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Write PPT It's a combination of thinking 、 aesthetic 、 An art of demonstration ; Want to go from PPT Novices become acquaintances 、 from PPT Old gun advanced Daniel ? You need to master these hard core technologies .

Don't talk much , Direct delivery !

 Speak through PPT It's a technical job

Speaking of PPT Making , Most people's first reaction is how to make the vision look good , But it's just good typography PPT Just like the girls in the nightclub , With attractive and beautiful appearance , But the lack of interesting and vivid soul . If you often write in your life and work PPT, You will find that although visual typesetting is important , But it's just a supplementary element to the icing on the cake .

And an excellent PPT yes “ conceived ”“ Design ”“ deductive ” The effective combination of the three links ,PPTer Need to play three roles at the same time : director , The designer , actor .

 Speak through PPT It's a technical job

(1) The idea is PPT The premise of

Clear objectives : Need reading or speaking PPT?

Reading type PPT It is to present the information we want to express in detail in the slide , There will be more words and content ; Speech type PPT Just distill out the key points , It mainly depends on the speaker's explanation and demonstration .

Collect ideas : Is the point clear ?

It's better to summarize it in one sentence PPT The theme of , I want to persuade others in a short time during the speech , It's very important to refine the theme in one sentence ; For example, many people introduce the advantages of the company, and often say integrated business , On the contrary, let the other party not see where the core advantage is .

For example, Jumei first targeted group buying of women's cosmetics , It has attracted a large number of loyal female users who love beauty ; With the business expansion and transformation into a diversified e-commerce platform , On the contrary, it makes the user's cognition of Jumei superior products blurred , There was also a precipitous decline in performance . Of course, in the process of transformation, Jumei premium products also involve the problem of product quality , I won't go into details here .

Rationalize logic : How to move people ?

First of all, think about what kind of people the audience is ,PPT Whether the content can move them , This requires PPTer Good user analysis and insight , To understand human nature .

Jobs is launching Ipod When , What he said was ” hold 1000 Put your favorite song in your pocket “; And then the others MP3 Manufacturers are emphasizing how many products are stored G. Which way is more advanced and moving , It's clear at first sight .

(2) Design makes PPT sublimation

Change numerous for brief

The simplification here includes : Simplification of visual design and simplicity of content design .PPT There must be no unnecessary parts in it , Only in this way can the important content be reflected .

There is a hot topic on Zhihu ” Is there a one sentence horror story “, One of the most classic high vote answers is “ Let me just say a few words to you ”.

The beauty is exquisite

Man is born to be a visual animal , Adore beautiful things .PPT You have to have beauty to be more persuasive , Make it easier for the audience to accept our point of view , So how to put PPT Beautiful design , It's a basic skill that must be tempered .

The following two pictures are the comparison before and after simplification and beautification , It's a good illustration of ” Change numerous for brief “ and ” Aesthetic feeling “ Importance .

Before beautification

After beautification

(3) Deduction decides PPT Height

Deduction is also a great test PPTer Skill , It determines the audience's absorption of your ideas and information .

Be true and sincere

The ideas and information we share should be true , Be sincere . Because the audience is much smarter than we think , There is no room for deception . The audience can be sharp Of Be aware of the truth of the information 、 Is the speaker sincere .

The bridge of humor

You need some impressive passages in the process of your speech . Steve's favorite use of this technique at Apple's press conference , At a press conference, jobs pulled... Out of the envelope macAir, Later, the media all over the world used this picture as a report .

Temperament and aura

During the speech , Smile and confidence are essential weapons ; Maybe after the speech , The audience will forget what you said , But they will be impressed by the temperament and aura you show in your speech .

Creative ending

At the end , If you can use a creative ending , It's going to give you a sense of not having enough ; Einstein said ” Logic allows you to start from A To B, But imagination can take you anywhere ".

