How do startups operate well?

 How start-ups operate well ?

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  • How start-ups build an operating system ?
  • What are the major mistakes in operation ?

If we focus on some of the jobs we're looking for in the market right now , You'll find that , There seem to be fewer and fewer marketing jobs , But there are more and more operations jobs .

for instance , What's to be done in traditional marketing , It seems to have become the current market operation 、 What the brand operation post should do , The boundary between marketing and marketing is getting blurred .

It's like selling 4R Models and growth hacking models that are popular in business circles , There's no difference in nature .

4R The model is about , We need to get users more accurately in a data-driven way .

After getting users , Find a way to launch a series of active actions on this user , Keep him on the platform , It's better to spread it on its own .

I need users to build a longer-term relationship with me , Get income from him .

in my opinion , Just as marketing model and operation model are essentially the same thing ,BAT In doing this , It's also very similar .

Even startups , We're getting users , When you want users to contribute revenue , We all have this way of thinking .

To get users in a more accurate way , We need to find a way to protect him , Let him build a longer-term relationship with us .

When you see how big companies play , I suggest you think about the way of thinking behind this , Instead of just looking at a few points on the surface .

One 、 Three operational errors

The first mistake ,AARRR The model has fallen behind .

remarks : first A It's about getting customers ; the second A It's activating the customer ; first R It's about improving customer retention ; the second R Is to increase customer sales conversion ; Third R It's customer word of mouth

A start-up company I've worked with before , It turns out that he doesn't have any income . meanwhile , Every month 10 Ten thousand yuan .

I said, , Why is that ?

He said , This is not the time to make income , I need to get users first , Then try to transform him , And then there's income .

You may feel the same way , When you get to our store for the first time, if you can't keep users , You don't want to keep him in the future .

The same is true online , therefore AARRR Model It's a bit behind for me .

Now it is 3R Model , The most important part for us is to retain , Can the value of your product be recognized by this user .

The first thing that comes to mind is , What we use to retain users , How to make the first contact with users .

 How start-ups operate well ?

Make him active , Help us spread , Help us get income , Because users help us spread , We got more users .

The second mistake , The importance of data .

A lot of times , It's very difficult for us to get the conclusion of our product feedback only from the data .

I was working for a start-up honey brand ——“ She's honey ” When , Have a similar experience .

She's honey. Honey is very good , From the pollution-free Pingwu Ecological Reserve , So it costs three times as much as regular food .

I was looking for a KOL(Key Opinion Leader, Key opinion leaders ) Hope to bring the goods for us , This KOL It's a food circle KOL. Dried tofu can be sold 50 It's a bag of dollars .

I think , Sell one 200 A lot of honey , It shouldn't be difficult .

however ,KOL For the first time in my communication , He refused , because , Tonality doesn't match .

Tonality doesn't match , How to use data to distinguish , To identify ?

I said I didn't agree , Your users are obviously accurate , I love ordinary food with high price , Have the ability to pay , I also like to eat , And the food isn't really weird .

KOL say , You really want to do , Just do it , therefore , Sure enough, none of them were sold .

Yes , It's true that users are very accurate , Maybe these users , It's the most accurate “ She's honey ” Users of .

however , These users may buy it in many places “ She's honey ”, I'll buy it at the boutique supermarket , I will buy it in Jingdong .

however , Not in this KOL Where to buy it , Because the tonality doesn't match , Buy this honey from you , I always think it's strange .

A lot of times we think data can solve everything , No, it isn't .

In the growth hack model we're doing , A lot of times , Our company will have a certain target , But if this business indicator is well done, it means that your business must be well done ?

Even if we want to make the most of the data , But he's also data , There's no way to really replace our business .

The third mistake , What is the operation system in the eyes of start-ups ?

I got in touch with a lot of startups , Also received a lot of consulting from start-ups , I find , What is the operation system in the eyes of many bosses of start-up companies ?

Maybe it's looking for a hot spot , Find me a hot spot , It's better to be every day 10 ten thousand +.

What's the operation system in the minds of other entrepreneurs ? They feel , Operation is to do four or two things , Give me a fulcrum , I can pry the whole earth .

This operation is better than the boss ? How could there be such a beautiful thing .

What is the operation structure in the eyes of marketers ?

It could be configuration 、 Online activities 、 Data collection , Be a customer in the community , Then write some questions in wechat , Do some marketing support work .

In my heart , Good operation 、 Good products and good marketers , They should have more complex abilities .

 How start-ups operate well ?

Have product thinking 、 Marketing thinking , Can connect these two kinds of thinking together , Responsible for the growth of the business .

