumn period and Warring States Period , People surnamed Zhang mainly live in Shanxi 、 shaanxi 、 hebei 、 Henan 、 Shandong and other areas .


The earliest Liu surname originated from Liu Lei, a descendant of Yao , So Liu Lei is the ancestor of the surname Liu . Liu family looks out of Pengcheng, Jiangsu Province . B.c. 300 Many years ago , The surname Liu began to spread to Henan and Jiangsu . During the Warring States period, there was a doctor named Hui in Jin Dynasty , Some of his descendants stayed in the state of Qin , It's called Liu . To the late Warring States Period , The state of Qin destroyed the state of Wei , The Liu clan followed the Qin army into Daliang, the capital of the state of Wei , Now Kaifeng, Henan Province . His tenth grandson served in the state of Wei , After Wei was destroyed, he moved to Daliang , His son Liu Qing was transferred to Jiangsu Province .


Chen is a global Chinese 、 South koreans 、 Vietnamese surname , In Guangdong Province 、 Fujian Province 、 Zhejiang Province 、 Hainan 、 Jiangsu Province 、 Hong Kong 、 Macao and Taiwan 、 Singapore and Malaysia are the largest surnames .

The best surname


As the saying goes “ Money is not everything , But without money, there is no way ”, As a necessary condition for survival and the root condition for enjoying life , Money is always tempting , Not to mention the era of market economy . It's not hard to understand “ money ” Why is surname the best choice .


Fame and wealth is the pursuit of people , Today's upsurge of civil service examination also shows that “ Officer, ” Status in people's minds . This “ Officer, ” Surnames naturally make people feel noble .


Dragon as the totem of the Chinese nation , He has been worshiping people , In ancient times, the royal family took the dragon as the exclusive decoration of the royal family . In people's impression, the dragon is also a kind of flying clouds 、 The beast of clouds and rain . surname “ dragon ” Nature is born with a sense of superiority .


“ Hao ” And “ good ” Homophone , Anyway , First names are associated with this surname “ good ” Connected to a , Make a positive impression . for example “ Miss Hao ”、“ Manager Hao ”、“ Officer Hao ”、“ Dr. Hao ” wait .


《 A dream of red mansions 》 Jia Baoyu in China 、 Zhen Baoyu , Comparison of two surnames , The homophony of pronunciation will give people “ True and false ” The feeling of . Zhen homophony “ really ”, It makes people feel real 、 sincere , Hear the name , Impression immediately added a lot of points .


Because with “ just ” Homophone , No matter what official you are , It was vice president , To be called is to be called “ just ” The magnitude of . At the same time, it will give people correction 、 Impression of integrity , Make people feel good .


Gold has always been a symbol of wealth , Gold people are welcome wherever they go , With “ gold ” It's a surname , So it's a little bit more tall .


High above the , They are always outstanding 、 Eye catching , A person with a surname of Gao , Always in the subconscious to give people some brilliant 、 Tall and other positive impression .


stay “ Sort by last name stroke ” The occasion of ,“ Ding ” Surnames are always at the top of the list , It's easier to get noticed .


Confucius is ahead , All people surnamed Kong are more likely to be respected than others , It's almost a sign of learning . Another name for money “ Brother Kong Fang ”, It also gives the surname Kong a sense of wealth , Who doesn't like ?

The strangest surname

One 、 Weather and meteorology :
God Japan month star wind cloud Thunder rainbow Xia snow frost dew water Ice rain electric

Two 、 topographic features :

The earth mountain sand wild island bank slope Ling jiang The river The yankees' canal Spring, pool lake The sea bay valley

3、 ... and 、 Numbers :

One Two 3、 ... and Four 5、 ... and 6、 ... and 7、 ... and 8、 ... and Nine Ten hundred thousand ten thousand Billion zero one Ii. 3 boss wu lu Retailer, nine Ten Bai

Four 、 Serial number :

