Hand in hand take you know Taobao through train, don't understand how he can drive well
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Let's briefly introduce the content of this article , Start with the different uses of the through train , To introduce the specific operation method of each use in detail , For example, how to measure money ? How to make a crowd ? How to drive natural search ? What matters most is how to use the through train to pull the flow of home page , After reading each part, you can practice it , Look at it several times. , Too basic operation , I won't write the bid for the plan , I don't know. I have to study the backstage first .

The through train is a tool used by almost everyone who opens a shop , But do you really know what the through train is for ? I don't know how to make good use of it ? A simple example , Chinese kung fu , In the eyes of the elderly and ordinary people, it is used to strengthen the body , In the eyes of martial arts novelists, it is used to compete with each other for the leader of the Wulin , In the eyes of athletes, they can win glory for their country , It can be appreciated in the eyes of the audience , Etc., etc. , It has different functions for different people , But they all glow and heat , It's the same with the through train , It has different functions for different businesses , Today, let's count the functions of through train , How do you use . From me 12 When I began to contact the through train in , Everyone's recognized impression of the through train is the official plug-in , And it's a super plug-in , Because even if 0 Sales of products will also have an opportunity to appear on the home page , So it's really an adverse function , So we must make good use of the through train .

 Hand in hand take you know Taobao through train , I don't know how he can drive well

The above is a summary of several common uses of through train , Let's start with one by one .

Part 1

Testing capabilities .

This test also has different requirements for different businesses , There are different demands for different products , If you want to choose the potential style from the new batch of styles , So you need to test first , If you don't have a big fan base , No new concept has been developed , Then the first function of the through train is reflected . There is also a product title and main picture, but it's better not to change it once it goes up , Changes affect weights , In my opinion, the most important thing is to change the main picture , The second is to change the title , The details are almost negligible , But changing the title is only less than one sixth , It's as much as the main picture , And if you want to change the title after it's fixed , best 5 Within a word , So if you want to have a higher click through rate of the main product map The title covers more keywords , It should be optimized before or after the launch , At this time, the second function of the through train is to help you , You can measure a lot of things , Let's see what we can measure , How to measure .

Generally speaking, there are two cases of through train test , We don't talk about intelligence promotion here , Words added by smart plan itself cannot be transferred to bid alone , We can't transfer people , So it is not very recommended to use intelligence to map and measure keywords , The two situations here are before and after the products are put on the shelves , If you're worried about the impact of changing the title after the product is on the shelves , Then you can set the baby to be on the shelf at a certain time , And then when we promote it, we choose to put it on the shelves regularly , Then select the baby that has been set to be put on the shelves at a fixed time , The others are the same as the normal operation of the through train , Choose words, add people, etc . The disadvantage of this method is that you can't see the transformed data , And then the product pre-sale stage , How much will also affect the decision-making of some buyers , Such as collection and purchase .

 Hand in hand take you know Taobao through train , I don't know how he can drive well

 Hand in hand take you know Taobao through train , I don't know how he can drive well

Another is the promotion of products after they are put on the shelves , This is the normal through train operation , So you have to think about it when you do it , Of course, this is for new products , If it's an old product, it's still the second way , You can't get off the shelf and set the timer , It's not worth the trouble .

And then first, how to map .

Purpose : There's also a click through rate of the main image when searching ( It's just that you can't see the data on the wireless end ), High click through rate will also drive certain weight , There will be more visitors to the store .

Method :

There are also two situations , A quick mapping , One is to test with keywords .

Quick Mapping :

First of all, after building the plan , Four ideas full up , Pictures don't repeat , We must choose the rotation mode , And then when you add keywords , Choose a few long tail keywords of the industry , The presentation index should not be too low , And then look at the creative presentation , Show the amount of 2-3 When you're 100, look at the click through rate , If it's higher than the industry 1.5 Double counting can be used , Those below the industry average should be replaced in time , And then look at the click through rate , Bad original intention and creative Title deleted , Create a new creative plan and title , This makes the data more intuitive .

Answering question : Why choose some long tail words ?

