How to pass the novice period, 13 days to become a regular, personal dry goods sharing
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1. Why do I open a hundred

This year 3 The number of headlines opened in June , I wanted to work hard on the headlines , Do a great and earth shaking cause , Devote oneself to the realization of communism .

God is better than man , Life is full of surprises . This year, 5 Yue published a set of atlas on the headlines because of her itching hand , The picture is from the official Atlas of headlines , But after it was released, it was approved as “ The content is vulgar , No pass ”, At the same time, the credit score was lowered 20 branch , It's not full up to now 100 branch .

At first I thought , Points are deducted , There's always a day when it will come back . One day, my computer log in to the headline number , Check out the original application icon , I found that I can't open this number in my life , Because in those conditions “ No violation of national laws, regulations and policies ” That one is always red , With a record of punishment , I can never apply for originality with this number , Without an original headline, it's a waste of wood , And it's hard for me to code, but I can't label it as original .

The biggest problem with headlines is that there is no manual customer service , So if you have any questions, you can only give feedback , The result of feedback is that there is never an answer , In view of this, I can only switch to the Bai family .

2. I decided to open 100

I wanted to write off the headlines , Re applying for , However, the headline makes me sad . The system will not score enough because of my headline number 100 And can't log off , It means that only the score returns to 100 To log off, otherwise you can't log off .

So I choose between penguin and Baijia , One is Tencent , One is Baidu , Between the two, I did not hesitate to choose a hundred , Why do you meet me “ Why don't I like Tencent ”.

2019 year 5 month 16 Friday night , I registered 100 , Audit process goes smoothly to explosion ,5 month 17 I passed the audit in the morning , I really can't say the efficiency .

 How to pass the novice period of Baijia ,13 In the process of becoming a normal person , Personal dry goods sharing

The novice hundred can only publish one article a day , So I started to work . The Baijia index should reach 500 Only when you have a score can you apply for a regular job , And it's a manual audit , It's too much, but it's all on the content that you publish .

You have to go through the novice period to get the benefit , So I've been working hard to become a regular . An article every day , Keep active index ; All articles are coded by themselves , And search for the same type of content before writing , Improve the originality index ; Every article at least 1000 word , The paragraphs are clear , The content is complete , Have a clear point of view , Positive energy increases mass fraction ; Content health , Reply to the reader of the message , Try to increase user stickiness , Improve your liking index ; Focus on the field. Don't post content irrelevant to the field in the novice period , It's easy to master .

3. The 100 index grew steadily

At the beginning of the day, the 100 composite index can rise to 30 to 50 branch , There was one in the middle , There's an article 10000+ Little explosive article , The Baijia index increased that day 70 branch , The main reason is that the user's preference is too high .

As shown above ,5 month 28 Japan almost ruined its bright future because of an article it published .

Here's the thing , I posted my article at more than one in the morning , The release is complete and has been marked “ The published ” word , But when I read it, I suddenly found several mistakes in the content , Such as “ Destination ” It's like “ Destination ” And two commas in punctuation .

I feel bad , So I chose to withdraw the changes and republish them , Click post and I'm content to go to a sweet dream . What caught me off guard was that I got up in the morning and had a look App, Find content “ Suspected of being vulgar , Failed to pass the audit ”, And was detained 10 Credit points , Oh, my God , Appeal quickly , And communicate in time after 9 o'clock .

On that day, my 100 index had 497 Divide up , You can apply to be a full-time employee in another day , If the score is not enough 100 Points do not meet the requirements of applying for full employment . Fortunately, the customer service process is fast , Less than 1 I got this done in an hour .

4. Apply to become a regular and get success

5 month 30 I saw that the Baijia index has reached 532 branch , Meet the application conditions for becoming a full member , Although a little uneasy , Because I complained that the article was not marked as recommended , Afraid to appear like other authors “ The quality of the content has been poor recently ” And lead to failure , But I chose to apply .

The fact proved that , The emperor is willing to help others , As long as the content is really your own , The number of words is greater than 1000, No plagiarism , View health , The layout is clear , The pictures are regular , That's all right .

 How to pass the novice period of Baijia ,13 In the process of becoming a normal person , Personal dry goods sharing

The third day of applying for a full-time job , I've passed the probation , I'm really excited , It's not as difficult to become a regular as it is said on the Internet . Next, it depends on the size of the proceeds , Because I just became a regular , Revenue hasn't been updated yet , I'll share with you the specific benefits in a few days .

5. A hundred novices must read

Run a hundred , Especially the novice period must not be impatient , Without inspiration , Even if it stops more , Don't put together an article to publish , Nothing more , Otherwise, there will be endless troubles .

“ The published ” and “ Recommended ” Different , Released refers to the internal audit of the machine , Collected by the platform , Recommended is the number that the system shows to users .

What about zero recommendation ? First of all, you have to think about whether your article has any problems , Typos, plagiarism and other things that don't conform to the standard of publication , This hundred schools are really strict .

Contact the customer service in time . The advantage of Baijia is that it can be in the morning 9 Point to the afternoon 6 Contact the customer service at any time , You can ask your own questions , Get the official answer .

There is no recommendation in the article , You can ask customer service , I have an article that I haven't recommended yet , I've seen it myself, no problem , Ask customer service , The customer service said to deal with it , Less than 5 I'll go up in a few minutes .

The update of 100 index is not fixed . Holding a mobile phone to watch the index every day , In fact, the update of Baijia's index is quite irregular , Sometimes two days a more , In the morning 、 Afternoon 、 It can be updated at any time in the evening .

Publishing content on a computer . One of the advantages of computer publishing is that it can find out the typos for you , Can reduce their own points and audit not through the reasons .

Want to be original , Try to make a hundred before the headlines , That's what I did , There's complementary interference between the two sides , No problem. , Just copy and paste .

It's best to bind a hundred headlines manually . The problem with automatic synchronization is that it takes up the number of posts in the novice period , And the headline picture is the East IC Of , And Baijia is visual China , Manually, the draft can be modified and then published .

So much for now , If you have any questions, please leave a message , I will reply .

 How to pass the novice period of Baijia ,13 In the process of becoming a normal person , Personal dry goods sharing

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