How do you learn it?
Peng you 2021-02-23 02:15:44

Follow up the previous edition , The future of the film and television industry , How much do you know? ? After we get to know , We should all have a relative understanding , For the hot little video age , video , The movie , We media is now in a period of rapid development . It can not be described as a rush to enter the industry , But some people do well , Some people are poor , It's normal . What you need to do , Precipitation lays the foundation , Improve yourself .

Good. , Let's talk about , Learning film and television , How to learn ? In order to get a better start .

Frankly speaking , There are so many people , Focus on film and television , Which aspect do you think you are focusing on ? Let me give you an example , such as : At present, emerging industries , Live platform , Well quickly , Tiktok , Watermelon Video , Volcano video ,and so on. These platforms , Focus on Wumao special effects , Interested in , So you know the special effects , Have to say , It really attracts a large number of teenagers , Young people's favor . Now at this stage , Whose cell phone doesn't have one or two of these APP It's a little bit out 了 .

 Later stage of film and television AE Learn like this , Progress will be quick , How do you learn ?

Five hair special effect , This is relatively simple , You just need to know the basics of getting started . But many people don't know how to install the software , This is also a hard injury . Or just know that there is such software , But I don't know how to practice . Confused circle , Looking for videos everywhere , Tutorial, etc , Maybe you can pay attention to , Below every video , There are a lot of comments , Comment on how to learn , Can you teach me , I want to learn , wait . So here comes the question . How to learn , How to learn , How do you think you can learn better ? Here I'll talk about the students' learning that I have come into contact with , And some aspects of self-learning , step . For reference only

First : Simply put , Speaking of AE There may be a lot of new people who don't know . But when it comes to PS,Photoshop Words , I think we all know it very well . Yes , The same is Adobe It's the official product of the company . however AE,PR,C4D Words , Learning from the three swordsmen of film and television . Indispensable , Of course, it depends on where you go , After all, they can match each other .

Meeting ps For the students in the class , Comparative study AE It's a lot easier , Because you need to know , They are interactive , And many software tools are similar .

The first step is to , Learn the basics of software , Master the tools , Case study, training and practice . It must be indispensable , This is a metaphor , Build a house , Is it going to lay the foundation , The foundation is firm , We can gradually improve other floors , So what we're talking about here is , Software learning , It's the same thing , It must be indispensable .

It's not so good to study alone , The best way to learn is to , Take notes while studying , Input and output at the same time , We can do this , The introduction of software tools is preliminary , Go through it first .( Study + note ) Input = Output , It's usually about a week , That's it . Of course, targeted ha , It's not that you can find some tutorials on the Internet , That's not a guarantee .

The second step , A preliminary understanding of the tools , cognition , Of course , There is a good and relatively good foundation . Then the next stage is to use the tools together , Have a good command of , To do some simple cases and so on , Of course, in the second step , There are many hidden levels , such as :AE The explanation of the built-in plug-in , After all AE There are many built-in plug-ins . One by one , This is still a lot of necessary , Lay a solid foundation , Not afraid of wind and rain , And no matter how difficult the project is, it can be done , The words here , It will take more time , About two months , Generally speaking , Yes, of course , Differ from man to man , After all, our study time , The learning situation is not consistent .

The third step , After the relative ratio has a certain foundation , So we're going to start with advanced , Gradually improve your ability , External plug-ins , Cool plug-ins , Particle plug in ,plexus Plug in and so on plug-in skilled use , This will involve , cool , attractive , Special effects on tall buildings , We are all at this stage to master , This stage is usually two months - Three months , But it's about the foundation , practice

Well, that's it , Do you think it's too empty . Yes , In theory, it's like this , But there's something missing , such as : originality , also idea, There's no aesthetic yet , wait , Hey , These are also essential . Of course, that's all for today , You should also get more .

Last , There's something you don't understand , Or some good advice , Welcome to leave a message to Lai Yuhang . come on. , Learning is a faith

Here you can think about it , We are engaged in the later stage of film and television , On what basis are you ? How to refine it .

Next issue , Let's have a good discussion and in-depth exchange !

- end -

If you don't know this industry well or are in a confused period So today's you , I'm honored to pay attention to this number , We can better understand the power of the later stage of film and television , Whether you are interested at this time , Or because of work or want to change career , Give yourself a chance ! Let's learn , And become a professional .

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