Because the long tail words are generally high click rate , People who search for this kind of word are very purposeful , So if these people's click through rate is not high , So the illustration is a little bit poor .

Accurate mapping :

Build a plan — contribution — Four creative rounds — Choose the right crowd , This is the general through train operation , But we should add as many words as possible , As long as the words match the product attributes , In this case, the graph is generally equal 2-3 Days of data , Adjust keywords and people first , Cut in time , then 2-3 After a few days, we can judge whether the graph is good or bad , Except for those special graphs with poor click through rates , Early replacement is generally not recommended . In this way, the measured image is more suitable for their own crowd , It's also very helpful for the cultivation of people's labels in the later stage .

Answering question : Why can't we also use the long tail here ?

The purpose of this plan is still words The crowd The main picture is measured together , So we need to add more words , Let's measure it together , You can also think about the title .

matters needing attention : It's better to measure more pictures , Because there will be weight removal when searching , If the creative map of the through train is the same as the main map, it will remove the weight when searching , So try to separate the idea map from the search map , It's also a preparation for future measurement . In the early stage of creative mapping, we must choose the rotation , The goal is to make the presentation more balanced , Easy to judge data .

Test title :

Purpose : Find high quality keywords to write titles , In order to cover more search terms , Introduce more search traffic

Method :

The title here is actually the choice of words for your title , First of all, when you start the title, you will definitely choose a lot of keywords to group , But not every word looks that good , for instance : I used to search for a word with a high index

 Hand in hand take you know Taobao through train , I don't know how he can drive well

Dry dandelion inside , Related search terms are the most popular 【 Dandelion tea with flowers and roots 】 , High search rate, less online products , Generally speaking, such a word is a must , So I took it out for backup , But in my through train Promotion , The location of the basic card top three , The search index is very small , Than 【 Dry dandelion 】 This word is so different .

 Hand in hand take you know Taobao through train , I don't know how he can drive well

Look, the through train data is also very small , You can measure this kind of words , But it doesn't have to be traffic , I haven't thoroughly studied this situation , Hope to understand people can discuss or point out , My guess is , The search volume of the word itself is not large , But there must be a single brush phenomenon , But not many people choose this word in the through train , So in the business staff, the index is relatively large , The index in the through train is relatively small , The data calculation methods in these two places are also different , So the data is much worse , I personally prefer through train data , So if you choose the right word, don't worry, just use it , You can test the through train data first , Show quantity Clicks , etc. . After such a long time to test , Business advisors have the word flow , The through train doesn't have to show , The through train show is good. Business advisors usually have a good show .

This is also the importance of measuring words , You should consider whether you want to change it to the title .

Test the crowd

Let's first talk about why people are being tested , as everyone knows , Now the impact of crowd labels is more severe , Amoy Too much impact on the label , If it's too messy, you can't see the data, which will have an impact on the idea of operation promotion , So how to see if the crowd is biased , The simplest way to look at business flow — Visitor analysis — Visitors compare the data ,

 Hand in hand take you know Taobao through train , I don't know how he can drive well

Look at the left column for unpaid visitors , The middle column is paying for new buyers , The column on the right is old visitors , Look in this picture 44% The unit price of unpaid customers is 0-20 The crowd , And the people who pay are 47% yes 40-80 Of , So this crowd is a bit chaotic , You can also watch this first 30 Day data , And then look 7 God , And then look 1 God , If 0-20 The number of people is increasing , It shows that the crowd is more and more chaotic , This is the time to analyze what you have done recently .

I've also written some posts before , How to add people , Let's talk about it briefly today , Some of the added people are recommended by the system

 Hand in hand take you know Taobao through train , I don't know how he can drive well

 Hand in hand take you know Taobao through train , I don't know how he can drive well

There is also the combination of their own , Look at the crowd in the picture above 40-80 women , You can see the age below , Use these words to combine and promote , If the category is large , It covers a large number of people , It can be used 3 Class one

 Hand in hand take you know Taobao through train , I don't know how he can drive well

Each red box is one level , Two is the second level , Three are three levels , Generally, if Level 3 can cover 500+, You can test it , If it's really rare, let it go to the secondary population and start testing .

