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Recently many friends tiktok this year. , Ask me what I should do in the beginning ? I summed up some of my own experience , For your reference !

Tiktok needs to be considered before shaking. : What is the purpose of making tiktok? ?

Why put this topic in the first place , Because I found out 95% The above enterprises did not consider this point when they did the tiktok. .

You do the tiktok. , In the end is for the sake of powder or drainage transformation or brand promotion ? If you don't understand this , No matter how hard you try, it's in vain .

Because the purpose is different , Video content positioning and play is different , For example, if you just want to make a profit , That account can trace some hot video content to quickly absorb powder , But the result may be a bunch of unrelated fans , It's very difficult for you to do transformation later .

Tiktok, for example, I used to make a jitter for a company. , It's been four months 300 More than 10000 fans , The highest video goes up overnight 70 ten thousand , But later I found that after so many fans, the transformation effect is very poor , The reason is that I didn't want tiktok to start at the beginning. , It's just for powder , As a result, the fans attracted by the video content are not consistent with the target group of the company's products , It is not conducive to the transformation of later products .

 How do ordinary people make a tiktok quickly? ?900 Tiktok fans sharing

So it's important to tiktok ahead and understand the purpose. , Of particular importance , It's very important !

 How do ordinary people make a tiktok quickly? ?900 Tiktok fans sharing

Next, let's talk about how to make a tiktok quickly. :

1、 Make good use of 「 keyword 」 Search for

Before you do the jitter, you have no tiktok. , The first thing to do is to search tiktok. 「 keyword 」, The video is generally content quality 、 Play 、 Like high video , In this way, you can see how the videos of competing products are made , What is the video content , What is the form of video presentation , You will have a general idea and direction .

For example, you're going to make videos in the field of parenting , You can search for keywords 【 parenting 】, In this way, we can find videos related to parenting , Use the shaking search box tiktok at this time. 「 video 」 and 「 user 」 Two columns ,「 video 」 The column lists the recent or past videos with good like data ,「 user 」 The columns are related to parenting , You can see the nickname of the account and the number of fans .

 How do ordinary people make a tiktok quickly? ?900 Tiktok fans sharing

2、 Analysis of big pop videos in the same industry

After video search , The next thing to do is to go directly to the videos with high praise ,5w Like can be used as a reference standard ,5w Like the above video can be used as our key reference object , When analyzing these high praise videos, we should consider the following four questions :

01、 Can I do this kind of video ?

02、 If you want to do it , Are there enough resources in hand ?( personnel 、 materiel )

03、 Can video content be mass produced for a long time , Guaranteed update frequency

04、 What's the fastest time to start video production ( Seize every minute and second )

I suggest you make a table or mind map , Put high praise on the theme of the video 、 Number of likes 、 comments 、 All forwarding numbers are listed , Easy to view data in the future , Improve work efficiency .

 How do ordinary people make a tiktok quickly? ?900 Tiktok fans sharing

3、 Determine the presentation of your own video

After analyzing the popular videos of the same industry , The next step is to determine which form to use when you make your own number , Because different video presentation forms determine the video production cycle 、 Update frequency and later transformation .

For example, in the field of parenting , Through search, we can see that the common forms of video are mainly classified into two tiktok. : Real people appearing on camera and real people not leaving the country .

Among them, the real person on camera also includes the following four forms :

01、 Common parenting knowledge sharing

02、 Star parenting sharing

03、 Professional bloggers share parenting knowledge

04、 Video lecture sharing of transportation and parenting experts

 How do ordinary people make a tiktok quickly? ?900 Tiktok fans sharing

The real person does not leave the country, including the following four forms :

01、 Picture display of common parenting knowledge

02、 Animation silhouette sharing

03、 Action recording of characters in SIMS , Bottom BGM With other popular parenting videos

04、 Third party software generates text from popular parenting videos

 How do ordinary people make a tiktok quickly? ?900 Tiktok fans sharing

There are also some video formats that I haven't listed , There are tiktok videos produced every day. , Once there's a type of video fire out there , There will be a lot of people following up soon .

Determine the general direction by analyzing the video content form of competitive product account : Real people on camera or not , Then choose the video presentation form you want to try from the subdivision field under the general direction , That's what parenting is like , It's the same in other fields , By searching for keywords , Refer to popular video content form , Analyze the resources you have , Finally determine the video content form of the account .

4、 imitation , imitation , To imitate again

After determining the form of video presentation , The next step is to register an account 、 Edit account information , Start making and uploading videos . If you want to make a popular video in a short time , It is recommended to directly imitate the video content with high praise from competitive products .

