Talk about the traffic I understand
Let's start with the title , Let's talk about the traffic I understand .

There is no Internet before traffic , It's not on the line 、 Offline , There's no extra charge 、 free , That means this includes all the traffic . Of course, this does not include mobile traffic !

Why talk about traffic today ? Because a lot of people don't understand , In other words, there is no in-depth study to practice . As a boss , I don't care what traffic you have , I wish I could make money . But as a practitioner , You should distinguish between .

such as :SEO What kind of traffic does the traffic obtained by means belong to ?

Why some seem to have a lot of traffic, why they don't have much value ?

Should traffic be the king or products be the king , Which one is right ?

If you don't judge the above three questions very accurately , So please follow the author's thinking and look down .

About what traffic is , I don't want to give it to you . Baidu understands what mobile traffic is for ordinary users ,4G Traffic , And here it mainly refers to potential users or customers . Let's talk about the traffic classification first , Just for personal understanding .

If the traffic is divided by source place , It can be divided into online traffic and offline traffic ;

How to divide the traffic according to whether it costs money or not , It can be divided into paid traffic and free traffic ;

If the traffic is divided by platform and individual , It can be divided into public domain traffic and private domain traffic .

If you want to share , It can also be divided into large flow and small flow , By gender , Men traffic and women traffic . According to the attributes, it can be divided into domestic flow and foreign flow , Too much too much . Is it a little dizzy ? Don't say , I feel a little dizzy when I write

So many kinds of classified traffic , Actually , There are two types of traffic , That is, keyword traffic and relationship chain traffic ( In the past, the author described relationship chain traffic as social traffic , They are also called active search traffic and passive acceptance traffic )

Keywords traffic

Keywords traffic , Therefore, it is named Siyi, which is the traffic generated by keywords . When will keywords be used ? Who is using keywords ? Are keywords just words ? Is there keyword traffic in offline traffic ? How big is the keyword flow ?

The author did it for ten years SEO 了 (SEO, Search engine optimization , Is the use of optimization means in the search engine [ Take Baidu for example ] The technology of ranking top in keyword search results ). So do SEO Of , If even the most basic keywords will not be mined , No analysis , Will not layout to want to optimize the page , that SEO Maybe not yet !

To understand this keyword , We have to think about how it came about . Was the Internet useful before ? In fact, it will also be used . give an example , Do you all go to the library to borrow books . Before there was no computer , These records will be recorded in some special books , If you're looking for a book , You need to know the name first , such as 《 A dream of red mansions 》. This dream of Red Mansions is the key word .

In the age of Internet , Yahoo's earliest catalog , When it's less likely, you can find it by category , But more and more , We need to search . So the first Yahoo was born SEO. Speaking of this , Teacher Guoping ( science SEO The proposer , Former Alibaba SEO Experts ) say , Amazon is the one that did it well SEO.

What was Amazon the first to do ? Selling books . Similarly, , Moving offline bookstores to online bookstores . It's even earlier than Alibaba that we know now . There is also a follower in China , It's called Dangdang . But Amazon is not only selling books now , And Dangdang, you know . On the contrary, Jingdong is very good at learning . Jingdong's SEO It is also obtained for several years in a row SEO Ranking optimization .

SEO Development has 20+ Years. , Where there is a search, there are keywords , So there's traffic . It asked , When will keywords be used ? That is, when you want to take the initiative to find something you want , We all need to use keywords , At present, of course, it mainly refers to words .

such as , Do you want to know if the author is reliable , How would you like to search for authors in Baidu ? If you want to know more about , Do you want to be able to search the author at the meeting . Another example , You want to know what the epidemic is like , Where can I sell masks , You may go to Baidu search , You may go to Taobao Jingdong to search for masks .

 Let's talk about the traffic I understand

  • ( Baidu's 7-day search for the most concerned pneumonia news )

Again for instance , It said Baidu Taobao knows , Is it on wechat ? Is it in the headlines ? Tiktok? ? In fact, there are . Or what words , As long as there's a search box , All have keyword traffic . For example, baidu pictures have a search box , Someone searched for pictures with pictures , We can also understand it as keyword flow The amount .

Relationship chain traffic

author , About keyword traffic actually wrote a lot , About SEO I wrote a lot , If you want to see , You can reply to keywords 【2019】 Take a look at the previous articles . Next, we will focus on relationship chain traffic !

