Why hasn't word been eliminated after years of no change?
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“ There are countless people calling for subversion every day Office, I'm not living well up to now .” Kingsoft Office CEO Zhang Qingyuan said . This year is word 97 After the release of the second 25 year , Remember you used word these years , This “ necessity ” Are there any disruptive changes ?

I don't think so .

Microsoft Office As the representative of the traditional office software , It will be overturned in the process of online office application -- since 2006 year Google Docs After the launch , This kind of sound always exists .

 Nothing has changed for many years word, Why haven't you been eliminated yet ?

Public concerns are not groundless , The development of Internet brings cloud computing , The application of cloud computing has accelerated Office The birth of collaborative software , Old partner cloud 、WPS And other products have long joined the ranks of challengers . In recent years , anonymous letter 、 Enterprise WeChat 、 Nailing has also joined the cloud Office, Eager to get a piece of it , cloud Office People have been gathering for a long time , Become OA A new match point for the product .

 Nothing has changed for many years word, Why haven't you been eliminated yet ?

But the magic is ,Office The dominant position in office application is still stable , Worldwide users , It still brings billions of dollars to Microsoft every year . The waves behind push the waves ahead , But far from subverting , On the contrary, it gradually formed a symbiotic situation , To nail 、 Enterprise WeChat 、 Represented by Feishu , Challenge the traditional office Office One stop collaboration platform for , Not because Office And disappear from the dominant position of . Why the so-called iteration didn't come out , How do they merge ?

Turn decay into magic Office

Whenever a new market appears , It always attracts a lot of giants together , Quickly attract users and launch products , It's like this in E-sports ,SaaS It's like this , Naturally, office software is no exception . The characteristics of Internet companies , Let them not let go of any place where users may appear and stay , And in addition to everyday life , People spend the longest time , It's work. .

How to help the company achieve management 、 Help employees improve their work efficiency , Since the birth of the Internet, it has been a problem for all office software companies , Like finance OA My Kingdee and UFIDA , The first to replace many abacus accounting financial companies , Shorten the work that would have taken months to a few days . But in today's context of full Internet , Still only offline editing and local storage Office It's obviously not enough .

 Nothing has changed for many years word, Why haven't you been eliminated yet ?

2011 year , As an old word processing office software, Jinshan office stands out , I don't know how to do office software in the mobile Internet environment , Lei Jun still demands team transformation , Invest heavily in R & D , And give up the profit assessment . Thanks to Lei Jun's persistence , At one time, Jinshan office was ahead of a series of rivals that appeared after that , On the track of mobile Internet collaborative office, I'm ahead , At the same time, it made a start for China Mobile Internet collaborative office .

2014 year , The early version of nailing came out ;2015 year , Provide online document function “ Language sparrow ” Hatching from the inside of Alipay team ,2016 year , It is a one-stop collaborative platform that has been developed for many years “ anonymous letter ”, Will communicate instantly 、 Smart calendar 、 Audio and video conference 、OKR、 Flying book document 、 Cloud disk 、 Deep integration and integration of mailbox and workbench , Form an integrated working platform .

 Nothing has changed for many years word, Why haven't you been eliminated yet ?

When Office With the wings of Cloud Computing , Leap from tradition OA Incarnation becomes a new concept OA, In the words of Fei Shu , Integration is Office Of 2.0 Time , And this iteration is not substitution, but extension . All companies that want to iterate need to Office As basic software ,Office It's done with a set of standardized products , Meet the needs of almost all industries , And formed a huge ecosystem . Including upstream and downstream companies 、 R & D agents 、 Secondary developers , Are based on Office Designed all kinds of OA、ERP Business , This makes Office To be in a sense “ infrastructure ”, Leaving the opportunity for further deepening to other companies at the same time , He has retained his enduring position .

breakthrough OA The real integration

OA( Office automation ) The development process of software is basically consistent with the development of Internet , From the beginning there was mail 、 Bulletin boards 、BBS, To the emergence of independent websites 、 Go to classified search sites 、 Go to the portal ( Sina 、 NetEase )、 To the emergence of global search engines 、 To the emergence of blogs that strengthen personal sharing 、 To the emergence of real-time personal sharing of social micro blog , So far, the rise of wechat , The development of the social Internet has been driving collaboration (OA) The development of software .

Over time , It can be roughly divided into three stages . First, tradition OA, For example, the earliest electronic documents 、 The popularity of e-mail , To build intranet for administrative office , But because the Internet is not yet fully developed , Most of the OA It's just Automation , And there's no synergy . And now the new concept OA, Joined the “ cloud ” Conceptual OA, It can be said that collaboration has been achieved , It's like editing an online document , Online approval , Save the tedious upload and release in the past , Once again completed the development needs of improving work efficiency . For example, Feishu returned to work after the epidemic , Added health report application and Book workbench , Support procurement 、 Reimbursement 、 Provisions 、 Payment and other financial processes , Collection of goods 、 Administrative procedures such as application with seal and resignation 、 Recruitment and other personnel process approval function , It greatly facilitates the management and operation of enterprises .

What about the future OA Where is it ? Is to continue to integrate more office software , Or a breakthrough .

It's not hard to find out , In the current mobile Internet Environment 、 The management mode of the organization has begun to transform to socialization , in the past ,IM( im ) and OA It's often two separate systems , Perfect separation of social communication and work into two individuals . But actually , Even if it's B End of the software , The user is still C The staff at the end of the line , People centered social management model , Will give employees more freedom .

 Nothing has changed for many years word, Why haven't you been eliminated yet ?

meanwhile , So-called OA It's not just binding B End , And connect with everyone , For example, every employee has his own network office space ID, Include all your work experience 、 Success and information , It can connect with any enterprise organization at any time . In the future, the core of organizational application will return to the mode of personal development ,

According to the advisory body Grand View Research Statistics , To 2021 year , Enterprise office system will become a 4000 Billion dollar market . And the enterprise office system in addition to the continuous evolution of OA Outside , There's a lot of competition , Like nailing in the release 4.0 Version of “ No code revolution ”, Development can quickly generate applications without coding or with a small amount of code , Only need to pass “ Drag and drop ”(drag-and-drop) The application creation platform can be completed in the same way .

some time , The market for APP And application development needs far beyond all IT Under the forecast of the total development capacity of the company , Low code build can avoid developer gap (developer gap) and IT System chimney . And the most direct benefit is , We can make it bigger and deeper , Accelerate the development and deployment of business applications , And increase the scale of revenue .Office Of 2.0 It's going to continue , The future even has 3.0 Even 4.0, If you want to really realize office automation , Only a breakthrough OA The concept of itself , To achieve real integration .
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