There are two main reasons for this :

01、 Tiktok itself encourages imitation. , For example, a dance is on fire , There will be a bunch of people following up .

02、 Like high video content is user tested , We follow up quickly , It's likely that the video will start , It can reduce the cost of trial and error .

For example, some time ago to do parenting number , I find that many parenting numbers are being sent out “ What to do if the child is bullied ?” Such a theme video , And many of the video like effects of this theme are good , Whether it's a real child care account , Or is it a parenting account for picture rotation , I'll sort out the content of this topic right away , Find our teacher to shoot , As a result, this video played more than 3000 ten thousand , give the thumbs-up 75 ten thousand , Puff up 40 ten thousand .

Use this method to imitate the popular video content in the same industry , We ran one in two months 100 Wan's account number .

Including a new company , I use the same method , It took only two weeks to get out 0 Did it 30 Thousands of fans , Breakthrough in one month 50 ten thousand .

Maybe many people think it's better to do this low, No innovation at all , But this method is a non professional team to make popular video in a short time , The most effective way to increase powder quickly .

I started from 18 year 5 Tiktok has been trying to do some flick since July. , I can't do it big or small 10 A no. , The fan matrix is about 900 More than ten thousand , parenting 、 Animation 、 English 、 Funny 、 In the workplace 、 I've tried it in all fields , Basically, they are all on their own or taking care of themselves 1-2 Individual small team to do , To make a 3000 ten thousand ,5000 More than 10000 videos are mostly used to analyze the big popular content in the same industry , The way to follow up quickly .

 How do ordinary people make a tiktok quickly? ?900 Tiktok fans sharing

5、 Increase the update frequency in the early stage to make quick trial and error

A from 0 Starting tiktok , How much better is the daily update frequency ? There is no fixed answer to this , A professional MCN Organizations or teams may take a long time to make a video , Not to mention the guarantee day , But the video content they make is of high quality , A video may be sent out and hundreds of thousands or even millions of fans will be enlarged .

So how much should tiktok update frequency? ? My personal experience is that if I do it in the early stage, I'd better update the video more than three times a day , Release tests in different time periods , Until you make the first pop video .

Of course, different industries have different forms and difficulties in making videos , The frequency of updates depends on individual circumstances , Because I have been in the education industry , Do the video is a bit more dry goods , Mass production of video , It doesn't take much time .

For example, the parenting number I did before , Every week before 3 Day will spend time collecting parenting materials , Then I will find half a day to find the teacher and focus on shooting the video next week , The rest of the time is video editing , Upload video , Ensure daily update frequency .

6、 Push time

About the release time of tiktok video , There are many sayings on the Internet , There is no uniform standard , The common time is noon on weekdays 12 spot , Afternoon 17 spot - 18 Point and night 21 spot -22 spot , Or Friday nights and weekends .

I personally feel that the release time of your competitive videos or your previous videos should be counted , Then take a look at the time period of the videos with better likes , Take this period as a reference . Because of the release time , No best , Only the best fit , Release the same video twice , Different time periods of playing like will still be different .

for instance , Chicken soup 、 Emotion is at night 21 spot -23 It's very suitable to have a little hair , Because most men and women are empty, lonely and cold , It just caters to ; And inspirational 、 Workplace , morning 8 spot —9 O'clock and noon 11 Half past six —12 Half past six is their golden time .

7、 Rub hot spots

In addition to the above imitation of peer pop video to quickly up the powder , Rubbing hot spots is also a more effective way to raise tiktok. .

For example, I made a job number last year , Video content display is a form of image rotation .

The theme of the first popular video is “ What's the pay date , You can see the quality of a company ”, I saw a lot of people forwarding this article in my circle of friends , I think it might explode to make this content into a video , And then it took about a year 20 I did a picture carousel video in 20 minutes , It was sent out in the morning , It exploded in the afternoon , In the end, the amount of video played was nearly 100% 7000 ten thousand , give the thumbs-up 60 ten thousand , Puff up 20 More than ten thousand .

After Hawking's death , I immediately found some pictures of Hawking on the Internet , Made a video , And then the amount of play immediately reached 300 More than ten thousand .

Of course, when people are chasing hot spots , Content must be related to your account attributes , What hot spots to pursue , What hot spots should not be pursued , There must be a degree .

Tiktok is also a popular way to participate in some challenges. , You can judge the potential of hot topics by comprehensive comparison , Then choose the topic that you think is most likely to catch fire and imitate it , This can improve the probability of recommendation .