This is the crowd part , The measured crowd is the main crowd of the shop in the later stage .

Test the style

Purpose : When you operate the shop, a good style is very necessary for the shop , Whether it's a new store or a new product , All need to choose a good style from the inside to operate , If the store itself doesn't have many fans , The traffic is also relatively small , So the most common way to test money is through the through train , You can increase the purchase rate by collecting 、 Conversion rate 、 Production and other data to judge the quality of the style .

The mapping mentioned above , Word testing , After testing all the people , Basically, we can see the quality of the style , Generally, the main data is the click through rate 、 Conversion rate 、 Collection and purchase rate 、 Put into production, etc , If it's a new product, focus on the collection and purchase rate .

Let's talk about the style measurement completely :

Standard plan measurement :

First of all, look at the product data from the business staff , From the existing data to screen a few you feel good style , And then put it in the through train to test , The basic operation is Word choice — Add people — Four creative pictures in turn .

In the early stage of choosing words, try to choose the second level words , The more the better , Standard products are generally accurate matching , Non standard products can be widely used , There are also large categories and small categories for standard products , The flow of small categories is relatively small , You can add some traffic words , If it's still too little, we can try it widely , But it depends on the real-time words

 Hand in hand take you know Taobao through train , I don't know how he can drive well

If the entry words are not related to the product at all , It's still about precision matching , And the early standard products should be clamped , If you don't have a big word card, don't , Only words with a certain amount of flow and can be stuck in the position , In the later stage, the weight can be enlarged .

There are also many people who ask me why there is a big flow of words in the keywords , And then, after the price is lowered , Another word traffic is up again , It's another key word ?

This problem is generally caused by a wide range of reasons , If you have such words, you can look at your real-time store entry words , See if it's relevant to the product , If not, it can be adjusted to accuracy .

Secondly, the crowd should be added accordingly , First of all, people who are suitable for shops must add , The business consultant went to see , Combined with their own understanding of the product to set up , It says , Don't repeat .

Creative pictures, four rounds , Don't repeat the creative title , Cover as many keywords as possible , In this way, the weight of keywords is also a bonus item , Here's a little trick , After you test the pictures , Turn the carousel to optimum , Most of the time, it's going to raise some quality scores , It's also the weight of creativity .

In fact, for the accurate matching and extensive matching in the through train , Or first level words, second level words 、 Second class crowd, third season crowd and so on , There is no question whether it should be opened or not , It doesn't exist. Can we do it , You can test it , Look at the data after the test , Adjust according to the data , It's true that every store and every product is different , We should adjust it according to our actual situation .

Test money can also be done with intelligent promotion plan ,

 Hand in hand take you know Taobao through train , I don't know how he can drive well

You can quickly test a batch of products , Choose some key promotion from them . Pay attention here , The scene should choose the baby test , The presentation will be more even , Easy to read data .

Intelligent promotion can also add some words of your own choice , Just add something that fits the product , The words selected by the intelligent planning system can also be seen in the report , Good words can be added to the standard plan later .

 Hand in hand take you know Taobao through train , I don't know how he can drive well

Part 2


Of course, the purpose of most people who drive through trains is to drain , Only by introducing traffic can you test the quality of the style , Only with the foundation can we judge the quality of product data .

The purpose of rich local tyrants driving is to seize the market , Willing to spend money , Increase brand exposure and visibility , Although the effect may not be as good as drill show , But if you're willing to spend money , There's nothing you can't do .

The drainage of ordinary people is still for basic sales of products , Then test the images, keywords, people, etc .

There's nothing to say about this , Let's go on to what we are generally concerned about .

Part 3

Pull the crowd 【 This is a combination of the above crowd 】

There's no need to say more about the importance of crowd labels now , If you want to sell well, you have to catch your own crowd , But in the early stage, it is inevitable that some operations will cause label confusion , Typical is Taoke 、 Brush the list, etc , Because that part of the buyer's purchase is chaotic , The price is low , So it's an impact on the store crowd , The most intuitive expression from the analysis of visitors is the average unit price of visitors , Compared with the transaction range of the transaction buyer .