First of all second Third Fourth The fifth The sixth The seventh The eighth

5、 ... and 、 human organ :

head ear mouth eye nose tongue tooth eyebrow Hair foot body bone heart gallbladder skin Objective hair

6、 ... and 、 Poultry animals :

Horse cattle sheep Dog The pig chicken duck goose The tiger The bear dragon The snake The Wolf deer cat rat fish bird Sparrow pigeon like Luo abalone The pig peng fox Wild goose Yan ant Insects The donkey Monkey

7、 ... and 、 kinship terminology :

Parents brother Uncle " Male Po gu Uncle niang mother Grandma Brother The elder sister Husband son Grandchildren Son Father Ancestor zong

8、 ... and 、 Plants and flowers :

Duan Mu Lin peach Li Yang Willow Jing pine Cypress Tung Millet mei LAN bamboo chrysanthemum Lotus flowers fruit leaf root Kind of valley ginger

Nine 、 Body movements :

open Turn off ask listen hit kill throw Pounce sweep pat PULL hug blow Roar climb see scold recruit

Ten 、 The administrative area :

countries province City state fu county flag District The town of township Beijing all county Suburbs zong home surname Clan Residence Yin

11、 ... and 、 Cultural and educational equipment :

pen ink paper Inkstone Qin Chess book draw print fan drum tube Xiao Sheng Number

Twelve 、 The establishment of the army :

army t brigade group The camp even row class Scholar handsome take school Wei The soldiers pawn Division of labor Sima warrior

13、 ... and 、 Image features :

new used Fang round straight tip thick flat fat fat rare The secret many Less mixed clear ugly

fourteen 、 Food utensils :

rice rice tea Alcohol smoke cake basin disc bowl The clock mirror wood Candle pillow mat balance The umbrella The sword door field Tuo room iron vehicle Rope clothing network

15、 ... and 、 Time and position :

In the spring In the summer autumn In the winter morning Noon On the evening of night In the east south In the west north On Next Left Right year month Japan when branch second in front after high low Yang Yin Ten days season year The east In the west

sixteen 、 Heaven and earth :

nail B C Ding Son ugly Yin Mao Chen" Noon At the end of the Shen Unitary Xu Hai dry the E Oneself Geng simba Ren Dec. Already ( Among them “ At the end of the ” Change it to “ not ”)
seventeen 、 Place names everywhere :

Dongyang Changxing ( Zhejiang ) Tu Shan Jinyun ( Chongqing ) Changsha Tangshan handan Dangtu ( anhui ) Chen Liu Huayang Kuaiji

eighteen 、 color :

zhu red orange yellow green green blue purple black white ash Brown umm The color red Dan

nineteen 、 Name of Dynasty :

In the summer merchant Zhou The qin dynasty han wei Shu Wu Jin Sui Dynasty The tang dynasty The song dynasty gold element bright clear beam Qi Chen

twenty 、 Abbreviation of provinces and cities :

Beijing tianjin Shanghai chongqing liao ji black Ji Yu Jin Lu Wan Sue Zhejiang Fujian Gan sichuan qian yunnan shan gump ning green hidden hunan guangdong guangxi Taiqiong platform E

The 21st 、 Names of countries :

in the Japan Thai Burma Fei Cambodia The old print The more Britain beautiful Virtue Law It means Mr. Than Lotus Russia Agile wave Hungary Protect ROM. south Han

Twenty-two 、 National appellation :

han full Mongolia return hidden seedling Yi Nationality Dong yao white Dai nationality Li soil Qiang Beijing anger Ha strong

23 、 All walks of life :

work farmers merchant learn The soldiers t art Happy The medical Scholar Wei Post kitchen police Officer, pottery war drug The party

Twenty-four 、 Official position : king Male phase Qing " Hou Governor Wei Yin Sima Situ

other : song Duan Gan Gu feng a surname Liu Look for king Zhong repair Ouyang Situ single but department Reckless And Gou The nangongshan Taiyi Mussoorie Liu Fu Should be power East gate South gate
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