Excellent course: fast learning typing skills and methods
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If you want to type fast , Fingering must be right , Make sure that the index fingers of the left and right hands are placed in F Key sum J On key , And then arrange them in turn . Practice with typing software , There's a standard fingering map on it , And there are corresponding training software . Whatever you type , How slow it is , Practice according to the standard fingering . Every day when typing , Don't look at the keyboard , It's trying to fumble and press the keyboard . Whether you are learning pinyin or five stroke typing 、 English typing is the foundation 、 It's a must pass !

 Class quality : Learn typing skills and methods quickly

The greatest truths are the simplest 、 There are only two ways to practice typing fast :

1、 Do fingering exercises first , According to the fingering , Get familiar with fingering first , Remember that each finger controls those keys , This is very important when practicing typing , At first, we must develop good fingering habits , Otherwise, there will be endless troubles .

 Class quality : Learn typing skills and methods quickly

According to the finger distribution map marked in the picture , Try to find a place on the keyboard . Here's a pithy formula , Please read it carefully and keep it in mind .〈 There is no Chinese food left ,ASDF Come on . Right food has no middle and small size ,JKL To . Hit the space with your thumb , Usually on the right hand . One finger to one button , Straight up and down . Without looking at the keyboard , Feel it with your heart .〉 Master this formula , Then try to practice typing . The practice of not looking at the keyboard . When you learn how to put your finger on the keyboard correctly , The next step you need to do is to learn how to remember 26 The position of English on the keyboard . Only know the correct position of the English letters , You can make better use of blind play .

2、 insist ! insist ! insist ! Keep practicing ! Rome wasn't built in a day , Hard work is sure to pay off . If you like to learn, remember to pay attention to 、 Collection 、 forward 、 You can also comment and leave a message below . Maybe you can find it in the communication , A better way to type quickly is not necessarily . This course was originally launched by Yuanda vocational school in Zhumadian, with a total of five classes 、 Please pay attention to the number one of Tianzhong talent market .

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