How ordinary people run the headlines! Share your own experience! It's all true!
Yueyue 2021-02-23 02:20:52

There are a lot of people who share the headline experience , To tell you the truth !

We media makes many people eager to try , The truth , We media gives many people the opportunity to express their ideas ! Today's headlines can also help you generate some value when you share ! I think most ordinary people also want to , I am also willing to share my feelings about life , Interesting story ! So how do ordinary people run their own we media accounts ! No experience , No talent , There is no good writing , Not even good at it . Actually, I'm just like everyone else , On the spur of the moment, I registered the headline number !

More than two months ! Share some of your own experiences , Get something dry ! Registered account , Log in to Toutiao on your computer , Just follow the process . The biggest headache is the novice period , Be sure to write original articles , This is also the biggest headache ! Actually , Living for so many years , Who hasn't sighed , Sigh with emotion , Some ideas about life , Write what you think , Of course not politics , reactionary , Passion, violence and other unconventional content ! Usually for about a month , or for a longer time , If you write well, you will spend more than ten days as a novice . This period must be original , As long as there's a recommendation ! Don't pay attention to the amount of recommendation and reading !

If you want to make a profit , To realize some value through sharing , Just wait a little longer , Open the headlines ! So your reading volume , The amount of video played can be realized ! To be honest, there are a few people who don't want to make money ! Really? , If you want to earn some pocket money , Ten dollars a day , It's not a big problem . If you want to make more money, it depends on your ability !