If you want to be more timely , Based on data feedback , Make more accurate recommendations , It must be product driven .

Two 、 Suitable operation system for start-up companies

What are the characteristics of a good operation system ?

speak B Company issues .

B What is the operation system of the company ?

I want to figure out how to put my products , Which products are on my shelf .

But the feedback mechanism of this matter itself is very slow , I have a judgment , I should put this product on this price .

however , We should know to purchase such products at the purchasing level , At the distribution level, we can deliver the product in time .

At the statistical level , I can have a prediction from the beginning , A company with more boys and a company with more girls , The products on the shelf must be different .

A business company and an Internet technology company , The products on the shelves must be different .

therefore , Suppose we can rebuild the operation system , A more reasonable way is :

Shelf level 、 The operation team was put in front of the business team from the beginning , When I signed this company , We should have communication and anticipation with this company .

Even I have a data collection ahead of time , You choose what you want , As long as you choose , The first order of this product will give you a special price .

meanwhile , I'm going to put it behind the supply chain .

Dynamic data based on shelves , Post to my premium right of purchasing in the supply chain , Including my distribution system , Some companies consume snacks very fast , Some companies consume very slowly .

How can I plan my delivery route , Make me the most efficient . This is the company. B Problems at the operational level .

Another is the company C, company C The operation system problems are common in many companies .

The problem was KPI Not right , Behind that, we have different goals .

You do your work. , I do my , each had his own involvements KPI, Together, it's not a whole company KPI, I'll share how to optimize it later .

I find , A lot of startups have a lot of creative people , Everyone is particularly good at doing small growth activities one after another with operational actions .

But it's easy to ignore the whole operation system 、 Operation method 、 Operation rules , To copy 、 De scale 、 To work together , To make the real business bigger 、 Do a solid job .

He who is good at playing chess has no good hand .

I Believe , A good operation system is to build up a solid base and make bad debts , Get the whole thing done .

 How start-ups operate well ?

What can be managed can be quantified . A good operation system must first have a good foundation , Then build an operation system on it .

3、 ... and 、 What does a good operation system look like ?

A good operation system needs a good sense of the overall situation , What does a good operation system look like ?

In my submission , A good operation system is a complete business system , Usually, business is made up of these three sectors , Supply side 、 Product server and client .

 How start-ups operate well ?

Data on the client side is similar to data based on user profiles , And the key indicators of user source channels .

For example, channel traffic 、 Conversion rate, etc , User consumption sensitivity based on user profile 、 Service sensitivity and other related indicators .

Take millet for example .

Behind the supply side, there may be a series of hierarchical management logic for millet suppliers .

Under this logic , I want to collect and count some key indicators , Such as the inventory of suppliers 、 Supply cycle 、 quality 、 Price 、 After sales service, etc .

Including the degree of hardware adaptation , Is the chip only compatible with this motherboard .

At the end of supplier data, there will be data related to products and services , The logic behind it is also , What I want to manage is a grading system of products and services .

Under the logic of hierarchical management , There will also be some key indicators , For example, inventory 、 Price , Including whether this product is a unique product , Will it reproduce later , Which category does it belong to .

How it compares to its competitors , Its cumulative sales , Recent sales 、 Conversion rate 、 Topic degree , All data need to be collected at the level of products and services .

When we look at the data of the whole system, it's more interesting .

We may find that , Some users are very sensitive to the price when they buy Xiaomi power bank , But the sensitivity is not high when buying other products . He may be more sensitive to the price or service of a certain category .

The amount of information that data in a field can get is too little , It could be an outcome indicator , But string the data together , Look at a longer period of time , Maybe it will give us more inspiration .

If we do a specific activity, we also need to have such a global awareness , What products should be put on it , How should these products be priced .

At this time , The activity itself is the product and service I provide to users . How should I design this activity ? How to pay attention to the fixed click through rate 、 Participation rate 、 Forwarding rate and so on ?

Activities and products are similar at the user data level , It's also interesting to see it all together .

Recently, there is a knowledge festival in the Himalayas , Teacher xiaomayu and teacher Fan Bing are the suppliers , They offer their courses .

If you string this data together , You may also find an interesting phenomenon :

Little horse fish teacher with goods ability is particularly strong , Maybe the price of the course is an average , But she can bring a lot of users .

Maybe teacher Fan Bing's course has a high unit price , But the conversion rate is very high .

If the data presented by the supplier side is like this , So as a designer of an event , I want to balance .