It's a common way to pull people by through train , Mainly through the analysis of the store crowd to customize the most suitable for the store , Then focus on the operation when adding the crowd . But you can't force it either , We have to judge by data feedback , Some people may not perform well , At this time, if we force the data to the crowd , On the contrary, it brings side effects , Not really recommended , So we still need to add more tests .

If you want to use the through train to make the crowd, you'd better choose the key words first , People are also based on keywords , Plan well 、 After measuring the data , You can slowly drag down the price of keywords , And then gradually increase the crowd premium , Bring traffic to the crowd .

The premise of price delay is that the daily quota runs fast every day , Then the weight of the plan should be high enough , The click through rate is higher than that of the industry 1.5 About times , Only in this way can we carry out price dragging operation , Every down 10% It's better to be within , Until we can't finish a day's race, we can increase the crowd premium .

Part 4

With natural search

This should be a matter of great concern to everyone , Many people have asked me this question . To drive natural search , First of all, you need to understand what the search mechanism is , And how the through train affects these mechanisms .

The factors that affect the weight are the product price 、 sales 、 title 、DSR、 evaluation 、 Attribute integrity, etc , And then from the data , visitor 、 Conversion rate 、 Click through rate of main map 、 Jump loss rate 、 residence time 、 Collection and purchase rate 、 Sales trend 、 sales 、UV Value and so on , These all affect the weight of products more or less .

The most important ones

Price : Since the search for low-cost products weakened , The power of low price is lower , But for now , Taobao is likely to restart low-cost products , You know the reason . Low price, high quality , Good service .

DSR& evaluation : From all along and recently 618 Sign up to see ,DSR Taobao has always attached great importance to , More buyer oriented , So we should pay more attention to product quality , There are also store services , Let buyers worry less , Don't worry , Logistics can't affect the speed of express delivery , But in the delivery time and try to let the express to pick up as soon as possible . When you're at a certain level , It's the details that determine your sales .

Conversion rate : I don't think it's necessary to say much about this , The importance index is ten stars

sales : In fact, it can also be understood as pit production , The data of pit production is becoming more and more important now . No matter through train or other traffic sources , The requirements for pit production are relatively strict .

Data growth trend : In fact, it's the same as the previous spiral , Whether it's visitors or conversion rate , It is necessary to have an increasing trend ,

Like the others Click through rate We should also pay attention to the miss rate .

And then you look at the through train data ,

 Hand in hand take you know Taobao through train , I don't know how he can drive well

show Click through rate Add to the collection Conversion rate Production and other data , See if it can reach the industry average , If you want to drive the search, you should at least optimize it to the industry 1.5 About times , The most important thing is the click through rate Conversion rate Put into production .

There is a saying in the background of the through train that is worth thinking about :

 Hand in hand take you know Taobao through train , I don't know how he can drive well

How to interpret 【 Natural flow exposure data 】

1、 Natural flow exposure \ Natural flow conversion amount , How the two data are calculated ?

Natural flow exposure , It's through the calculation of the through train, after clicking , Accordingly, the number of transactions increased \ Collection \ purchased \ The number of stores , So as to enhance the overall competitiveness of your store and baby , Calculate the additional natural flow exposure value for you in the selected time period .

Natural flow conversion amount , It is to calculate the corresponding amount of natural flow conversion according to your additional exposure value of natural flow .

2、 Why my data fluctuates ?

Natural flow exposure \ Natural flow conversion amount , A deal with the through train \ Collection \ purchased \ It's about entering the store , Different cumulative effects will bring corresponding data fluctuations .

3、 How to continuously and stably obtain natural flow exposure ?

Natural traffic exposure can be seen as an additional gain after the promotion of the through train . Continuous and stable input and efficient output It helps you to get continuous and stable exposure data .

The key point is that the last continuous and stable input and efficient output will help you to obtain continuous and stable exposure data , Therefore, the continuity and high production of the through train are more important .

If all aspects of the through train data are ready , Natural search is still not growing , Then we have to watch it with the whole store , What kind of data doesn't work , Search conversion rate, jump rate and growth situation, etc , We can't just look at the through train data .

