Daniel: several Google SEO tools I use in my work
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You're doing it SEO Do you have any useful tools in your work ? Let's see SEO What do the operators use SEO Tools .

Daniel: Some of the ones I use in my work Google SEO Tools

As early as 2011 In the year , at that time SEO Are relying on a large number of hair outside the chain , Because it's all repetitive work , So I thought about using tools to solve some repetitive work , So I found it “Auto fim” Browser plug-in for automatic form filling , It saved me a lot of time .

Because the back to check once a week sent out the chain is included , We used to send at least 3000 Multiple outer chains , So it's very difficult to check one by one , It often takes a morning to check . So I found my friend to develop a Google batch search included tool , It's called “JC Software”, And because of this tool , My efficiency has been greatly improved , Also attracted a large number of SEO Lovers . therefore , my SEO The road of the workplace is gradually moving from the original manual age to the tool age .

Of course , current SEO It's very different from before , And SEO Tools are very different too , So I'd like to introduce a few tools that I often use , It is convenient for readers to improve SEO The efficiency of .

01. Ahrefs

do SEO The most important thing is this tool , It's very powerful , It's not just keyword research , Ranking tracking can also do content marketing , Reverse engineering and borken link Etc , Very powerful . But I find that most people just put ahrefs As a tool to find the outside chain and see the keyword ranking , The real work of developing this tool is less than 5%, I'll do a detailed one later ahrefs How to play .

02. Kwfinder

For novice need to expand the long tail keywords ,Kwfinder Absolutely a great tool . He can develop a lot of long tail words with strong relevance and very natural . Compared to the free long tail tool , The free words are very stiff , For example, you put in dog toys The word , The result is

dog toys 2020

dog toys amazon

dog toys best


It's all mechanically , This kind of long tail has no value now . and Kwfinder The result will be

puppy toys

cool dog toys

puppy teething toys

durable dog toys

rubber dog toys

You can see the difference clearly , Remember : Free is always the most expensive , He'll make you go a lot of detours . I've never saved money on these tools , You can consider buying together with your friends .

03. Screaming Frog

although SEMrush and Ahrefs There are site audit function ,Search Console There is also a crawler error prompt function , But it's not as good as Screamingfrog It's easy to use . Basically old SEO It's a must-have tool for the city , Especially when the site is big , Without this tool, there is basically no way to achieve a large site SEO Optimize .

Many people use this tool only to detect whether the Title Description in the web page is repeated , How many? 301 and 404 Page etc. , I don't know how to modify it .

In fact, this tool can let us know the link problem of the whole website very clearly , Including knowing all the links from , Can help us do a good job in the chain of architecture optimization and thoroughly clear 301 and 404 The page of . Almost every time I have a training class , Many think that the website optimization is very good , After listening to the class, I used screamingfrog after , They all find a lot of problems in their websites .

If you're not familiar with this tool , Get the tools ready as soon as possible . There are corresponding courses in my class , If you have already purchased our courses, you can ask me for Screamingfrog Of license, Free can only be bad 500 A page , The paid ones can be checked unlimited .

04. Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO I went to Chiang Mai last year SEO It's a product that I realized at the conference , I didn't think he was very good at that time , Until I tried to test a keyword that didn't rank , adopt surfer SEO After optimizing the recommendations of , Ranked the next day directly up to the seventh , It's amazing to me . For novices, this tool is most suitable for single page optimization .

Surfer SEO The tool also has a powerful article optimization function , And support Google Doc Sync . This is very suitable for us when we outsource Writers , Quickly see whether writing handwritten articles is in line with SEO How to do it . Can help your article rank up a level , Should be affiliate Player's favorite .

Browser gadgets , such as

Mozbar, Mainly used to see the website DA and PA Of ;

LastPass, Used to store account and password of multiple sites ;

Copyallurl, Used to batch open and record web pages URL Of ;

Online tools , such as

SEOability, Used to detect TF-IDF Word frequency ;

H Tag Checker, Used to detect H Is the label standard ;

Tiny Png, Used to compress the image size ;

Processon, It's used to draw mind maps ;

That's all I'm using right now , Don't want to add words to share other tools , Because there are too many tools to share, readers will not know which tools to use , These tools are useful for SEO It's enough for the staff .

If you have any good tools , You can also share it in the comments section !
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