What if the iPhone doesn't sound? Don't panic. I'll take care of it

In the beginning, we just used mobile phones to make calls 、 Texting , If one day your mobile phone calls suddenly no sound , What are you gonna do? ? The same is true of Apple phones , It lost even its most basic function , What do you want it for ? This problem must be solved in time so as not to affect your life and work . If that happens , You can fix it yourself , But Apple phones are special . Non professional , It is not recommended to operate by yourself . Or suggest that you find a local professional maintenance master to help repair .

iPhone What if there's no sound ? Don't panic. , I'll take care of it

Today, Xiaobian is right in the ordinary iPhone In the process of using, you will encounter iPhone Make a summary of the sound problems and solutions , Share it with the fans , If you think it is useful, you can forward it to your circle of friends , Keep it in reserve .

One 、 The receiver or speaker is very low .

The common cause of this problem is basically dust , This is also caused by the aging of the receiver or the aging or displacement of the loudspeaker .

I suggest you use a toothbrush to clean the receiver and speakers , If there's a dip, it's the best , Or a special cleaner for other electronic products ( Such as :530 etc. ), Remember not to let a lot of detergent flow into iPhone Inside , Otherwise, it will cause iPhone Damage to internal parts .

iPhone What if there's no sound ? Don't panic. , I'll take care of it

Two 、 You can't hear what people say or the speakerphone doesn't sound .

If your phone , You can't hear each other , They can hear you , This is basically the next camera before the receiver breaks down , You can replace a receiver , Tens of dollars each , You can do that The simplest and most common problem , It's also easy to replace . If there's sound in the receiver , There is no sound in the hands-free system , Then change your cell phone .

3、 ... and 、 People can't hear you .

be familiar with iPhone Most apple lovers know that ,iPhone There are multiple transmitters , So if the other person doesn't hear , There are usually two situations .

  1. The caller can't hear the voice on the phone . The trouble is iPhone The transmitter at the bottom is damaged . The transmitter and the tail plug are on the same line . Although the transmitter can be replaced separately , But the price of accessories is not high , Generally, the whole tail cable is replaced directly .

2、SIRI No sound , Wechat video chat, the other party can't hear the voice . The trouble is that the transmitter in the front camera is faulty , The way to identify this type of failure is also very simple , You use the front camera to record and speak , After recording, broadcast , If there's only video and no sound , It means that the transmitter of the front camera is broken , The maintenance is also to replace the front camera cable .

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