Young people who are new to the workplace, why should I advise you to learn ppt?
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Why should we learn PPT? Someone needs to work , Some people are personal hobbies , Everyone's purpose may be different . Before we get to the point , I'd like to share with PPT The story between .

 Young people entering the workplace , Why should I advise you to learn PPT?

I remember when I first entered university , I don't know what is PPT, I haven't even heard of it .

Once the teacher asked us to select a knowledge point to make PPT, I'll share it with you in class next week . The unexpected task caught me off guard , I don't know how to do it . Finally, I asked my classmates to help me make a PPT.

This little thing made me realize the gap between me and others , But it didn't make me care .

In the twinkling of an eye, I'm a junior , It's my great honor to participate in the National College Students' extracurricular academic and technological works competition , After months of hard work , We finally got the results .

When participating in the report and defense , The same question is before me again —— Reporting needs PPT demonstration .

In order to ensure PPT The quality of the , I asked about the agent PPT The price of , Poverty limits our pride , In the end, I had to do it myself .

Every day in the bedroom to see the tutorial , Collect excellent information online PPT Take it out and disassemble it page by page 、 analysis , After a week of closure , Just slowly found a little bit of feeling . With the team working together , Successfully passed the report

After this , I really began to study hard PPT.

 Young people entering the workplace , Why should I advise you to learn PPT?

Back to the point , Young people entering the workplace , Why should I advise you to learn PPT Well ?

First ,PPT cannot do well , There could be serious consequences .

2017 year , Baidu design director because PPT It's done It's hard to get fired . Baidu UE At the end of the speech, director Liu Chao , The audience was dissatisfied with the content of Liu Chao's speech , And cried “ You are too low 了 , Go down ”, The live broadcast of the speech was interrupted for several minutes .

 Young people entering the workplace , Why should I advise you to learn PPT?

2018 year , A middle-aged man in Hangzhou died of PPT Too ugly to be fired by the company , And make complaints about Internet hot debate and netizens .

 Young people entering the workplace , Why should I advise you to learn PPT?

2019 A song at the New Oriental annual meeting in 《 Release yourself 》 Circle of friends widely forward , In the lyrics “ Writing is better than working PPT” It resonated with a lot of people . however , A lot of times , It's better to write than to work PPT Of .

Learn from good examples PPT, You may have unexpected results .

1、PPT The personal image of the representative : As the saying goes, words are like people , When we use PPT It's also a personal image when it's on display . Whether it's reporting to leaders , Explain the solution to the customer , Or report on your own campaign , They're all very important exhibition opportunities . Do every job well PPT, Is the text box aligned , Is the picture stretched , It's a reflection of your work attitude ; Whether the logic is clear , Whether the point of view is clear , It's a manifestation of your business ability ; Whether the content is easy to understand and beautiful , It's a manifestation of your expressive ability .

2、 Improve work efficiency : Master well PPT All kinds of skills , It can make you more efficient , Spend time on the edge , Other people can finish the report in two days , You can easily finish it in half a day .

 Young people entering the workplace , Why should I advise you to learn PPT?

3、 Be your sideline :PPT well done , You can make money . You can design and sell quality PPT Original template , It can be customized for others PPT, You can do it PPT Offline training , You can also write a book about PPT Best seller .

4、 Strengthen personal logical thinking ability : Logic is PPT Soul , therefore , In making and demonstrating PPT In the process of , You need to think about how to organize information 、 display information 、 Convey a message . I can really do PPT People who , Can put the PPT Good people , They always have ideas 、 have a lucid brain 、 Logical .

5、 Enhance the aesthetic pattern : A good one PPT, It must also be a good-looking one PPT.PPT Color matching of 、 Layout 、 typeface 、 Style is a university . Can do a good job PPT, That means your aesthetic ability is very good .
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