 Speak through PPT It's a technical job

I believe a lot of people have experienced this , It took a lot of effort to make a feel good PPT, When I show it to leaders or clients , But it's not what they want ; In this case, in addition to communication is not in place , It is also very likely that there is a problem with the production process . Master how to make PPT In the right order , It can avoid ineffective output and reduce rework .

The first thing to know is , A complete copy PPT Structure

 Speak through PPT It's a technical job

Let's talk about production PPT In the right order

(1) Turn it off before you write PPT, Think first

In the official writing Don't worry about it before , The first PPT Turn it off 了 , Think about the following :

Clear requirements

Be clear about this PPT Core objectives of , It's to introduce the company or new products ? To understand the difficulties and problems ? Or to report ? Be clear about this PPT Occasion of use , It's at the product launch ? It's a proposal for the client ? Or share in the company ?

These factors determine PPT The core theme and content framework of , We have to understand the needs thoroughly , To ensure that the general direction will not go wrong .

Analyze the audience

The age of the audience 、 Social role and other basic attributes ? What kind of writing style do they like 、 Design style and presentation style ?

Whether there is a large professional span between the audience's knowledge structure and the content ? If so , Avoid using too many technical terms , Try to tell the professional content in a simple and easy way .

What topics do the audience like ? What are the most taboo topics ? It's easy to lose control of your speech if you don't grasp it well .

Sort out the framework

After defining the needs and analyzing the audience , Let's sort out the logic of structure and content , This is equivalent to putting PPT The whole skeleton of the car has been set up ; The next thing to do is to fill in the information according to the skeleton , Write the text in detail .

When we sort out the structure and content , It is recommended that you use mind mapping tools ( Such as Baidu brain map 、Xmind etc. ), It can make our thinking clearer 、 More logical , Achieve twice the result with half the effort .

(2)PPT Common precautions for making

To determine the size

The latest version PPT The default size is 16:9, This size fits the habit of the human eye , Most laptop and computer screens also fit this size . But if it's a special occasion , We need to communicate in advance to confirm the size of the projection screen .

Simple layout 、 Uniform style

Simplified text , Don't put a lot of text on the same slide , We need to extract the key words , The paragraphs are clear Of The layout is on the page .

Don't use fancy color combinations , It's better not to have more than three colors on the same slide , And use color schemes that look comfortable .

PPT The overall style of the company should be unified , Some pages can't be business style , Other pages are cartoon style .

Use more pictures and icons

Pictures and icons don't just make PPT More visually powerful 、 More beautiful ; Use pictures and icons properly , It can also accurately convey the information to be expressed 、 Impress the audience .

 Speak through PPT It's a technical job

Check and finalize

After production , Inspection is an essential step , The key points of inspection include : Is there any typo 、 Whether the style is unified 、 Whether the statement is smooth 、 Whether the logic is clear 、 Whether it meets the demand, etc .

Compared to rework when the production is finished , It's better to communicate more before writing 、 Think and prepare more .

 Speak through PPT It's a technical job

There is a group of people in the workplace who are very enviable , No matter what it's about PPT You can just pinch it , Win the praise of leaders and customers , Win the appreciation of other colleagues .

The gap between ordinary people and experts , Most of the time, it's not as far away as you think , Maybe it's just a few core thinking differences . Make PPT There are also some very important core principles , Including the cognitive level 、 At the logical level 、 Communication and Design .

&nbsp One 、 The core principle of cognition

Write PPT Not writing a composition

Many beginners always put a large piece of text in PPT On , It's the easiest mistake a novice can make ; First of all, it's visually very ugly , At the same time, it's hard for the audience to absorb their own opinions . Information presentation should highlight key points 、 Hierarchical induction 、 Visual Visualization .

Highlight the point : Every page PPT Better just highlight 1-2 An important point , Let the audience keep up with the idea .

There are layers of induction : If a page PPT The content can be divided into several parts , There must be a hierarchy of induction and layout .

