This article tells you the answer to the question of whether the zero basis transformation is suitable for operation or not
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Recently, I have been asked more and more questions about my business transformation , So, are you suitable to switch to business or not ! I've been in the Internet operations position 6 year , It's also a transition from zero base to operation , First of all, let's briefly talk about my experience from Xiaobai to the head of new media operation 6 Year process

① Confirm the change of business : Before engaged in the tour guide industry , I don't know much about the Internet industry , Not to mention the right operation , But at that time, I had the need to change my career , Just looking for a suitable position , After my own research and friend introduction , In the end, I chose operation

② Learning phase : I've decided to change my career , The next step is to figure out how to enter the industry quickly , Because I really have no foundation in this industry , It belongs to the stage of complete Xiaobai , It's hopeless to look for a job directly , Even if you find a job , It's also a kind of miscellaneous job
  • If you look for a friend who is already in this industry to bring , It doesn't feel right , There are two main reasons :

(1) Think from each other's point of view : I used to be very busy , If you're bringing a little white , It's true. It's unrealistic , It's all about finding a difficult place for a friend

(2) Think from your own point of view : Originally I was Xiaobai , No, there are too many places , I'm sorry to ask people all the time , I can't think about it myself , Even if you think about it , It will take a long time , It's a waste of time

We all know a truth for sure , Human relationship is the most difficult

If you teach yourself , In terms of money, there must be no need to spend too much , But the cost of time, that expands , The cost of time is more important than money , And if you teach yourself , If the self-control ability is poor, it is more difficult for people to master it quickly , It will waste a lot of time and cost

Furthermore said , There is no logic in what you learn , No focus , And it's very likely to learn something useless or outdated , The time cycle is still long , The content of learning is not systematic , Without the guidance of an experienced instructor , It will be a long time to find a job in the end , It's hard to find the ideal job

I know my own reality , I chose to pay for learning directly , In this way, we can learn systematically under the guidance of others , Including the late job search will have the corresponding help

Career change is also a major event in life , Direct one-time learning in place , I'm sorry if I don't give it to you

 Is it suitable for business operation to switch to zero base , This article tells you the answer

③ Job search phase : Opportunity is for those who are prepared , This sentence is true at all , When you get a job , a monthly salary 8K Only to find out how correct the original choice was , Thank you for who you were

Even if you look at it , The cost of learning is a bit high , But when the first month's salary is paid , All the efforts and choices are worth it

④ Working stage : We don't introduce all the things in our work , I was with the Commissioner 2 year , executive director 3 year , Head of new media operations 1 year

These are my brief answers to share the story of my career change , Now let's focus on whether the zero base transformation is suitable for operation ? Today's article focuses on the following topics , Explain the full text of dry goods

01 How to judge whether the zero base industry transition is suitable for operation

02 If you find a learning method that suits you

03 How to find your first job quickly ?

good , Customize the topic according to the above , Next, let's talk about dry goods

 Is it suitable for business operation to switch to zero base , This article tells you the answer

01 How to judge whether the zero base industry transition is suitable for operation

First of all, we need to know one thing , Most of the operators you can see are transferred to this position , Previously engaged in other work , Transfer to operation in later stage , Including my years in the operation industry , Almost all the operations we have seen are transformed from other industries

Why is there such a phenomenon ? I summed up the reasons for two years :

① Compared with other Internet Jobs , Relatively low requirements

② At present, the university has not set up the operation major , So a lot of people are changing careers on the way

How to judge whether they are suitable for the operation position ? I have summed up the following methods !

① From the perspective of personality

Everyone's personality is different, so they have different views on changing business , In general, according to the situation of the operation workplace , Introverted people are more suitable for content operation and copywriting planning , Extroverts are suitable for new media operation and community operation ( Of course, this is only a rough division , As a reference )

Because operation is a big concept , There are many positions under the operation Department : New media operations , Community operation , User operations , Product operation , Copywriting , Content operations, etc

This also fully illustrates a problem , Operation post can accept all kinds of personality groups , Don't think too much about your personality

② In terms of age

The age of career change is different , So there are different views on operation , If the younger people switch to business , More common are engaged in new media operations and community operations and short video operations

Because young people are more quick to grasp new things , Strong execution , above 3 A position is more suitable

If my older friends change careers , More common are engaged in user operation and activity operation and content operation and copywriting planning

Because older friends have more experience in the workplace , I've been through a lot , If engaged in the above 4 A better position

③ In terms of educational background

As long as it is college or above , There are not too many requirements for academic qualifications

④ Professionally

Before what profession and now after changing profession has no correlation

In fact, most of the users must have known whether they are suitable or not , At least we have a judgment on the conditions , If there are still people who want to know whether they are suitable for this position , Please send me a private letter , I'll answer your questions

In response to this question , I would like to add one last sentence , There are many operation posts , No one is suitable for this position , Who is more suitable for which position

02 If you find a learning method that suits you

(1) Pay to study , Find offline learning institutions directly , Spend a few months studying

(2) Online paid learning , Study in your spare time , Save money, but also access to the instructor's advice

(3) self-taught , Find some free self-study materials on the website or a certain platform

Briefly introduce this 3 The advantages and disadvantages of the three learning methods and their adaptation to the crowd

