How does Penguin we media go through trial operation? What about making the first pot of gold in life?
Internet promoter 2021-02-23 02:39:47
No matter what we media platform you join , If you join late, the threshold will be high , Like today's headlines , Now, although you can apply for an account, it's hard to pass the novice period , A lot of people give up , Tencent's Penguin media is the same as today's headlines . Today's headlines are for beginners , Penguin media is a trial operation , The meaning is the same , You have to make some contribution before you have the chance to pass the trial operation . Penguin media platform is the previous Tencent media open platform , Since we started the main flow , That is, after we media users can make money by sending articles , Now, the more difficult it is, the more stable it is to stand on the platform .

Since Penguin we media opened the main function of traffic , Let a lot of we media operators earn the first bucket of gold in life . Where there is hope, there is light , Network marketing practitioners flocked to register Penguin we media accounts . But for penguin, how does we media make money ? How to pass the trial operation ? There is still no clue to these questions , Today, I happen to have time to share some knowledge about Penguin we media .

 Penguin we media how to test operation ? What about making the first pot of gold in life ?

First step : Registered account .

The registration process of friends who have done we media should basically be something , Penguins have a lower threshold , Just one handheld is enough , However, the later withdrawal should also be consistent with the ID card subject .

1. How to pass the trial operation quickly ?

(1) Your own position ? What is position ? That is, you have entered the penguin we media platform, what benefits can you bring him ? If you're in Africa , If you enter we media, you can say that you share the cultural scene of Africa This is where you stand The benefits you can offer to the platform .

The second step : It's the quality and perpendicularity of your article .

First of all, it must be vertical , That's for sure , The released video must be related to the field , Vertical fields should not be too complicated , Don't send animals later , I'll see the characters later , I'll send it abroad later , I'll send it to China later , The trial operation is relatively strict , Pay attention to this point . During the trial operation of enterprises, there are special requirements for video quality , Just send it every day as I said 5 individual ,1-3 It's absolutely possible to live

2. A lot of kids will say , How can I improve the quality of my articles ? Look good. , If you want to do we media in China, don't copy it in China .

First of all , Send high quality articles , We can be original to original , If you can't be original, you should go abroad to get one, which is very popular .

The third step : Here I just mentioned how to improve the amount of article reading and recommendation ?

The recommended number of some articles is 0, It's normal . Because there is a certain probability that the article will be recommended by the machine , There will be articles that are not recommended . But we have to do how to improve and solve this problem , We can win .

 Penguin we media how to test operation ? What about making the first pot of gold in life ?

During the trial operation , As you know, there are very few users who can be recommended now , Generally, there is no recommendation , During the trial operation, the machine should be under audit , Through the quality and quantity of your articles , And whether the application field and article positioning are vertical . The domain you registered in , Whether it is consistent with the field of your article , If not, it will not pass the trial operation

(1) Time is a key issue , A lot of people will choose to work , Rush hour , In fact, it's wrong to post articles during the night off , After all, so many people have this view , How can you win ? That's the opposite .

That's in the early morning 00:00 Time hair this is called internal called “ Cold start ” Mechanism . That is to say, your article is recommended first , And then it was recommended . That's two recommendations .

(2) You need to publish a certain number of articles every day , It's best to keep original articles of high quality . Now any we media platform likes original content , So Penguin media platform is no exception , So more and more we media people begin to write their own original articles , If you still insist on plagiarism, you will not pass the trial operation .

 Penguin we media how to test operation ? What about making the first pot of gold in life ?

insist , You don't think that some people can successfully pass the trial operation without sending a few articles , You learn from it , You have to stick to yourself , There's nothing in the world that can be done overnight , It's not wrong to believe that persistence will pay off . After passing, the system will inform you , When the account name is shown as penguin, it means that it has passed the trial operation .
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