How to apply for enterprise Baijia, and what process does Baijia blue V need?
Agudo 2021-02-23 01:47:13

Enterprise Baijia is a comprehensive promotion business for small and medium-sized enterprises and institutions , Here, business owners can promote their products to the most direct users through wechat channels , Reduce enterprise promotion cost and operation cost , Improve brand influence , Building corporate image . So how to apply for the enterprise hundred number , What are the procedures needed to apply for the enterprise Baijia number ?

Baijia certification service provider pushes technology wechat :jutui22

  Materials to be prepared : mailbox , cell-phone number , The business license , Enterprise baidu account ID And account name

  First step 、 Open Baijia Registration Platform Top right click “ Register now ”;

  The second step 、 Select account type ;

  Step four 、 Find out what advantages enterprise Baijia has , Mass hair , Comment management , reply , give the thumbs-up , Collection , forward

  The following figure shows the effect of enterprise Baijia mobile terminal ;

  Step five 、 Information registration , Please remember to choose a company -> Type of business ; After choosing a business , Fill in the name of the enterprise 、 Business license registration number , Choose how to register ;

  Through the above steps, you can complete the application to enterprise Baijia , After the application is completed, you can make a blue check on enterprise Baijia v authentication .

  Individual businesses need to prepare : The business license .