  • Pay to study : Select offline training institutions locally , It's like teaching in class

advantage : Direct face-to-face teaching by lecturer , Restrict learning every day , It's easy to learn by yourself 3 Fishing in the sky 2 Sun net

shortcoming : A long period of time , Higher learning , Tuition is high

Suits the crowd : College students just graduated 、 Temporary unemployment wants to change profession

  • Online paid learning : I choose this way of learning , I was still working during the day , I usually study in my spare time

advantage : You don't have to think about the pressure of life without a job , Short cycle, use their spare time to learn , Also can accept the instructor's instruction

shortcoming : There is no classroom atmosphere

Suits the crowd : Office workers want to change careers 、 College students study in school 、 Spare time is enough for people to study

  • self-taught : It's all about the ability to master knowledge and self-control in learning

advantage : To save money , Learning cycle can be controlled by oneself

shortcoming : It's easy to go wrong without a guide , People with poor self-control are not recommended , People who are slow in mastering knowledge are not recommended

Suits the crowd : Highly educated , People who are very quick to learn , A person with outstanding self-control

When I changed my profession, I chose the second way of learning , Online paid learning .

 Is it suitable for business operation to switch to zero base , This article tells you the answer

03 How to find your first job quickly ?

In fact, in the process of operation interview, the most important assessment is two points , One is theoretical knowledge , One is a successful case , If we have a solid grasp of theoretical knowledge , Talk to the interviewer with more confidence , Express your professionalism

Successful cases directly determine the interview results , Because successful cases directly prove your professional level , Is he competent for the job ,

You can master the theoretical knowledge by yourself , I will share the successful cases and how to do it , I will share the successful cases I have done before , You can copy and apply it directly

I divided it into three parts 3 Three successful cases :

1、 Using we media to channel wechat , Fill it up with 6 Microsignals

2、6 Tiktok matrix number , Per average 10 Thousands of fans

3、 Be a official account for making money.

1、 Using we media to channel wechat , Fill it up with 6 Microsignals

I did a lot of we media accounts in the process of learning , My field of choice is “ Operation dry goods sharing ” field , At that time, several mainstream platforms I operated made headlines 、 There was no. 、 Penguin 、 The big fish, 、 WeChat official account

My operation is to write an article on dry cargo every day at WeChat official account. , And then distributed to their respective media platforms

From their respective media platforms 、 Drainage to official account and personal micro signal

Let's talk about my specific method :

01 Draw out... Every day 3 An hour to write a dry article on operation knowledge , You can also practice your copywriting ability

02 Distribute daily articles to all platforms ( headlines 、 A hundred 、 Big fish, etc )

03 Daily data analysis , I don't know what title and content are suitable for what platform , It can only be counted by daily data , Find the tonality content of each platform

04 At the bottom of the article on we media platform , leave “ Official account search operation ***” Pay attention to the claim 10G Operation data package or directly “ Add wechat to get data package ”

05 If I directly breathe the official account, I will notify everyone who cares about me. , Add my wechat to send information , If the direct drainage of micro signal , Then send it directly

06 Why do this , If it's all drained by official account, it's a long cycle. , Because the recommendation mechanism of official account is different from the recommendation mechanism of self media platform. , So we media platform is the drainage object , Take the official account and WeChat translate.

It's almost used 3 Three months full 6 Microsignals

2、6 Tiktok matrix number , Per average 10 Thousands of fans

Tiktok is a field of comparative fire. , We are divided into two parts to explain

(1) Tiktok operation strategy

(2) Jitter matrix tiktok

First of all, you have tiktok before you do the matrix. , Then how do we make a tiktok of a fire? ?

(1) Tiktok operation strategy

 Is it suitable for business operation to switch to zero base , This article tells you the answer

(2) Tiktok matrix 4 A way to play

01 The independent voice numbers are tiktok.

Matrix accounts have similar styles and settings , Through this kind of occasional guest show with each other , Tell the story of each number .

02 Create a series of accounts with consistent painting style

Keep the style of painting one Cause , The background is consistent , Such matrix operation can greatly enhance the brand exposure on the platform , The company brand has been brushed to the sense of existence in tiktok's account. .

03 Family is a matrix , Or shape the family

It is mainly composed of family members , The background of video content is set to home scene , For example, often between father and daughter of a variety of funny stories .

04 From a big money IP, Develop into subdivided content

After a tiktok fire , Especially for accounts with strong personal attributes , Many accounts will try to create content , More detailed correlation matrix , And through the signature area or comment area @ trumpet Build momentum for the matrix .

3、 Be a official account for making money.

I have done the introduction of WeChat official account fan and drainage area. , It is mainly based on we media platform . With fans, there are many ways to cash in .

Receive advertisement 、 Traffic master 、 Take the goods and so on . The key to WeChat official account is to depend on fans. , So, how to make WeChat official account is how to increase the powder.

I wrote a specific play of WeChat official account before. , I put this article at the bottom , Let's have a look when we have time

If you have 10 Official account of ten thousand fans , What is your quality of life ?

summary : In view of the problem of career change, if you have any confusion, please send me a private letter , Next is my summary 30G Operation related information , You can get the learning fee , The information contains ( New media operations , User operations , Product operation , Community operation , Short video operation , Content operation ) Collection method : Post station private message

 Is it suitable for business operation to switch to zero base , This article tells you the answer

 Is it suitable for business operation to switch to zero base , This article tells you the answer

 Is it suitable for business operation to switch to zero base , This article tells you the answer

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