Why certification? What's the advantage of blue V certification?
Agudo 2021-02-23 00:29:27

Why do enterprises need to carry out the "hundred home blue" project V Certification ? Baijia blue V What are the benefits of certification ? This is the problem of many novice creators who have just started to operate Baijia . As a matter of fact, the company has passed through the blue V The privilege after authentication is very exciting , Today, Xiaobian is going to show you Baijia blue V The benefits of certification .

  Baijia blue V Identity privileges after authentication

  Baijia blue V What are the benefits of certification ? The first thing to mention is the privilege of identity after authentication , Enterprise blue V identification 、 Official account tag 、 Brand enterprise tag search first screen display card, etc , It can help enterprises improve their authority , Publishing content is easier to promote , Under the huge number of Baidu users , Enterprise push content into the user's view , It can quickly enhance the popularity of enterprises , Enterprises can achieve rapid growth in powder .

  Baijia blue V Marketing privileges after certification

  Enterprise hundred blue V After certification , You can mount content on Baidu's home page without advertising expenses , Baidu traffic support , The published content will be searched first , It can also be recommended in the same city , Enterprise Baijia can actively interact with fans , Consolidate the number of fans ; Can open Baidu live right , Promote the increase of traffic revenue ; You can add contact information on the home page of enterprise Baijia 、 Store location and bottom chain , Turn traffic into revenue . I believe you can see at a glance through this article V What are the benefits of certification , I wish you all an early success !