Is overtime equal to dedication? Such overtime is endangering the development of enterprises
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 Is overtime equal to dedication ? Work overtime like this , Is endangering the development of enterprises

Overtime has become the norm

Reading guide : In many enterprises , Overtime has become a common phenomenon , Even many enterprises regard overtime as the performance of dedication , Not only encourage , And they reward ! And in Japan , Overtime is not called overtime , It's called disabled industry , It means , How many bosses can understand ?

Zheng Hui is a fresh graduate of University , With good expression and image , Shortly after graduation , Just like I wish to be a personnel assistant in an entrepreneurial software company .

When I first took office , My colleagues like Zheng Hui very much , There's also a lot of talking and laughing . The boss is also very supportive of this college student , Often tell managers to teach Zheng Hui more about his work , Cultivate more working ability .

And for Zheng Hui, who is new to the workplace , She is also very eager to work through the performance , To get the approval of the boss and colleagues . So for everything you get , Zheng Hui has done his job very efficiently , The leader also praised her for her high efficiency .

However , Zheng Hui worked with passion for a period of time , But found that colleagues and leaders began to alienate her , The boss also began to show some dissatisfaction with Zheng Hui . This makes Zheng Hui very depressed all the time , I am very conscientious in my work , Why does everyone dislike her instead .

Until one time , Zheng Hui's work is very important , I was disciplined by the boss in the general manager's office . Get out of the office , Zheng Hui and he Jie, who are in the same office, complain . Sister he came earlier than Zheng Hui 2 More years , I'm a veteran of the company , I also know the company's environment very well . Sister he saw Zheng Hui so wronged , I can't bear to , So I talked to Zheng Hui about the work tips , A word awakens the dreamer

Sister he : Xiao Zheng , You're still new , I'm not too old at work !

Zheng Hui : Sister he , Why do you say that? ? I work really hard , How come the boss even told me .

Sister he : Xiao Zheng , You don't understand that . Our boss just started a business 5 year , For her , She spent a lot of time at work , I often forget to eat and sleep for the sake of work , Work overtime in the company , Coming home from work late . Look at you ?

Zheng Hui : Sister he , I don't work overtime every day , But it's all work done before they leave , Is there anything wrong with this ?

Sister he : There's nothing wrong with doing a good job , But your way may have to adjust . Think about it , The boss works so hard every day , Every time after work, my colleagues are working overtime , You're the only one in the company who clocks out on time . Don't you see anything wrong ? Why , You can figure it out for yourself .

Zheng Hui listened to what sister he said , It seems that I understand . At this time, she got up and walked around the company , But I found something I didn't notice before . It's office time , My colleagues are doing other things , Online 、 Play games 、 Shopping ......

It's time to get off work , There was no rush to leave , I'm still at work , At this time, many colleagues began to do some work-related things . here we are 8 Some more , Colleagues are leaving from work one after another , Zheng Hui also packed up for work , The boss just came out of the office , See Zheng Huigang off work , He smiles at Zheng Hui happily , Nothing to say .

After this , Zheng Hui is like mastering a skill . The way we work every day has changed , As long as it's not urgent , It's all in a hurry , I often browse some gossip news during working hours 、 Shopping websites . Every day also stay to work overtime to finish some trivial things slowly . That's it 2 Months , At a wrap up meeting , Zheng Hui was praised by the boss in public and was rewarded by excellent employees . The reason is that Zheng Hui works very hard , I often see Zheng Hui at work after work , I'm very conscientious in my work .

Although Zheng Hui felt a little bit unexpected , But I'm used to working like this , Because you can get the boss's “ recognition ”, And get paid to work overtime , It's not bad anyway .

However , At the end of the day 9 Months , Zheng Hui was laid off !

 Is overtime equal to dedication ? Work overtime like this , Is endangering the development of enterprises

As a software technology development company , The market competition is more and more intense , The company's share of sales began to decline , But the projects that the company receives often fail to be completed in time . To this end, the company recruited a lot of employees to come in, but still can not solve the problem of slow project delivery , The wage costs of employees are rising , The company's profits are falling , The boss couldn't sleep every day . In the end, the boss can only pass Downsizing, downsizing , Some of the cuts have little impact on the company's operations , Employees who are usually inefficient . Only by reorganizing the position layout and performance management can the enterprise return to profitability . And on the list of layoffs , Unfortunately , Zheng Hui became one of them !

After reading this case , What do you think ? Tell me what you think

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