In the workplace, if leaders want to dismiss you, they will use these three moves to force you to resign voluntarily
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Every company , There are people who are constantly updating and iterating , New employees join , Old employees leave , It's normal .

But , Everyone leaves the company in a different way , Some people choose to resign on their own initiative , Others are forced to be laid off by the company , Superior bad discard , The workplace is very realistic .

For all that , However, in order to avoid paying compensation to employees when they lay off employees , I'll do everything I can , Forcing employees to leave on their own initiative , Work in the company 5 This is what happened to Xiaoyu in .

Xiaoyu works in the company 5 Year time , At first, although I worked hard , But gradually familiar with the work , When dealing with a lot of things , They don't think , It's just based on past work experience , Don't know how to change .

therefore , In the company 5 Years of time , Just a slight change in salary , No change in position . The competition in the workplace is brutal , Superior bad discard , Xiaoyu didn't perform well in his work , Disliked by leaders , The leader didn't like him very much .

Every time leaders arrange work , It's very difficult to arrange for him , It seems that there is no way to complete things , in the course of time , Xiao Yu finds work boring , It's not always going to work , He offered to resign .

When the leaders of many companies force their employees away , They all use similar methods , Force employees to leave voluntarily , A lot of people like it , Choose to resign .

this 3 Recruitment is a common method for leaders , Many people will choose to leave because of this , Be careful .

 Workplace , The leader wants to fire you , I can use these three moves , Force you to resign voluntarily

1、 Bone in egg

There are some young people in the workplace , They are young and vigorous , I'm not willing to listen to the leadership , therefore , When the leaders forced them to resign on their own initiative , They all like to use this move , It's just picking bones in an egg , Nothing to ask for .

Some jobs are not complicated , And it's easy to do , But leaders will find problems from it , On purpose , Every time I point out a little problem , This will frustrate your self-confidence , Even began to doubt their ability , Forcing you to resign .

because , When you don't know the leader's intention , You feel guilty , Think there's something wrong with your ability , I'm not good enough , Or you can't find your own value in this job , In the end, he left on his own initiative .

 Workplace , The leader wants to fire you , I can use these three moves , Force you to resign voluntarily

2、 Keep putting pressure on you

Every leader in the face of different employees , The choice will be different , Because we've been working together for a while , Leaders still have a certain understanding of employees , For people who are less able to work under pressure , They're going to keep putting pressure on them .

Leaders will give them very important and difficult work , Occasionally it will add to your workload , Push your work , Keep putting pressure on you , Until the end, you can't bear the pressure , I choose to resign .

Everyone's energy is limited , As the workload builds up , More and more pressure , People's mental pressure and physical endurance will gradually reach a peak , In the end, there's no balance between the two , You can only choose to give up your job .

It's a tool used by many leaders , On the surface, they are reusing each other , It's actually a way to force the other party to leave .

 Workplace , The leader wants to fire you , I can use these three moves , Force you to resign voluntarily

3、 Try to crowd you out

Everyone enters the company , The first thing to do is to integrate into the company , The company should give employees a sense of belonging , And some companies , In order to get some employees to leave , You'll choose to crowd out , Let employees be outsiders , I choose to leave .

If the leader wants to use this move to get you out , First , When arranging work , It will keep you as far away from the important core work as possible , I'll arrange some miscellaneous things for you , Let you work every day , There's even a sense of doing nothing .

then , Will find the right reason , Lower your salary , Forcing you to leave , And even positions that new employees will replace , You lose face , Offer to resign .

 Workplace , The leader wants to fire you , I can use these three moves , Force you to resign voluntarily

These three moves are when many leaders force their employees to leave , The most common way , If something similar happens , Be prepared in advance , It's better to be able to see the moves , Even if you choose to leave , And leave in the best way , Instead of running away .

Will you choose to resign in such a situation ? Welcome to comment below ~

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