Installing office no longer requires people, the most convenient way
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It is strongly recommended that office Deployment tools Office Tool Plus It is not recommended to choose Microsoft's official office 2016 Deployment tools Because you also need to change the code manually , Not conducive to novice installation .

office tool plus It can help users download and install online easily Office Each version of , During the installation process, users are free to choose which components to install , You can also install the required components separately , It can also configure the xml file .

Office Tool Plus Just download it from Baidu

After installation, you must right-click the administrator to run

Download... On the official website Office Tool Plus after , Unzip it to any location , double-click Office Tool Plus To run .

Go to the deployment page , Go on to the next step .

Basic configuration

The basic configuration includes the architecture 、 passageway 、 Deployment mode ( Installation mode )、 Install the module .
  • Architecture without special requirements , choice 32 Who can ( Even if it's 64 So is the bit system ).
  • If there is no special need for access , By default ,Office 2019 Batch Please select Office 2019 Enterprise long term version .
  • The deployment mode is recommended to use install after download ( Download before install ), If you've already downloaded the installation package , Then you can choose to use an existing installation source ( Offline installation ).
  • Install the module without special requirements , choice Office Just deploy the tool .

Add product

If you don't understand or plan to pirate , choice Microsoft 365 application ( Enterprise Edition ) that will do .

If you need to install Visio perhaps Project, Add a new product and select it ( Choose professional - Batch version is enough ).

Genuine users please choose according to the products you buy .

If you only buy Office Authentic version of , And then you want to add Visio What? , That's all right. , Plus is , It can be activated separately .

Add language pack

Under normal circumstances , Click add language pack to automatically match the current language .

If the language is not what you want , Just change it to what you want ; If you want to add one more , Then add it .

PS: If it's not for special needs , Do not check deploy proofing tools only .

Then select the one you want to install office edition

Select what you need in the red area The others are set according to the picture Then click deploy

 install OFFICE No more people , The most convenient way

Custom installed components

install OFFICE It's that simple
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