Five steps to quickly build a personal website
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Introduction : Now as a IT Program the ape , How can I do without my own personal website , Now even many are not IT People will build their own personal website . That as a IT personnel , If someone asks you to help build a website , But you haven't played , Say no , Isn't it embarrassing . in addition , If you can build your own website , Maybe we can earn some extra advertising revenue . below , I use my experience and experience in building my own website to share with you how to simply learn a whole set of website building process .

1、 design sketch

Because I'm afraid some people will say that my articles are copied from the Internet , So I first put out my own personal website link address : . At present, there is no time to sort out and classify the content of the website . Now I give the effect picture of the front and back of my website , as follows :

Website background management :

 Five steps to quickly build a personal website

Website front page :

 Five steps to quickly build a personal website

below , I'll start with 5 This paper introduces the steps of opening a website from three aspects :

2、 Open website space

Website space : Refers to the ability to store website documents and information , Including text 、 file 、 database 、 The page of the website 、 The capacity of files such as pictures . For individual users , It's no longer difficult to have your own website , It's easy to invest a hundred yuan in website hosting service providers, such as ( Alibaba cloud ) Renting a virtual host , Build a website in this way . Alibaba cloud cloud server purchase link :

 Five steps to quickly build a personal website

3、 Apply for registration of website domain name

Website domain name : It's the Internet address , Usually we call it “ website ”, Just type the address in the browser , Can correctly access the only website , This network address is called website domain name . For example, when we input the domain name of Tencent's website is , Can correctly access Tencent QQ The website of . The domain name is resolved to IP Come up and visit , With the domain name , We don't have to type IP To visit a website , It's easy to remember .

How to apply for a website domain name ? Let me take Alibaba cloud Wannet as an example :

Link address :

 Five steps to quickly build a personal website

One last point , The registration of domain name follows the principle of first application first registration , When you want to register the domain name , You have to check whether you are registered first , Registered , You are not allowed to register again . This is a relatively simple way to apply for a domain name , Do it yourself , It will .

 Five steps to quickly build a personal website

The price won't be very expensive , Sign up for one for a little money , Guaranteed value for money ~ .

4、 Website filing

When you complete the above two steps , At this time, you have to start preparing the website for filing , Because it's going to take a while to audit . It's better to prepare as soon as possible , So as not to affect the normal website access .

Website filing : The state requires that any domestic website must be registered by the Ministry of industry and information technology ICP Keep on record , If not filed , Your website links are not accessible . The purpose of website filing is to prevent illegal website business activities on the Internet , Fight against the spread of bad Internet information , If the website doesn't file , It is likely to be shut down after investigation .

Alicloud's filing address :

 Five steps to quickly build a personal website

Here is a Suggest : Currently, alicloud can apply for filing directly through its mobile client , And the speed will be much faster than the website filing , It is suggested to use the mobile client directly for the record .

The following is a screenshot of my successful filing :

 Five steps to quickly build a personal website

5、 Domain name resolution and website host binding

In the first two steps, we got the website domain name and website host , But they are all independent , In this step, we need to associate the domain name with the website host . For domain names , Need to be resolved ; For virtual hosts , Need to bind domain name .

 Five steps to quickly build a personal website

Only after binding like this , We can visit the address of a website normally . This operation you can go directly to the novice guide of Alibaba cloud's official website to follow step by step , I believe it will come out soon . If the above steps are completed , Basically, a website can almost come out , If you're a procedural ape , You can write your own website code , Here's how to install the site template , You can skip . If not , You can continue to see how to install the site template , Also known as the installation site program .

6、 Install the station program

Here I recommend a website that provides site template :

I've downloaded a set here VIP Member site template and how to install the site program video , In the comments , reply " Website template " , Resources are available .

In fact, it's very simple to install the site building program , You just need to download the corresponding website template , use FTP Upload to the root directory of your own cloud virtual machine , Then click Run http:// domain name /install/index.php , An installation interface will pop up , As shown in the figure :

 Five steps to quickly build a personal website

then , Let's follow these installation steps , Our website is officially completed , If there's something you don't understand , Here's an official installation document , Very detailed , You can look at it while installing it ,

7、 summary

Today's five steps to build a personal website , I'm done here . Thank you for your , If you're building a website , What difficulties do you have , In private Call I . This article belongs to the original , If reproduced , Please mark the original author , The copyright belongs to this headline . If you like what I write , Welcome to continue to pay attention to the technical blog of this official account . If you think this article will help you , Why don't you give me a compliment , Your support is my motivation to insist on originality ~~

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