How much is the data flow and cost of enterprise blue V certification
Agudo 2021-02-23 01:17:30

There are many companies or enterprises , When running Baijia , Has completed the enterprise certification , So how to apply for the hundred enterprise blue v authentication , Now Baidu has launched blue v Certification services , Build brand exclusive private domain traffic , Give brand more exposure and transformation , Now this entrance can only be guided and opened by the certification authority designated by Baijia . Baijia certification service provider pushes Technology :jutui22

So enterprise hundred blue v How should certification be , What are the processes and materials needed , How much does it cost ? What privileges do you have after authentication is complete , Now let's briefly introduce .

First step : Enterprise hundred registration process

Register your baidu account ( If you have an account, you can choose to log in directly ), Search for Baijia number on Baidu page and click register directly .

The second step : Enterprise hundred blue v Information required for certification

After registering and passing the account , I'm going to take the Baijia ID、 The name of Baijia and the name of the company at the time of registration , And the contact information, phone number and name of the operator , Submit it to Baijia enterprise certification service provider to complete the certification .

The third step : Enterprise hundred blue v The cost of certification

The current cost is 600 element / year , Inform the service provider one month before the expiration date , Deposit fee , Complete the certification renewal again .

More about enterprise authority certification , Add Baijia certification service provider, jutui technology wechat :jutui22