From Taobao small 2 to tmall Taobao operation, 14 years of time and experience sharing
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 From Taobao small 2, To start their own business to do tmall Taobao operation ,14 Years of time and experience sharing

Last time, I sent a few summary articles on operation experience , There should be tens of thousands of words , And it's not finished yet , I've been writing these days .

Suddenly I think of my friend who promised to go with me last time , I'd like to tell you something about the positioning of product groups , Let's talk about this first today .

What is the product crowd positioning ? In a word , It's who you're selling to ! More than 5 Billion , Age from 15-70 You can't wait to be old , And one of 25-40 It's the main group , Now net On 80% All the goods are sold to these people , therefore , Break these people down a little bit , Break it down to your target customers , It's your product crowd positioning . How to operate Well ? Let me give you some examples .

Let's start with children's clothing . I have done 3 It's a children's clothing store , They are not well-known brands without physical stores , It's just a small brand . But there is 2 Let's do it ,1 It's a month's sale yes 100 All the above ,1 It's a monthly sale 200 All the above , This is still 2015 Sales figures for the year . And we can do it , It's the result of several factors , With the trust of the boss And financial support , There are also goods to support , And our suggestions 、 Feedback is supported by the boss's response , Awesome team, etc , There is also a key factor , It's us The positioning of the crowd is very clear ( By the way , The shop that failed , Monthly sales also have 50 All the above , But it's not going to go beyond a million , The key is that the positioning is not clear , The goods are not specific , Be greedy for perfection , And the boss turned a deaf ear to our suggestions ).

ok, Return to the right topic , Let me combine my practical experience with it .

When I took over the shop , Probably 2014 Annual double 11 after , Because of double 11 Bad job , It's just 30 Wan less than . The boss is upset , It happened that I knew the boss at that time Let's have tea , So take it over and try to do it . Try it, though , But our team has always regarded this shop as their own child . After taking over the shop 1 bring a false charge against an innocent person , I put The original team of this shop was fired , Just stay 1 After sales , Distribution and packing is always done by the factory , I didn't move this . Be cruel , Yes , Useless people can't stay . Because of me At that time, it had its own agent operation company and team , So you don't need these people . When you get it , The store sku exceed 150 individual , cover T T-shirt , fleece , skirt , Bottoming , down , Baseball uniform , sweater , All in all , Cowboys also have , At first glance, it's just a Children's grocery store , Except for the brand , There are no characteristics , The age of a child is 3-6 year . And according to the boss himself , A lot of goods are assembled by themselves , Every time I take some, I change my label .30% It's made in our own factory . Such shops , In fact, Taobao tmall has a lot of . I use 1 Three months to subtract , Cut down categories ,2015 In the spring Before the festival , The categories are reduced to the basic level by me T T-shirt , fleece , Pants , Baseball uniform . At the same time, baseball caps and socks are added as gifts . The positioning age of the store is 2-4 year . The price of the goods dropped to 2 digit . And all use pure cotton and cotton ammonia blended fabric . We also added a concept called temperature positioning , Namely 10 It's enough to wear ours at a few degrees . If it falls to 10 Below degree , We suggest Baoma go to other stores to buy down jacket and sweater . Although it will miss a lot of customer needs , But we only do what we're good at , Because these are made by the boss's own factory ( Under the supplement , Why don't we make sweaters and down jackets , One is that we can't do it ourselves. We have to go to foreign mining , There's no price advantage . The second is the high price of these clothes , Not in line with our store's price positioning ). Another key point , Our customer base , That is to say, mom and dad are positioned as super ordinary wage earners layer , With 1,2 There is no house or loan in line city , Monthly discretionary spending is in 4000 A loser of about $1 , But it's not as poor as it can be . Two in law , Every Monthly rent and mortgage can be used to spend only 4000 People like yuan . This kind of person's life is a little stressful , If you can buy a house, you have to give it a loan , I'm afraid I don't have a job . If you don't buy a house, you can't buy it Get up , Can't afford luxury , Not to mention a walk on the go , These people are our group . There are children at home , It's going to cost a lot . A milk powder diaper Yuexiao 1000 it is desirable that , what's more , Kids grow up faster , Clothes update fast , basic 4 It's going to change in a month . Due to limited disposable income , The most cost-effective is what they need , And children's clothes are small after wearing them several times, and they have to throw them away , Buy expensive heartache , This is their pain point , If the price is cheap, it doesn't hurt others , It's not a pity to even throw it away . So our goal for them is 1 Buy again in 3 Time . Our main focus is environmental protection and safety , The price is moderate ,1 It's a new year 3 Every time 1 It's the highest in the whole year 200 No pressure .

Let's talk about our price , You can see the characteristics :

1、 Bottoming T T-shirt with long sleeves 15-18 element , With short sleeves 12-15 element .

2、 Guard pants 20-22 element , short 15 element .

3、 The warden 22-25 element .

4、 Baseball uniform 40-50 element .

The baseball caps we buy for free are made to order 10-13 element , Little socks are 2-3 yuan .

 From Taobao small 2, To start their own business to do tmall Taobao operation ,14 Years of time and experience sharing

What's our postage 6 Yuan covers the whole country . full 99 Yuan package , full 79 Yuan for socks , full 129 Give me baseball caps . Usually do not do any coupons . There's no discount on the price , Taobao customer promotion commission 5%, No internal coupons for sales ! because It's cheap enough . Product strategy , Every time 2 Zhou Shangxin , Fixed every time 15 A paragraph . Every sku We only do 100 Pieces of , Stop when you've sold out . Add the order for the good ones , Until I feel like I can't sell it, I won't add any more orders . Maybe someone will ask , So few categories , How to do so high on the new . It's very simple , pattern . All kinds of cartoon patterns , Anyway, it's all . You'll see ! Our products are made of fabrics that meet the baby standards , Although the cost is high , But conscience is the key . Of course , We'll keep reminding mom and Dad , Soak any clothes before children wear them 30 Wash it in minutes . This is very necessary . Remind again and again , Users will feel warm !

In the process of customer service, we also keep telling mom , Children wear clothes 2-3 It's a month old , Pay that much for UNIQLO or h&m Other expensive , It's not worth it . also , I think To tell you , UNIQLO sells 59 Yuan of children's pure cotton T T-shirt , The cost is 12-15 yuan !!! In China, this is basically oem The general price of . Some brands sell to 89,99 a , No kidding , It's a huge profit ! We are the through train for promotion + Drill show , To screen out the target groups precisely , Put in a good position , The pain point of the combination of writing and writing . Such as : It's better to buy the right one than the expensive one , It's like the United States Big name T T-shirt , We're cheap, but not cheap ,15 element T T-shirt , Environmental Compliance , Take care of your baby , But we'll pay for it 100 Times equal . Of course, the point is , Our fabrics are up to standard , Can stand any test ! Good products make repeat customers ! Of course , We also have a supplement , But just make up for the early sales .

Promotion fees only account for... Of monthly sales 10%!! But our artists often work overtime , Promotion is also , Because we need to promote it accurately , Effective , So pictures need high click through rate . And the deal of the product , It's customer service + The combination of detailed language art and visual art . Let's talk about it next time !

 From Taobao small 2, To start their own business to do tmall Taobao operation ,14 Years of time and experience sharing