Visual Visualization : Try to use pictures 、 Icons and icons and other visual ways to display information , It can make the audience more impressed .

 Speak through PPT It's a technical job

Better expression of ideas

PPT It is mainly divided into reading type ( Send it directly to the other party , It's up to the reader to understand what's inside ) And speech type ( By the producer or someone else , Show and explain the contents for the audience ).

Reading type PPT, It's often hard for readers to be precise get To the point of view of the producer , Therefore, the producers need to present the information they want to convey completely , Including whether the logic is smooth 、 Is the thinking clear 、 It is particularly important to have a clear point of view .

Speaking PPT, It depends more on the level of the speaker ,PPT More to assist , Therefore, producers should pay attention to the simplicity and beauty of the page , Just show the important information on the slide , At the same time, a small amount of animation can be made to make the speech more vivid .

It's a test of complex abilities

Make PPT It's the ability to conceive 、 The combination of design ability and deductive ability , Only when these three abilities are broken down one by one can we become a top-level PPTer; A lot of people will fall into a misunderstanding , think PPT Production is mainly visual design and typesetting , And most of the energy is spent on typesetting .

At the same time, they are practicing PPT In the process of level , We must bear in mind to be patient 、 Steady exercise basic skills , Don't be in a hurry and dream of being a fat man . As long as you can stick to it and spend a little time studying every day , You can clearly feel your progress .

Two . The core principle of logic

On the principles of logic , It mainly includes “ With the help of thinking model, we can sort out ideas 、 Packaging stories to enhance content readability ” these two items. , My previous article 《 The ultimate method of strategic planning 》 It's said in , You can jump to see .

3、 ... and . The core principle of communication

A copywriter with insight into human nature

Is what we're talking about what the audience wants to hear ? Now , We should think from the perspective of the audience , What are their concerns , What kind of environment and scene they are in .

Like Mazda's Slogan yes : Glamour Technology . If you go to the countryside to do wall advertising , No one will understand you when you talk about glamour technology , Better brush it : Drive a Mazda , It will be developed soon .

We are familiar with the slogan of Taobao : I like . If you also do wall advertising , It's going to be painted : Eat, wear, live, travel, use Taobao , The price is cheap and the quality is good .

 Speak through PPT It's a technical job

Contrast the way the subject is displayed

Before you do the content layout presentation , It's important to find out what the core message of each slide is , When the audience enters that page , Focus on the core information at first sight . This needs to be done when the content is arranged and displayed , Try every means to highlight the main information .

Four . The core principles of design

PPT This design can be summed up as a refined eight character principle : alignment 、 Gather together 、 contrast 、 repeat

alignment : Enhance the overall aesthetic feeling

It is said that " Cover all the ugly things together ". The beauty of alignment , What can be directly associated with must be our proud parade team , Whenever I see the PLA uncle walking in a neat step and team head-on , Can always let the whole world involuntarily make a sound ”WOW“, That's the charm of tidiness .

In the design PPT When , Just put the words 、 Picture alignment , The aesthetic feeling of the whole slide will instantly rise to a higher level . Generally speaking , Including up, down, left, right 、 Align center 、 Distributed alignment and other alignment methods .

A comparison of the following two slides , It's intuitive Of Feel the visual effects of alignment .

 Speak through PPT It's a technical job

Gather together : Clarify the ownership of the content

Popular speaking , Gathering is to sort out the close and distant relationship of each content section in the slide . Bring together content of the same nature , Create a breathing space , In this way, we can see the ownership relationship of each content section at a glance .

After gathering, it's easier to distinguish the content sections contained in a slide , Instead of looking like a whole page of slides glued together , It's hard to read .

 Speak through PPT It's a technical job

contrast : Distinguish between primary and secondary information

The comparison should be easier to understand , There are some latitude differences between different elements , The key to contrast is to distinguish and highlight .

