Learn about Axure in many ways
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Axure brief introduction

One 、 know axure

Axure RP Is the U.S. “Axure Software Solution” A rapid prototype produced by the company (Rapid Prototyping) Software .

Generally speaking , Users will directly call it Axure.

Axure The company's founding history

Software projects are complex in nature , Not only because they're built on complex code , At the same time, under budget and time constraints , Interactive solutions to meet ambitious business goals and different user needs are challenging .

 I'll show you in many ways Axure

2002 year , Victor and Martin work for a start-up in the San Francisco Bay Area , Find yourself obsessed with the limitations of the software development life cycle , And it's hard for product teams to evaluate their solutions before writing specifications , Developers often don't understand ( Or not reading ) The specifications given , The result is inefficiency or damage to product quality , And as a project manager and developer , We understand this problem .

establish Axure To find out how to make a software project better , When some people come up with extreme new ways to shift responsibility in the development process , We believe that the right people are doing the right job , They just need better tools to do it . We decided to create a simple tool , Allow non programmers to use documents to build interactive prototypes .

The product is called RP, For rapid prototyping , Its features allow software projects to take different approaches :
  1. Build a prototype to test the solution and collect feedback .
  2. Iterate until the right solution is found .
  3. Submit the prototype as part of the specification , To coordinate development .

as time goes on , It's going to get more complicated , The team will also be more diverse , Expectations for software and software projects are also higher , therefore Axure RP Has evolved to include powerful new tools , Can be used for rich interaction and documentation , Publish and share , And teamwork .

 I'll show you in many ways Axure

However , Despite all these changes , Our products and ideas remain basically unchanged . Prototypes are still effective cornerstones for solving many of the biggest challenges in today's software projects . We still love meeting these challenges , That's what drives us to create Axure RP The passion of , It also ignites our desire to expand and improve it , A software company builds and refines Software , To help other software companies build and refine Software , Your problem is our problem , We're looking for new solutions every day .

As individuals , We take our work and our responsibility to our customers very seriously , We try our best to keep an open and honest relationship with our customers , They make us energetic and energetic through 10 Development in recent years , We are more than 25000 There are three organizations that provide services , Our software is a treasure 100 The vast majority of strong use . People who use our products by keeping us ahead of their evolving workflow , Pushing our mission forward .

The rise of user experience and design thinking is the latest cultural structure of software development , and Axure RP Has become a popular tool to support these changes , But our growth is organic , Under the guidance of the customer's input and requirements , Through steady development . We don't pay much attention to short-term trends or chasing unicorns . Long ago , We leave the San Francisco Bay area , To San Diego, the best city in America , And take a long-term view of our business . We do things that make us proud , And be modest enough to constantly improve it. Our customers are challenging the limits of business and software , We're there to support them, and that's why we're here :. Help solve problems, solve problems , No matter how they appear .

We've built an amazing team , The way we work creates a balance , Allow exciting growth through deliberate planning .

 I'll show you in many ways Axure

Two 、Axure The users of

Yes AxureRP The user group description includes : Business analysts , Information architect , Usability experts , The product manager ,IT consultant , User experience designer , Interaction designer , Interface designers, etc , in addition , Architects 、 Program development engineers can also use .

3、 ... and 、 The application of prototype in product work

In product related work ,AxureRP There are a lot of application scenarios . But no matter which application scenario , We should all use it on demand AxureRP, Let this tool help us improve efficiency and accuracy .

Here are some common examples .

(1) Invest in products :

Startups often need financial support , There will be some business activities of financing negotiation . In the financing negotiations , Products are often in the conceptual stage . In order to enable investors to have a detailed understanding of the functions of the product , Better reflect the future of the product , It may not be enough just through product structure drawings and wireframe sketches . here , We can go through AxureRP Based on wireframe sketches , Add functional interaction , So that investors can more easily understand the product features , Increase the possibility of investment .

(2) For product development :

When product managers connect with R & D personnel , Generally, good communication effect can be achieved through wireframe sketch . however , Wireframe sketches are often not detailed enough , At this time, it should be described in more detail with the corresponding notes and product requirements documents .

For some contents that are not clearly expressed in language or may have ambiguity in text description , You can also add interaction to help explain .

Wireframe sketches and related documents are easy to print , It can be signed and filed . For additional interactions , You can also number the source documents and archive them electronically , And add the source file number to the relevant documents .

In this way, we can trace the source of the problem when there is a problem , Distinguish between responsibilities .

(3) For product sales :

A lot now 2B(to B) The company will provide customized products for customers , Sales staff can simulate the core content of the company's products as prototypes to communicate with the target customers , And in the process of communicating needs with customers , Users' requirements can be transformed into functional modules and added to the prototype , Let users see the final product model , Promote cooperation .

(4) Project oriented bidding :

Many enterprises ( Especially state-owned enterprises and institutions ) There will be some systems 、 The website and application projects are outsourced through bidding , If the enterprises participating in the bidding can provide the high fidelity prototype of the bidding project in the bidding data , Slave function 、 Visual and interactive experience reflects the strength of the company , It's good for improving the corporate image , Let users rest assured ( That's the point ), Improve the probability of winning the bid .

(5) For feedback collection :

at present , R & D departments of some large enterprises , To avoid confusion of demand , The loss of R & D resources , More and more attention has been paid to the use of high fidelity prototypes .

because , If the product demand is confused , Propose requirement changes during R & D , It often means not more work , Instead, the workload generated by the R & D part becomes useless , A lot of manpower and time are wasted .

therefore , Get the user's functions in the product through high fidelity prototype 、 The business process 、 Interactive experience 、 Even visual feedback , And optimize and adjust according to the feedback , In order to avoid the requirement change in the R & D process .

(6) Presentation for communication

Axure RP Can replace PowerPoint Make a copy of the presentation , For speech and teaching .

The above are just some common application scenarios , I hope you can understand Axure RP We have a deeper understanding of the application of , Instead of just sticking to one of their own application scenarios .

Four 、 Study suggest

Finding the right way to learn can get twice the result with half the effort . ad locum , I'd like to give you some suggestions :
  • (1) In order , Step by step learning content ;
  • (2) While learning , Write down your study notes , Seriously summarize the knowledge points and operation skills of each case ;
  • (3) Learning process , The most important thing is to understand the learning content , Imitation without understanding can only lead to mistakes ;
  • (4) Be able to understand every operation of your own , Analyze whether it is consistent with your own needs ; If you can't understand , Do the last one first ;
  • (5) Have a problem , Don't rush for help , Check and analyze yourself first , Eliminating mistakes independently is the best chance to improve yourself ;
  • (6) It's really hard to solve the problem by itself , When asking for help , Try to describe your operation process and problem situation clearly ;
  • (7) General questions need to be accompanied by screenshots , If the screenshot doesn't cost money , Full screen shot , Because the problem may not be in the position of your screenshot ;
  • (8) Practice hard , And combined with the practical application in the work ;
  • (9) It's normal to start and give up , If that's not what you're good at , There is no need to put time and energy in the wrong direction of learning .