How to unlock the locked iPhone
Xuanniao 2021-02-23 02:08:30
What if the iPhone is locked ? I believe many people use iPhone My friends may encounter the problem of cell phone being locked , So how to solve the problem that the iPhone is locked ? There's no need to worry , Now I'd like to introduce the solution to the problem that Apple mobile phone is locked .

Method / step

  • What if the iPhone is locked ? The iPhone is locked , There are two kinds of locking , One is apple screen password lock , Another kind of lock is apple iCloud lock , The two ways of locking are different , The solution is also different , First of all, let's introduce the solution of Apple screen password locking .
  • One 、 Apple mobile phone screen password is locked solution introduction , In two ways .1、 Through apple iCloud The official website has been removed . Don't worry when the iPhone is locked , You can go to Apple iCloud The official website is unlocked , First, open the apple iCloud Official website , And log in to Apple iCloud account number .
  • Log in iCloud After the official website , Click on it. 【 Find my iPhone】 The column , And then I'm looking for my iPhone Inside by erasing iPhone operation , You can unlock the password lock on the iPhone screen .
  • however , The premise of this method to unlock , It needs to have been set up on the iPhone iCloud account number , Otherwise it won't be able to unlock the iPhone .
  • 2、 Through apple iTunes Software release . Use Apple iTunes When the software unlocks the iPhone , First, connect the iPhone to the computer , Open the apple iTunes Software .
  • Then put the iPhone into recovery mode , Apple is in recovery mode iTunes The software will show a , There is a problem with the device , need “ recovery ” or “ to update ” Option , Please click on “ recovery ”.
  • Select Apple firmware and swipe the system again to unlock the Apple phone , After the brush is finished, reactivate the phone to use it .
  • Two 、 Apple mobile phone iCloud Lock in the solution if it's an Apple phone iCloud If it's locked in , Then we can pass iCloud On the official website , Click the forget password retrieve option , After that, the apple will be released through security prompt or email verification iCloud lock .
  • Besides , If you encounter iCloud It's not your own , Or is it iCloud If you forget your account registration information , Then it can only be unlocked by contacting Apple after-sales service , Bring the purchase invoice with you , As well as the maintenance certificate, find after-sales service of Apple mobile phone to solve the locking problem of Apple mobile phone .

 How to unlock when the iPhone is locked