What are the advantages of the authority certification of enterprise 100? How do you do it?
Agudo 2021-02-23 01:38:25

Such words can often be seen in the operation of Baijia : Enterprise hundred authority certification . But in fact, many people don't know what the enterprise number 100 certification is , They don't understand the privileges and benefits it brings , However, this is a key step in running Baijia , Through it, the weight and income can be improved .

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  What is the authoritative certification of enterprise number 100 ?

  The authority certification of the company's top 100 refers to Baidu's certification of high-quality enterprises , After the authoritative certification, the enterprise Baijia can become a marketing platform for enterprises to expand their customers , This is the access threshold for enterprise content to obtain priority distribution and related privileges in Baidu , Businesses are operating in the private domain “ Brand exposure ” and “ Sales conversion ” Two big pain points can be solved .

  The benefits of the authority certification of enterprise 100

  Enterprises that have passed the certification have five identity privileges and seven marketing privileges , Enjoy Baidu traffic support 、 Brand exposure increase and other functions , Enterprise Baijia can quickly achieve tens of thousands of fans a month 、 Increasing the credibility of enterprises 、 Revenue increase 、 Can take the initiative to interact with fans and other benefits .

  How to do the authoritative certification of enterprise 100 ?

  Must pass the enterprise hundred number authentication , First of all, you need to register the Baijia number , Operator ID card and business license are required , Set up corporate avatars 、 Name and introduction . When certification, you need to provide enterprise Baijia number related information and certification service fee 600 element , Submit authentication information and wait for audit . The following figure shows the steps of enterprise 100 certification , The operation is relatively simple , After passing the authentication, you can enjoy the privilege ~