Every year, the top supermodels from all over the world come to the stage of Weimi , They all have extraordinary temperament and enviable long legs ; And those supermodels who are qualified to wear angel wings , Often get the most attention and topics , Because the contrast of wings makes them easier to distinguish 、 It's easier to stand out .

There are many applications of contrast in typesetting , We can use bold fonts to create a contrast between thick and thin ; Increase the font size to create contrast ; Change colors to create color contrast . In this way, key information can be quickly identified .

 Speak through PPT It's a technical job

repeat : Create a sense of unity

Using the same color 、 The same font 、 The same shape , Arrange different content sections to create a sense of unity , This is the application of repetition in design ,PPT Master must be able to skillfully use the principle of repetition .

It's like eating in a restaurant , The waiters in a restaurant wear uniform , The waiters in the other restaurant wear their own life clothes , There is no doubt that we would prefer restaurants with uniform work clothes , Because a sense of unity can leave people more beautiful 、 Cleaner 、 A more comfortable impression .

 Speak through PPT It's a technical job

 Speak through PPT It's a technical job

When you open PPT The operation interface of the software , Don't be scared by all kinds of functions ; Because it has more than half of the functions , It's basically not used in actual production . Like the top menu bar “ Design ” The slide template inside , This function is very weak , I'm sure many people won't use such a lack of aesthetic template .

Facing so many operation functions , Which of them are often used in our production ?

(1) The basic operation of the slide

The basic operations of slides include : newly build 、 Copy and delete slides , Slide show , Slide view , Slide size settings , Focus on slide browsing and page setup .

 Speak through PPT It's a technical job

Slide view

Click on PPT The lower right corner “ Slide view ” Button to enter ; The thumbnails will be displayed by slide number , You can see all the slides on the same screen , It helps us to quickly replicate 、 Delete and move slides . Double click the selected slide thumbnail to switch to the normal view mode where the slide is displayed .

Slide size settings

Abreast of the times office Version default slide scale is 16:9 Wide screen , It's the same ratio as most laptops and computers , Widescreen is also a display mode that conforms to the mainstream aesthetic at present . But in some specific screening occasions , Adjust the scale of the slide according to the scale of the site screen , At this time, you can go through “ Design —— Slide size —— Custom slide size ” To set the scale of the slide .

(2) Slide master settings

Through the path “ View —— Slide master ” Enter the master settings interface , You usually need to make a transition page and a master of a common page . In this way, the master can be applied directly when making slides , More design on the basis of the master . We can also make multiple masters , When making slides, click the right mouse button to switch between different layouts

(3) Insert objects and materials

Common operations for insertion include : insert text 、 shape 、 picture 、 Chart 、 form 、 Audio and video, etc . The insertion of each kind of material is skillful in specific application ( See the figure below for details ), These techniques will improve production efficiency 、 Help us make better PPT; For example, the inserted text can be set as the default text box , The next time you insert text , It has the same nature as the previous text .

 Speak through PPT It's a technical job

(4) Quick alignment of material

Automatic alignment

When moving material , Isolines aligned with other materials will appear in the picture , Help us align quickly .

Alignment operation

On the menu “ Format “ Find “ alignment ” The function bar of , You can align left and right 、 Top bottom alignment 、 Align center 、 Horizontal alignment 、 Vertical alignment, etc , This is an easy to use and extremely important function .

(5) The use of format brushes

In a nutshell , It is to apply the format of one material directly to another , Can be used to brush text format 、 Brush shape format 、 Brush the image format, etc ; Here's another tip , If you double-click format brush , You can put a material format , Apply it to other materials infinitely .

Make PPT Very particular about the unity of the overall style , So the frequency of using format brush is very high , Save a lot of production time .

(6) Use of mask

The mask, as the name suggests, is “ The board over it “, There are usually transparent masks and gradient masks . The most common use method , It's a color block over the picture , Then increase the transparency of the color block to achieve the mask effect .

Mask can greatly enhance the sense of design 、 Make a big PPT; When the picture is not clear enough , Mask can also play the role of masking .