 How do ordinary people make a tiktok quickly? ?900 Tiktok fans sharing

 How do ordinary people make a tiktok quickly? ?900 Tiktok fans sharing

Next I will talk about some common tiktok mistakes. :

1、 Do you need tiktok to make a tremble? ?

There are many tiktok words on the Internet that need to be raised first. , My personal experience is that I don't need to raise a number , Because I have made more than ten sizes , I've never had a number , They all send content as soon as they register a new number , I think the content is more important , Polish the content well , It's a matter of time before the initial payment is made , Of course, this official does not have a unified standard , Just follow your own rhythm .

2、 It's no use sending the video the second time , The fire won't rise

In fact, the relationship between tiktok recommendation and the first time is not very big. . Its algorithm distribution is very fair , As long as the content is good enough, it will be recommended , There is no first time or second time . The second fire , It is very likely that tiktok recommends that user preferences match video content more. , Good user feedback is obtained , So if you think your video content is good , But it didn't work very well , Might as well after a period of time to send a second time to try the effect .

For example, my personal number sent this video ,6 month 29 For the first time in Japan , At that time, only 4.8w, give the thumbs-up 3200, then 11 month 3 It's the second time in Japan , another BGM, This time, the number of plays reached 820w, give the thumbs-up 36w, Puff up 10w, This video was a book , Sold in two days 3000 Multiple copies , The turnover is more than 100000 yuan , In order to avoid being limited by the system , I threw the 200 Yuan dou+,roi 570, The effect is surprisingly good .

 How do ordinary people make a tiktok quickly? ?900 Tiktok fans sharing

I sent the following video four times , The amount of each play is relatively high , And then it's a Science Kit , It is estimated that there are more than 1000 sets sold .

 How do ordinary people make a tiktok quickly? ?900 Tiktok fans sharing

I personally suggest changing the background music when repeating , It is not recommended to publish repeatedly in a short time , Tiktok may recognize the same video content and reduce traffic. , In addition, the second time can fire belong to the probability event , You can try bravely .

3、 Tiktok is all about powder. “ More hair ” video

Many people tiktok feel that their fans can not rise, that is, the video is not enough. , This is a big mistake , The first thing to understand is that tiktok needs to build up a quick video in a short time. , Operate and strengthen the content label purposefully , Not so-called “ Multi shot , More hair , If this one doesn't work, try that one ”.

4、 More fans , The easier it is to transform

Because many people do the jitter there is a misunderstanding tiktok is that I must make sure how many fans to consider before realisation. , More fans , The easier it is for me to cash in , This idea is actually wrong .

Because the recommended mechanism for shaking is tiktok. , Even if you have a lot of fans , If your video quality is not good ( For example, hard video ), Then your new video fans won't see it either , Control is firmly in the hands of tiktok. , We can only follow the platform traffic 、 Platform rules go .

So tiktok wants to cash in, and it can only rely on the quality of the video itself and the rapid recovery of the video in the short term. , Once the node has passed , The heat will be greatly reduced .

 How do ordinary people make a tiktok quickly? ?900 Tiktok fans sharing

Common mistakes in enterprises' tiktok :

Many companies are now making tiktok. , First, I will buy a lot of professional equipment , And then the video was beautifully made , Add all kinds of special effects , Do all kinds of editing , As a result, hundreds of videos were sent , No more than a thousand fans .

Some enterprises send an award-winning video today , Send a video of the press conference tomorrow , The day after tomorrow, a company's cultural activities , Then organize the staff to like the video .

There are also a variety of enterprises on the company's promotional film , Hard wide , The result was blocked by the system , Current limiting .

This is definitely not going to work , Tiktok before , Tiktok recommendation mechanism must be identified. , Tiktok video content , It must be short, flat and fast , Attract users in one second , It can create valuable content for users .

If thinking still stays in the traditional era of marketing , That can't be done .

In addition, many companies are doing tiktok. , We will consider this and that in the early stage , As a result, nothing was done for a long time , I suggest you try and do it first , Adjust direction in the process of doing. , Docking resources , Worry too much worry too much , On the contrary, they will not step forward , No big money .

It's like not eating crabs , You'll never know what a crab tastes like .

Let's share a picture , Tiktok I personally feel that some basic abilities required to do the jitter should be met. , You can refer to :

 How do ordinary people make a tiktok quickly? ?900 Tiktok fans sharing

These are some tiktok experiences I have made since I was doing the jitter. , I hope it will help you .
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