Where are the blue V logo, official account label and enterprise brand label?
dongxiaofeng 2021-02-23 01:03:44

blue v identification , Official account tag , Enterprise brand label , This Kwai blue with no need to talk and shake hands tiktok. v Identify a property . Here, you can search Baidu for the brand name and enterprise name that have been certified by enterprise number, and you can see that there will be a blue v Mark of — It proves that this enterprise has gone to the authority certification , Xinkedu will naturally improve. On the right side of the head is the official label, which is baijiahao blue v After authentication, there will be a function that users can watch and click in, and they will also be very straightforward about the company or the company's introduction information and so on

Here, I would like to remind you that after completing the general certification, you must find an agent service provider ( Enterprise WeChat jutui22) Open enterprise functions , Some customers think it's too much trouble to find an agent service provider or they want to open it by themselves , Xiao Bian is here to talk about , If you want to complete the function certification, you must find a service provider to audit , Or I'll hand it in 600 Audit fees don't work either .