 Speak through PPT It's a technical job

(7) Switching with the use of animation

Slide transition

Add animation to the slide transition during the presentation , It can relieve the visual fatigue of the audience ; However, it is not recommended to use exaggerated switching effect , Too much exaggeration will create the impression that the guests will dominate , The recommended switching effects are “ push ”“ erase ”“ Random lines ”“ The zoom ” These are a few .

Animation effect

Animation is mainly to assist the speaker to perform , When there is too much information on the slide 、 Or need to play information automatically , Can be solved by animation . Animation has access to 、 emphasize 、 sign out 、 There are four ways of action path , Each way contains more than a dozen animation effects , You can choose according to your preference .

What we need to know is , When we make a good animation , You can use the animation brush function , Apply this animation directly to other elements , It saves a lot of time in making .

 Speak through PPT It's a technical job

no need PS You can also cut and draw irregular shapes ?

Intelligent alignment without alignment function ?

You can quickly extract colors without knowing the color number ?

you 're right ! All of these can be used PPT To achieve directly ! The following features make design more possible , There has also been a qualitative improvement in efficiency .

Color picker

When you see a favorite color or a good set of colors , If you don't know the specific color value of the color , You need to use the color picker function , Color extraction can be done easily .

At the same time, after one color extraction , Recently used colors will be retained on the color board , Then you can use it directly , Do you think it's very convenient .

TIPS: If you're using the old version office There's no color picker , There are also ways to think about it —— Use QQ Screenshot , In the screenshot, just move the mouse arrow to the color block , The color block will be displayed RGB value , And then in PPT Enter... In the color fill RGB value , Complete the color extraction .

 Speak through PPT It's a technical job

Edit vertices

The color picker is to help extract any color you want , Editing vertices helps you make any shape you want . For example, we want to turn one side of a rectangle into an arc , Select the rectangle and right-click “ Edit vertices ”, Pull this edge to draw an arc , You can also adjust the radian by adjusting the rod .

It's not enough to know this function , It takes time to practice to really Of Skilled use , Hand painted all kinds of irregular graphics .

 Speak through PPT It's a technical job

Delete background

PPT It's not professional matting software after all , So delete the background function , More suitable for the background color is relatively single 、 A picture with a certain color difference between the background and the subject .

When using the delete background function , The software will initially intelligently identify the part to be deleted , And then use it “ The area to keep ” and “ Area to delete ” Two functions , Further selection of deleted and retained parts of the image , Finally achieve the effect of matting . The specific operation path is “ Select the image —— Format —— Delete background ”.

Presenter view

People who give presentations and speeches often like “ Presenter view “ This function , Right click to select “ Presenter view ”, The computer screen will be divided into two parts : On the left is the slide content area , You can see what page the slide goes to ; On the right is the notes area , Note the key information of the speech , To avoid the embarrassment of thinking short circuit and forgetting words .

With the projector on , The audience can only see the content of the slide on the projection screen , And you can't see the notes , This is very beneficial for the speaker .

TIPS: While the slide shows , You can also right-click to open the pointer function to guide the audience's vision , Help the audience to follow the speaker's ideas and progress .

Boolean operation

Boolean operation is a kind of operation that includes Union 、 The intersection 、 The logical deduction of subtraction , This kind of operation is used in graphics processing operation , Make a simple combination of figures produce a new form .

Boolean operations in PPT It's called shape combination , The operation path is “ Selected objects —— Format —— Shape combinations ”, Including the United 、 Combine 、 Split 、 The intersection 、 Cut out these five functions , The common objects are shapes 、 picture 、 The combination of the text and the three .

  • union : Multiple objects combine into new objects , Often used to make new shapes .
  • Combine : The overlapping parts of multiple objects are subtracted , It's also mainly used to make new shapes .
  • Split : Separate parts of each object are split into separate shapes , It's used for writing more creatively .
  • The intersection : Overlapping parts of multiple objects are preserved , It is often used for text texture filling and special-shaped cutting .
  • Subtraction : Subtract the overlapping part from the first selected object , Can be used to subtract words from a picture .