Maybe you'll ask , author , In the final analysis, is the flow of relationship chain big or keyword big ? Is my business suitable for keyword traffic or relationship chain traffic ? What if it's up to you , You can move on with your thoughts .

Actually , Keyword traffic and relationship chain traffic are not spear and shield , It's a complementary relationship , I'll talk about .

What is relationship chain traffic ? So called relationship chain traffic , That is, the user has a relationship with you before . Simple understanding is called trust traffic . In the private domain traffic spread a word that sounds a little cold is , I treat you as a friend , You treat me as a private traffic .

I don't understand , for instance , What do you have on wechat 1000 Good friends , You sent a circle of friends , Whether it's advertising or not , As long as a friend sees and acts ( Click in or comment ) Forget it .

You may have asked me , The traffic in the jitter is not tiktok or relational chain. . That's a bit true , But if you pay attention to your account number , Pushing you is the chain of relationships . And the hot videos you can see , It's also the platform that makes recommendations .

How do we do relationship chain traffic ?

If you're a person , It is suggested that you can build your own personality IP. Suit the individual IP It's a long process , You need to provide value . As for what you produce, it's text 、 picture 、 voice 、 Video or live broadcast is OK .

If you're a business , You can build a business IP. Build an enterprise IP, In fact, it is to make the enterprise more humanized . For example, there is a brand called three squirrels . You are an enterprise , You have to think about where your users are ? For example, your users are all on wechat , Should you have a official account? ? If your users like to watch short videos , Are you going to tiktok? , Kwai go to open an account. ?

You may ask , There are only a few people in our company , Busy websites are busy , Which official account is sometimes made? ? Two days ago, someone asked me on the author's planet , The official account has been doing traffic before. , And then I want to be a website SEO Traffic , Can you do it ?

Actually , My advice to him is , It can be done . Do you have enough experience ? Don't assume that SEO Free traffic easy to get , Actually SEO You can't invest less than you spend . For example, before I saw the world of making money, Yiren said , You don't have to have a website , An official account. , You may be able to start a wechat business .

Do relationship chain flow , The first thing to think about is your user attributes , yes 2B( It's not a jerk , It's for businesses ) still 2C( Face the individual ). Of course , Do keyword traffic also want to distinguish . Because the users are different , His needs are different .

What is the 2B still 2C What is more suitable for relationship chain traffic , Not necessarily . Don't be cognitive biased , I think my clients are all business owners , How can they brush the video , Look at the official account. ? Actually 2B Behind it is a person .

People who really play with traffic , It must be a combination of keyword traffic and relationship traffic . Whether it's an individual or a company . You ask the author, are you ? Have a guess , Hey .

Guo Ping said in his way of traffic that the one who can play with traffic is Ma Yun . CCTV won in China as a comment guest , I don't know how much popularity it brings to Alibaba .

Give me another example that you can understand . Now put in the flow of information ( headlines , Guang Dian Tong , Baidu ) quite a lot , Many people forget to put the brand in their advertisements , In fact, a lot of advertising expenses are wasted . Users may not buy you this time , But if he knows your brand , Next time , They might search .

If you don't do it , Is the flow of brand words gone . Even if you put the brand words , But the search results don't have your results , It's also lost . Let's take another real example , I'm hiding , A friend said before , Specially in intercepts others to throw the advertisement flow word , Then do related keyword articles on wechat .( I won't go into more detail , Not very convenient )

Take me , my SEO Keyword search traffic is actually OK , Why do we still need to do relationship chain traffic ? Because the search came in , I don't know , We need to communicate constantly . And continue to share some of their own free combat traffic methods , Let others know , And that creates trust , Then there is business cooperation .

remember , Whether it's keywords or relationship chain traffic , Behind them are all living people . No matter you are 2B still 2C Business , It's all about trust . Otherwise , Even if others consume impulsively , Or cut leeks , that , You can't go far after all !

What the article mentioned before is that traffic is king , Or is the product king ? The author here thinks that , Both are equally important . Although my product is good , The fragrance of wine , Besides, there are so many products now , It doesn't have to be your product !

Although you have a lot of traffic , But if the product is not good , But the flow is still the flow of other people's home after all . Now there are too many people who can play with traffic , And where are the channels !

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