Three practical methods, the official hand teach you to create high quality vertical account
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The tiktok platform has massive mass flow. , It is the booster of popular products , The tiktok company also provides us with a good transformation function and a position of content marketing . however , Want to create marketing positions in the tiktok , We should start from the most basic , Create a high quality vertical account .

After certification of enterprise number , Don't rush to send the video , Rub hot spots . Last article this “ tricks ” You don't even know ? No wonder your enterprise has no fans 、 Hard to cash in I share with you the Polaris index of how to set up an account , When we have a goal , Next, we must choose the track , Let's get closer to the set goal .

What is a vertical enterprise ?

Vertical account number , It refers to the continuous production of in-depth content in the same direction in a certain field , So as to attract the accounts of users closely related to the field .

 Three practical methods , The official hand in hand teaches you to create a high-quality vertical account

Did you do the trembling sound tiktok before now? ? We have analyzed , Vertical accounts can avoid some fierce competition , Help us get more blue ocean space in the vertical track .

Three characteristics of vertical account

1. Clear positioning : Have a clear positioning , Belonging to a certain type or enterprise ;

2. Fans accuracy : Accurate account fans , They are all users with relevant needs ;

3. Stable content : The content of the account is stable , Keep updating in one direction .

When we released a video on the tiktok. , This video will be labeled a lot , Users who watch this video will also have a lot of tags , Finding common tags between users and content , This is the core of the vertical account .

 Three practical methods , The official hand in hand teaches you to create a high-quality vertical account

Don't make a hasty decision on the account location label , Be sure to match content with their commonalities from the perspective of users , You can choose to let The account number is related to the user's major or occupation Turn off ; Or you can choose Related to the stage or identity of the user ; Related to the user's interests or hobbies .

What is an ordinary account number ? such as @XX education 、@XX tourism ……… So what is a vertical account ?@ English education It's a vertical account , Because it can communicate with the user at a certain stage of identity or hobbies or professional 、 Career related . Further subdivide ,@ Children's English Education , The target users are more accurate . Only Vertical segmentation of account , The more accurate the account will be , The quality of accounts will also be higher and higher . And enterprise number has vertical attribute naturally , It is conducive to further deep cultivation .

Q1 : Through the interpretation of vertical account , Is your account vertical enough at present ?

Why do we have to do vertical ?

Let's do a simple test together , There are three accounts in the figure below :

account number A It's not a vertical account , Tiktok 、 Wechat and many other platforms have new media operation tutorials ;

account number B It's a general vertical account , Share short videos , For example, how to locate an account , How to shoot content , How to trigger user interaction and so on ;

account number C It's a very vertical account , Tiktok , From how to choose tools to how to disassemble cases to editing skills ……

Which account do you prefer to follow ?

 Three practical methods , The official hand in hand teaches you to create a high-quality vertical account

I believe most people prefer to pay attention to accounts C , Because users obviously don't focus on just one account , Instead, they focus on multiple accounts , When you choose to pay attention to accounts, you will pay more attention to accounts that can bring more high-quality content , Form your own matrix , Let yourself learn better . So for you, the enterprise operator , Which account would you rather be ?

@ Hanshang Hualian Hanfu This tiktok enterprise already owns. 276 Thousands of fans , With the revival and rise of traditional culture in these two years , More and more people like Hanfu ,@ Hanshang Hualian Hanfu People who like Hanfu are attracted , The quality of fans is very high .

 Three practical methods , The official hand in hand teaches you to create a high-quality vertical account

▲ @ Hanshang Hualian Hanfu Personal home page

Development trend of furniture industry @ Good design, Weiyi customization Focus on customized furniture , Provide online 0 Meta design services ,48 The complete design can be sent to the user's mobile phone with contact information within hours . This is how we continue to provide efficient and professional services , This account has gained so far 482 Thousands of fans .

 Three practical methods , The official hand in hand teaches you to create a high-quality vertical account

▲ @ Good design, Weiyi customization Personal home page

It's also a restaurant , If you want to run better than home , There are two strategies , One is to focus on the same cuisine , Try to outdo the right family ; Second, it's quite different from home cooking , Get customers' love , So as to do business better . The core idea of operating vertical accounts is “ Better than , Better be different .”

Three advantages of vertical account

1. Good for self-development : Contribute to continuous development of account content , Easy to form IP , Easy to get attention , Try to avoid competition among homogeneous accounts ;

2. In line with platform trends : It is convenient for the platform to match tags for accounts and fans , It can help the platform avoid homogenizing content , It can produce more valuable vertical content ;

3. Easy to realize in business : The attribute of accumulated fans is very clear , We can make a realization plan according to the attributes of fans , High value of individual fans , The overall value of the account is high .

Q2: recall , What vertical accounts do you pay attention to ?

How to create vertical content ?

“ I don't want me to feel , What I want is what users think ”, For enterprises , Customer is God . First, we need to analyze the target user's portrait through three soul problems , Find user pain points .

First of all , What profession? 、 Age 、 Gender 、 People with income will pay attention to my account ?

second , What are their needs , How to meet their needs ?

Third , What kind of content can really help them , And it can trigger communication ?

We should always think about these three problems when operating accounts , Only think clearly about these three problems , In order to find their own target direction and track .

How to do it ? have access to Horizontal and vertical comparison method , Horizontally, compare with the best enterprise number in the same field , Compare content types 、 Content style 、 Content quality 、 Content advantages . See if your content has an advantage , In which dimensions can we improve .

Vertical comparison is the comparison with the content published in history , Find the best way , Help find out what fans are most interested in .

 Three practical methods , The official hand in hand teaches you to create a high-quality vertical account

Through vertical and horizontal content comparison , You can find the direction of your content , After that, we should continue to optimize . Try several different video styles , With Play volume and The amount of interaction On the basis of , Different video styles will bring different effects , Choose the most effective video style , And keep trying new video styles , Through rhythm 、 Regular content release testing , Adjust the content in time , And copy the successful experience , Make sure your account is always ahead .

 Three practical methods , The official hand in hand teaches you to create a high-quality vertical account

Q3: Look at the , What is the most suitable form of vertical content for you ?

I hope everyone can find the right position , Find the right direction , Vertical deep ploughing 、 Set up a distinctive personality , Stand out from short video .

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