How can I recommend teacher pony , How to recommend teacher Fan Bing , So that they can help me with this activity , With enough users involved , You can also get good sales .

Four 、 How to build an operation system

1. Strengthen process management

First of all , We need to have strong process management , To make sure we get the business results , Achieve the goal .

In most cases , Traffic × Conversion rate × Customer unit price = sales , The unit price may be relatively fixed .

With my product relatively stable , How much flow and conversion can be achieved , It's the key indicator of the business results I can get .

If I'm going to dismantle process indicators , I should be tracking how much traffic I've done , How much of my conversion rate , Can I achieve the business results I want through such traffic and conversion rate this year .

Of course , Is it enough if I divide the process indicators into small ones ? Not enough .

In each sub business segment , I can split the goal to be accomplished into a process action , Follow up on this move , Make sure it gets there .

But what about collaboration ?

Just mentioned , Many companies have the problem of collaboration , Take the supplier side of an online product as an example .

I'm an operator , I'm going to do an activity , I want to be in APP There is a home page on the Internet 、 There's a pop-up screen , Do some sales for my activities , my KPI The indicator is my campaign sales this year .

Now R & D is out of business , R & D says , my KPI It's to control in the boot time 0.01 second , You add a screen, I can't do my KPI 了 .

R & D is our supplier side in many online businesses , It provides the functions of our products .

therefore , When our process management indicators are detailed enough , We need to start focusing BC End , How to balance their supply and demand , Get this index together .

When I can balance BC End , Also can have the very clear process management mentality time , I'm going to use indicators to unify business objectives .

2. Balance B and C End growth

In the whole operation system , How can we better balance B and C End growth , What's more important is that B and C End of the line operations .

One is that we need to balance supply and demand , One is that we should judge by business value .

At the organizational level , I also suggest that B and C The end-to-end operation is under an operation system .

C The core of end-to-end operation is similar to that of traditional marketing , Do value building first , And then do value transfer , Do user growth again .

B Terminal operation and C End to end operations complement each other , because C End operation should be based on our products and services to create value .

that B The value we want from end-to-end operations is B The delivery standard of the end .

When we understand that process management is our indicator , as well as B、C There has to be a balance at the end . It's relatively easy for us to unify business objectives with indicators .

Let's take Xiaomi as an example .

Now I'm the operator of Xiaomi , I want to do a good job in the matter of income , I'm going to break down the distribution of our whole index .

Who should carry the traffic , Who should be responsible for the transformation , The flow and conversion rate are influenced by who , My running water 、 What factors affect the customer's unit price .

The conversion rate is definitely affected by the supplier , Because he decided the quality , My unit price is also affected by the supply , He may decide whether the quality of the basic products he provides me can be sold at such a high price .

Who affects the traffic ?

It may be influenced by the role of pulling traffic for me , Like the picture just now , There are operations dedicated to user growth , Will be influenced by him .

Who influences the transformation ?

Some operators will do a good job in transformation , Will deliver good product value , This kind of operation is also carrying the conversion rate , I'll make this product , To provide a platform for basic tools , It should also bear such a conversion rate .

After I think about it, I want to do a good job of income , After everyone's relevance to this , I can easily design this index .

for instance ,C The main purpose of end-to-end operation is conversion rate 、 Share rate 、 Indicators like retention rate , The role in charge of user growth should be the indicator of traffic .

I can also disassemble the traffic of old users 、 Traffic spread by users , Indicators like this . Of course, he also needs to recite the indicators of product flow .

Corresponding to B In the case of end-to-end operation , He and C There are many overlapping indicators for end-to-end operations , Let's do it together .

such as , He is going to do the flow index of supplier settlement , And indicators like product and service conversion rates .

Of course , The technical team of the product should also learn the conversion rate 、 Share rate 、 Retention , These are the technical indicators related to experience .

meanwhile , In the specific link of docking with suppliers , He needs to have the number of suppliers 、 Such indicators as quality and supply cycle , To achieve better product quality , Better retention .

To sum up :

First of all ,AARRR It's not about pulling new things first , Do the transformation again , It's about transforming users in the first moment they meet them .

Now the user growth model has changed from AARRR Change into RARRA.

second , The data needs to be considered comprehensively , It's meaningless for data to look at only one time slice , It makes sense to drill data into processes and results .

Data doesn't guide us in the next step , Data can't replace us in making decisions .

A big operation system is such a whole business system . our B、C The end is a dynamic balance 、 The process of common growth .

Now the whole growth may be driven by products first , And then digital marketing drives , Finally, brand driven , Such a process .

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