The rules for using the name of enterprise Baijia are as follows: how can enterprise Baijia start
Agudo 2021-02-23 01:47:00

1、 Enterprise hundred blue v Authentication naming rules : The authentication name of enterprise Baijia number needs to ensure the authenticity of the enterprise , And forbid the use of country names 、 national flag 、 national emblem 、 The flag 、 Medals and the names of specific places or landmark buildings where the central government organs are located

  2) The name of a foreign country

  3) Ethnically discriminatory ;

  4) Exaggerated propaganda and deceptive , Such as violating the advertising law, etc

  5) It is harmful to socialist morality ;

  6) Ambiguity , Misleading users or infringing other users 、 The legitimate rights and interests of the third party

  7) Enterprises are abbreviated as general terms 、 name 、 Lexical .

  2、 Enterprise hundred certification account naming principles : The principle of protecting registered trademarks : The name of an account shall not infringe upon the exclusive right to use a registered trademark , otherwise , Will probably not pass the account name audit , Or by the right of infringement complaints ; Authentication naming uniqueness principle :

  Rule description :

  a) Only the trademark registered by China Trademark Office can be used R trademark , No trademark registered abroad shall be used .

  b) The use of R The trademark must be valid , And within the validity period .

  c) R Where a trademark is transferred , We need to submit 《 Certificate of approval of trademark transfer 》.

  4、 Naming rules ( Media name ):

  a) You have to use the channel 、 show 、 newspaper 、 The name of the journal as the name , It can be followed by a modifier .

  b) Publishing companies of newspapers and periodicals need to submit 《 Publication business license of the people's Republic of China 》, And provide the power of attorney issued by the publishing unit .