The main problem is the price performance ratio of products , There are also comments , details , In store activities , The competitiveness of products in the same industry , If the through train conversion rate is good , Search conversion is low , It can be analyzed from the words of entering the store and the people in the store , Let's see if there is any difference between the search entry words and the through train words , There is also a mess of people in the shop . All of these will cause different conversion rates , And the search will be more big words , The conversion rate of the word itself is lower , The word "through train" is generally used to control the delivery .

There's also the concept of real-time weights , I don't know if you have such a feeling , All of a sudden, a lot of orders come in one time period of the day , After that, there will be no orders or more stable , And then, after a while, we'll call in some orders , I think it can be considered as the influence of real-time weight , I'm still testing this , I'm not sure what I said is right , I'll share it after I test it .

Part 5【 Final dry goods 】

Do home page traffic

Now Taobao also pays attention to global traffic , The most important one in the whole domain is the home page traffic , For today's finale .

Let's look at the sources of these traffic data first , Generally speaking, the home page traffic refers to guess what you like , There is also a taonei free other , The flow is also considerable , This taonei free, other generally refers to Guess where you like during and after the purchase , Understand the sources of these data, and then look at their characteristics , The main features are , There's a lot of traffic , Burst fast , The transformation is low , It's hard to recover if it falls fast , And it's different from the characteristics of people searching for goods , Home page traffic is looking for people , Understand these and then analyze how to do it ?

I'm also a normal buyer , But I may only open Taobao to search when I need it , Sometimes I go to see the changes of the home page , No matter in my search to buy also good-looking home page or , I'll look at it and guess where you like , See if there's anything I need , Generally speaking, the products that attract me most are those with clear details and can be seen at a glance , Plus some of the tests we've done , Pictures have a great impact on the home page traffic , The advice given by the government is shallow, with few words or no words , So pictures can be written without writing , Write as little as possible , It's better to highlight the characteristics of the product within four or five words , Light color .

 Hand in hand take you know Taobao through train , I don't know how he can drive well

So the first picture , First meet the requirements of the system and be able to capture the interests of the buyer . This is also the key factor to maintain good home page traffic in the later period . There's no good way , It's just more tests , The requirements for shooting are relatively high . Take more shots and measure more .

For guessing where you like to grab the picture, I have also consulted customer service , The meaning of customer service is that there is no grabbing , The system will judge whether your product meets their recommendation requirements , If it meets the promotion requirements , Then the system will recommend your product to guess where you like , As for this standard, the machine itself judges it , And the pictures on display are not necessarily the first pictures , It could be any one of the main pictures , It could be SKU chart , Or maybe those uploaded by the material center , As long as your product meets the recommended standards , Then the system will automatically select high-quality pictures from your products for display , Basically, I've seen the pictures of these positions on the home page , You can also watch more , There's another place , I guess you like mapping tools ,

 Hand in hand take you know Taobao through train , I don't know how he can drive well

【 There is no entrance during the internal test , You can only click the link to enter , Go to the forum 】 You can go in and see if any of the items meet the requirements , If it meets the requirements, the drawing can be made according to the requirements .

Head picture It must be better than the picture in the material center , These two positions are the most likely to be chosen .

The center of the material :

 Hand in hand take you know Taobao through train , I don't know how he can drive well

 Hand in hand take you know Taobao through train , I don't know how he can drive well

Okay, so much about the pictures , In fact, it is still to maintain the home page traffic , Only good pictures can attract more people to click , Of course, this is only one aspect , Whether it can be maintained depends on the store and product base , see Transformation and pit production data .

Let's talk about how the through train does the home page traffic :【 Want to focus on the home page 】

Through train pull home traffic mainly through directional to do , But first understand the concept of orientation , Orientation is based on the crowd , And the crowd is based on keywords , So it's essential to make a keyword plan first , I'm not going to repeat this , Brief introduction ,

Choose the right words and the right people in the early stage , Weight up , It's better to cut the crowd , Other click through rate, conversion rate, purchase rate, etc. are relatively stable , If you don't want to give up this plan, start a new one to focus on orientation , The shopping intention label has been opened , Here we should pay attention to the picture as I said before , Be sure to measure a graph that is higher than the industry's click through rate , That's how it's going to last , The measured image can also be used in the main image or material center .

