Is there any humanity in such a company to dismiss the employees who are going to die?
Yangzi 2021-02-23 02:17:53
Lu Yunsheng is an employee of a property company in Shanghai .2020 year 1 month 6 Japan , Lu Yunsheng returned to his hometown in Anhui Province after he submitted a leave application form to his supervisor due to his father's illness , Leave time is 2020 year 1 month 6 solstice 1 month 13 Japan . The next day , Lu Yunsheng returned because the company did not grant leave , On the way, when he learned that his father had passed away, he went home again to deal with the funeral .2020 year 1 month 14 Japan , Lu Yunsheng returns to Shanghai , And start work the next day .2020 year 1 month 31 Japan , The company issued to Lu Yunsheng 《 Notice of termination of labor contract 》. Final , Court cognizance , The company is illegal , Should pay Lu Yunsheng illegal termination of labor contract compensation 75269.04 element .(1 month 25 Japan Daily Economic Net )

Lu Yunsheng's father is critically ill , Asking the company for a week's personal leave is not approved , But to return ; On his way back, he learned that his father had passed away , He went home again to deal with the funeral . However , When he returns to the company , It's been taken by the company as “ Absenteeism ” citing , He was dismissed .

Father in critical condition , The company didn't approve the fake , Isn't this a violation of employees' holiday rights ? Father died of illness , The company hasn't approved holidays yet , Employees are helpless , I had to take a forced vacation and go back to my hometown to mourn . In response to the lawsuit, the company said , Even if you remove “3 Three days of bereavement leave ”, Lu Yunsheng is still absent from work 3 Days or more , Breaking the company's attendance rules , So the company follows the rules and regulations , Dismiss Lu Yunsheng , And no financial compensation .

Is that really the case ? Of course not. . When the court heard , I carefully calculated Lu Yunsheng's leave time , It is concluded that Lu Yunsheng is actually absent from work “ only 1 God ”. The company calculates Lu Yunsheng's leave time very harshly , Without considering the actual difficulties of Lu Yunsheng's mourning for his father , Make a decision to dismiss Lu Yunsheng , No human feelings , It's also a violation 《 labour law 》. therefore , The court ruled that it was illegal for the company to terminate the labor relationship , Compensate Lu Yunsheng for 75269.04 element .

In this incident , Company leave process 、 Cold leave terms 、 It's harsh not to approve employee holidays , It's all in question : Lu Yunsheng 1 month 6 Day off ,7 I just told you not to approve , It's too inefficient ? Father is not allowed to leave when he is critically ill , Is it humanitarian ? Bereavement leave 3 God , Isn't that harsh ? Need to know , From Shanghai to Anhui , This journey back home takes time . also , In the countryside, there is the custom of being dead , Some are as long as 7 God , Company to 3 Three days of bereavement leave , This is obviously not allowing employees to be filial to their parents .

The company sets up its own attendance system , Strict management of employees , That's understandable . However , Lu Yunsheng returned to his hometown in Anhui Province to keep filial piety for his father , Running funerals , It's about dealing with sudden family affairs , It's also filial piety , In line with the traditional ethics and good customs of the Chinese nation . Who doesn't have parents ? Who doesn't support the elderly , Running funerals for the elderly ? The company as an employer , We should put ourselves in the position of ordinary people's tolerance 、 Treat with empathy , Give full respect to 、 Understanding and tolerance , How can we ignore the background of the incident , Censure bereavement leave , Dismissing the bereaved employees ?

The company does not approve Lu Yunsheng's leave to visit his dying father , It's a cold move ; In accounting for Lu Yunsheng's 3 On the day of mourning, it's mechanical 、 Mean , It's chilling . His father died , It's a sad thing in life , The company didn't placate , On the contrary, he was dismissed with a slight affection , Such an employer , Lack of care for employees 、 Respect and compassion , No human feelings , Where can employees be of one heart and one mind ? therefore , The company lost the lawsuit , Also lost “ Popular sentiment ”, Think about it .( The author is a news observer of Tianfu review )