  • The rules of Boolean operations : The order in which multiple objects are selected , Will affect the result of Boolean operations , The format of the first selected object remains after the operation ( Fill color , Outline color , Effect, etc ).

     Speak through PPT It's a technical job

    PPT Section by section

    Usually in slide view mode, slides are displayed in a dense way , By adding a new section, the whole PPT Cut into parts , Quickly sort out the overall architecture and logic , Quick search for a slide .

    The specific operation path is “ Slide view —— Right click to add a new section —— Section naming ”. In the production of more pages PPT when , It is recommended that you use the function of segmentation .

     Speak through PPT It's a technical job

    Basic setting is a simple operation , There's no technical difficulty , Then why is it still worth studying and paying attention to ? Because low difficulty and knowing are two different things , Besides, I don't know how to use it , Can use also not necessarily can use well .

    Here are six settings , Answer the following three questions :

    Which basic settings we have to know ?

    How can these settings help us ?

    How to make good use of these basic settings ?

    (1) Guides assist in typesetting

    Through the path “ View —— Reference line ” After the check , Open any... In the computer PPT The reference line will be turned on by default .

    PPT We pay great attention to the symmetrical arrangement of materials , After opening the reference line , You can tell if the layout of the material is symmetrical , And adjust to the correct position with the help of the reference line . For two adjacent slides , If there are materials with the same properties , You can also use reference lines , Put materials with the same attributes in the same position on two slides ; The advantage of this is , In the presentation of switching slides , The audience doesn't have a sense of visual jump .

    (2) Number of withdrawals , Add regret medicine

    I believe a lot of people have encountered these two situations that make people collapse : situation 1, Accidentally deleted useful material , In this case, the Undo function will be used , But it turns out that the number of cancellations is not enough . situation 2, Adjust typesetting or information , It's not as good as the previous version , But the change is too big to undo to the previous version .

    If you encounter these two situations, is there any way to save it ? The answer is “NO! We can only redo !“

    But, We can prevent in advance , It's the custom undo times , It is estimated that many people do not know the existence of this function . Set the path for the number of undo times “ file —— Options —— senior —— The maximum number of cancellations ”, The maximum setting is undo 150 Time , I believe it will be enough .

     Speak through PPT It's a technical job

    (3) Interface colors , Have a personalized interface

    The default interface for most versions is color , If you often stay up late to work overtime or write to the computer for a long time PPT, You can turn the interface gray to protect your eyes .

    Modify the path of interface color “ file —— Options —— routine ——office The theme ”, The latest edition offers color 、 Three interface colors are available: white and gray , You can do it according to your own preferences and needs , Set up a personalized interface .

     Speak through PPT It's a technical job

    (4) Quick Access Toolbar , Reduce secondary operations

    Some features are extremely frequently used , Insert a shape 、 insert text 、 Text color size 、 Shape color 、 alignment 、 Format brush, etc . If every time you use it , Need to go to the menu bar to click to find , It will greatly hinder PPT The speed of making .

    And we can add these common functions to the Quick Access Toolbar , After adding it , These functions are arranged horizontally above or below the menu bar , In this way, you can directly click the function to use , This reduces the number of secondary operations .

    (5) Save settings , Save as multiple formats

    The function of saving settings can be saved as many formats we use , Focus on four very practical formats :

  • Save as “PowerPoint 97-2003 Presentation ”, It's a compatibility model , Files can use any PPT Version open .
  • PDF The format is also used in many occasions , Usually, it's better to save the documents sent to others as PDF, First of all, you can avoid copying or modifying the contents of the file ; Second, browse on your mobile phone PPT Content distortion often occurs , And mobile browsing PDF It won't deform .
  • Also can put the PPT Export to “JPG and PNG” Wait for the picture format , I suggest you choose PNG Format , Derived PNG comparison JPG The clarity will be higher .
  • There is also a format that can only be seen but not changed “PowerPoint Picture presentation ”, This format turns slides into pictures , Can be satisfied, just want to let others see , Don't want others to think carefully .