 Hand in hand take you know Taobao through train , I don't know how he can drive well

Then choose the position you want to drive in , These positions are commonly used

 Hand in hand take you know Taobao through train , I don't know how he can drive well

I guess you like , I guess you like it during and after the purchase ,( Be careful , No matter in the original keyword plan or the new plan, don't have keywords , Just keep the orientation position , Easy to operate traffic )

After testing the plan and opening the orientation, wait for the goods to enter the pool , This is a long winded one , The concept of entering the pool was originally directed , You can enter dingxiangchi only when you bid to a certain position , At this time, even if the price of goods is still in the directional pool , So if your product goes into the pool, guess what you like , Strictly speaking, you can reduce the cost of through train later on , That is, the goal has been achieved .

You need to focus on data changes during product pooling , Creative pictures must be higher than the industry average ,1.5 More than 10 times is better ! We should also pay attention to the conversion rate, production rate and collection and purchase rate , See if the product can withstand the late surge of traffic , If these data are not good , Then it's difficult for you to maintain the traffic in the later period , During this period, we can also use old customers to do some data , Give them more discount , Such a crowd will not disturb the shop crowd , You can also increase sales and weight .

After entering the pool period, we need to increase the flow , This is also the original spiral concept , It's also useful , It depends on how you use , If you have a lot of money , You can double that every day to increase directional traffic , That's how to increase traffic , Let's say your previous click through rate has been tested , Then your daily quota should be spent quickly every day , If you can't spend it, you'll see if your daily limit is too high , What's more, the flow of your category is very large , And if your offer is too low , So the advice here is , Don't set the daily limit too high , Otherwise, it's not easy to do it later , It depends on the category , Some categories with high prices can be appropriately higher , Because you have to make sure that you have a certain number of hits every day to plan , You can't have too few hits . Every day, the financial resources are doubled , You can't take it everyday 1.5 I'm going to do it , Do this for a week or so .

To detonate traffic , You should pay attention to the product data during the operation , Conversion rate, production, etc , It has to be good enough , It's also the key to detonating , You have traffic , But data doesn't work , The system will not give you too much traffic , This is not the time to burn money , You have to be productive , Provide... For the platform GMV, Keep customers for the platform , This is the key . It's not the through train traffic that's detonated here , It's your home page , Don't confuse this , If there is still no home page traffic, you have to check the reason , And don't wait seven days to see it , To see the real-time home page traffic changes .

After detonating the flow, it's a stable period , That's what I said before , You can gradually reduce the cost , Don't drop too much at once , Every day 5-10% To scale down , If you have a good through train performance , You can also consider not lowering costs , You can try directional price dragging , The main thing is to lower the bid , And then raise the premium for location . During the stable period , One is the picture I said , Don't adjust at will after measuring , Whether it's the main picture or not , Don't adjust the main picture , And the most critical data is production , And the data directly reflected from the business staff is UV value , This is something to pay attention to .

After all, the through train is just a tool , It depends on the competitiveness of your products , Store operation ability , So you want to create a good home page traffic or search traffic , First of all, we have to test the style , Make sure the style can be operated, and then you can do it , Otherwise, half the effort with half the effort ! And the ability to run the store , See if your supply chain and staffing can stand it , This also needs to be considered , I've seen the product sell well , The supply chain didn't keep up with the dead shops , It's really too much . Or that sentence , Improve your ability , It's more practical than learning all kinds of operation , At least not in a hurry to deal with problems , And can handle it properly .

That's all for the through train , In fact, after carefully reading the post, you will find that it is not only about the content of the through train , There's a band search , There are pull up home page traffic , Each one is dry content , Look at it carefully for a few times, and I hope I can get something for you , I won't talk about the basic operation , Those are the foundations , I won't do it. Let's study the background of the through train first .

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