What does Baidu search card mean?
dongxiaofeng 2021-02-23 00:50:41

Baidu search display card , When the content of enterprise certification is more than three, you can get the rights and interests of the first screen display , Can help enterprises to complete faster and accurate addressing faster , Improve user trust .

Next, I'll explain it very frankly

Baidu search first screen display card role is to do the blue v After the certification of the enterprise hundred number , When baidu searches for the name of this enterprise or brand , Baidu home page will be displayed, and do not do any search optimization work , It can help enterprises quickly achieve accurate addressing , Enhance credibility . Especially for those who do it on Baidu sem And other optimization methods help enterprises a lot , Users can quickly and directly understand the company's information , It will also greatly enhance the credibility of enterprises .

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