What are the advantages of Baidu Live Broadcasting Authority?
dongxiaofeng 2021-02-23 00:33:50

Baidu live rights , Tiktok can also be authorized to live directly with the Kwai. , This can also just show the enterprise products and multi-functional services .

Blue, to put it bluntly v After the certification of the enterprise hundred number to Baidu live can be very fast up powder , Can effectively drive the growth of fans , In addition, it can promote and display the information of products and services more comprehensively 、 A series of services that enterprises need to promote can be promoted through the gathered popularity , Using interactive way to stimulate the potential needs of users is also very powerful for enterprises .

Baijia launched a new campaign , Anyone who wants to make money, whether it's an enterprise or an individual, can consult with the customer service agent of jutui media ( WeChat jutui22), To give you a way to make money lying down depends on whether you want to .