  • (6) Preview mode , Help identify files

    PPT The file is not open , There are two ways to display on the desktop , One is direct display PPT Software charts , The other is to display a thumbnail of the cover , It's obvious how the cover preview is displayed , It helps us to distinguish different PPT file .

    We can go through the path “ file —— attribute —— Advanced properties —— Abstract —— Check save preview picture ” To set it up , Set up PPT When the file is not open, a preview of the cover page will be displayed .

     Speak through PPT It's a technical job

     Speak through PPT It's a technical job

    I took part in an offline sharing activity a while ago , The professional ability and speech level of the guest teachers are absolutely first-class ; However ,PPT But I'm holding back —— Too much information per slide , I can't tell what the teacher is talking about .

    So I want to help you sort it out , What kind of occasion is suitable for what kind of PPT. Generally speaking, according to the slide ” read ““ see ““ listen “ Different proportions , It can be divided into two types : Reading type ( Reading oriented ) And speech type ( Listen to me , Look at me ).

    This article will be divided into two categories PPT Of “ Definition 、 Take on the role 、 applications 、 Design features 、 And production considerations “ These five dimensions , For the speech type PPT And reading PPT To interpret the details respectively , Help you to clarify the concept 、 Correct application in practical operation .

    (1) Reading type PPT

    Reading type PPT To put it simply, send the document directly to the readers , There's no extra explanation. It's up to the reader to understand the information of the slide . In the absence of explanation , It will be difficult for readers to grasp the core ideas accurately , Therefore, the information should be kept in the slide completely ; At the same time, whether the logic is smooth 、 Is the thinking clear 、 It's also very important to have a clear point of view .

    This kind of style PPT There are many main application scenarios , Include : Courseware handout 、 Staff training 、 Company introduction 、 Marketing plan 、 Industry Report 、 Work summary and so on .

    It's not hard to see. , Reading type PPT It's still the abstract symbol of words as the main information carrier , But more than Word The communication efficiency of the text is more efficient . So make the reading type PPT When , Efforts need to be made in these areas :

  • Each slide only expresses 1-2 A point of view or fact
  • Try to be concise 、 accurate 、 It's easy to understand
  • The level of typesetting is distinct , Let the core words and key words be clear at a glance
  • Pay more attention to the visual design of slides , To make reading more interesting
  • Master design , Keep each slide consistent 、 Save time

  • (2) Speech type PPT

    Speech type PPT It is necessary to cooperate with the speaker's explanation in order to give full play to “ Spread ideas ” The value of ,PPT It's only used as a speech aid ( It's a complete supporting role ), Used to play up stories and set off emotions . Therefore, producers should pay attention to the simplicity and beauty of the page , Just show the important information on the slide . At the same time, a small amount of animation can be made to make the speech more vivid . I prefer pictures and materials with high fidelity , In order to achieve the visual impact .

    With the reading type PPT Different , Speech type PPT It's usually used in these scenarios : Personal sharing 、 Product launch 、 Public speaking 、 Marketing, etc

     Speak through PPT It's a technical job

    Speech type PPT We attach great importance to emotional rendering and resonance , Visual attention to simple and beautiful, impact , So in the process of making , Here are some things we must know : According to the speaker's thinking habits, combing the overall logic design, pay attention to the interaction between the screen material and the speaker, and ensure the use of pictures 、 The match degree of material and theme is realistic 、 Clear and visual materials are designed according to the presentation environment PPT Don't be cool with style and color , So as not to make a fuss

     Speak through PPT It's a technical job

    May you be the envy of that office PPT master .

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